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Helping Make a Difference–One Vegan Pancake at a Time

Written by PETA | July 30, 2009

The following is a guest post from peta2’s Lara.

Greetings from our nation’s capital! Pop quiz: What do Michelle Obama and PETA have in common? No, it’s not our toned biceps. Yes, we are both anti-fur, but that’s not what I’m getting at either. It’s that we both have volunteered with a great organization called Miriam’s Kitchen. Miriam’s Kitchen is a D.C.-based nonprofit that provides free meals and support services to homeless people.

Since PETA is relatively new to the neighborhood, we wanted to pitch in and help out the community. And what better way to do that than with vegan pancakes?


Great aprons and smiles, guys.


Today, we had the great opportunity to prepare and serve the first vegan breakfast in Miriam’s Kitchen history.

On the menu:

At first, the vegan breakfast was met with some skepticism, but afterwards, the empty plates spoke for themselves. Here are some reviews from some of the people I spoke with:

“It’s actually good!”
“I wish they had soy milk every day. I am allergic to cow’s milk, and it tastes better.”
“They’re trying to makes us healthy up in here!”

Indeed we are.

Written by Lara Sanders

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  • Brian says:

    Hi this is Brian one of the volunteers in the photo. I want to recognize Dean the architect who worked the cereal counter not in pic and explained what soymilk tasted like to those who hadn’t tried it. And Tom the pro chef whose direction we volunteered under. It was really cool to hear Dean’s stories of how much of a hit the soymilk was and how much fun Tom had making it all happen.

  • Alexis Distillio says:

    Tom what do you replace the eggs and milk with in the pancake? I use flax1tbsp grind in food processor then add 3 tbsp water and process until frothy. You can also use mashed banana apple sauce or many other things. You can google egg substitutes for more ideas. I use soy milk in place of milk.

  • vegancoin says:

    no easy readymade answers mucho sour grapes on the Obama thing remember it could have been alot worse. i don’t think that anyone that wears leather gloves at his own inauguration is openminded. this disturbing macho photoshopocracy of ours is just too much. vegan pancakes yum. totally. peace begins on your dinner plate.

  • Tom says:

    what do you replace the eggs and milk with in the pancake?

  • Brien Comerford says:

    I’m all for veganism but the Obamas are not animal welfare advocates. I do think that they are openminded. I wish Obama would place Dennis Kucinich in a key position that addresses animal issues.