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Helping Animals on Twitter: Back-to-School Edition

Written by PETA | September 10, 2009

Who’s serving detention for animal abuse? Read on to see how you can fight back against bullies and speak up for the little guys on Twitter!

Bully #1: TexasTech
These bullies have been caught red-handed! Participants in a training course at Texas Tech shove hard plastic tubes down cats’ windpipes and repeatedly stab them in the chest with needles before killing them!
How to help: Post the following to your Twitter account: Hey, @TexasTech! Scratch your cruel training procedures on cats, and adopt non-animal alternatives!

Bully #2: Ross University
Class isn’t the only thing they’ve been cutting at Ross University. Students have been forced to cut the nerves in donkeys’ toes, sever their ligaments, surgically puncture their abdomens, and slice their tracheas.
How to help: Post a message on Twitter by clicking here.

Bully #3: Marquette University
College is a time for experimentation—but not on animals. A Marquette University faculty member bashes turtles over the head with a hammer and saws into their shells for a classroom experiment!
How to help: Tweet this: You’ve been nailed, @MarquetteU! Stop bashing turtles in the head with hammers, NOW!

Bully #4: Bucknell University
Pupils should be using their brains at school, not a hamster’s. Bucknell University faculty members drill holes into the skulls of hamsters in sexual-reproduction experiments!
How to help: Spread the word on Twitter by posting the following: Did u know that @BucknellU faculty members drill holes into the skulls of live hamsters? Tell ’em 2 stop, & pass along!

So how ’bout it, Twitterers? You gonna teach these schools a lesson? Complete all four assignments to earn an A+!

Written by Royale Ziegler

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