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Helping Mexico Crack Down on Childhood Obesity

Written by PETA | February 16, 2010
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Thanks to all the bad habits immigrating from north of the border, the childhood obesity epidemic in Mexico is growing quickly, and school lunches loaded with fattening meat and dairy products are largely to blame. Luckily, we know just how to help Mexican schools tackle this hefty issue: Meat-Free Mondays.

We sent a letter to Mexico’s secretary of education, Alonso Lujambio Irazábal, asking that the government adopt Meat-Free Mondays in all public schools. Meat-eaters are nine times more likely to be obese than vegetarians are, and researchers have found that children as young as 3 years old can already begin to show signs of coronary heart disease. Vegan meals don’t have any heart-clogging cholesterol and are some of the healthiest options for any cafeteria lunch line.

While we wait to hear back from Mexican officials, it’s easy to get your local schools to adopt Meat-Free Mondays. To participate, schools simply need to commit to cutting out meat once a week. In return for their commitment, we’ll honor any schools that sign up with a launch party, free materials, and a certificate.

Fit students, an exciting party, and delicious, healthy food—what more could a school ask for?

Written by Liz Graffeo

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