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Helping Animals in Haiti

Written by PETA | January 16, 2010
thaindian / CC

The situation in Haiti is obviously bleak for all living beings. PETA is asking rescue and relief agencies on the ground in Haiti—some with rescue dogs from the U.S. and Europe who are helping locate trapped people—to please spare a moment if they can to aid any suffering animal by offering scraps, drops of water, or any other emergency assistance possible. We are offering funding for any emergency services, including for euthanasia to put badly injured animals out of their misery. We are appealing to every kind member of earthquake specialist teams as well as EMS personnel, news reporters, and any other person who is in everyone’s debt already for going about the vital task of searching for and rescuing human beings.

All living beings—no matter what their species—deserve the kindness of others. We also ask aid personnel who come across animals who are suffering without any hope of being saved to attempt to be strong and to quickly—and as humanely as possible—put them out of their misery.

Keep checking our blog for updates on the disaster in Haiti and for ways you can help the country’s animals.

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  • raffaello says:

    Kurt K why are you insisting all the time on PETA go to Haiti to save people!

  • Rainbow Warrior says:

    kurt k thank you for your offering to save me if you were there but the other part of the sentence you are deeply plunged into schizofrenia! i didn’t write that i would save my dog first but that i would like to try to save both if not i would remain behind! did you get it? furthermore it is speciesism which is ruining this planet but people like you shall never learn it even on the day when it shall be too late! but anyhow thanks and in the same time sorry for you! kari shame on you and study the ethic heritage of this universe! poor little shady! did you ever hear of dr. albert schweitzer read his work which he let behind him for humanity! to both of you i would like to tell a little story in a german review they made an interview with two personalities on the following case there is a dying child and to save it i have to kill a monkey by taking out his heart during this operation the monkey is fully conscious. so interesting enough the animal protecting part it was heinz siehlmann who just cares about preserving species wrote to kill the monkey because there are enough ‘specimen’ available because he is not in way of extinction today he is in that way as the famous dr. barnard did and later repented and to save the child! the other person a priest wrote the following in some cases in this difficult life we have to trust in GOD and to give a human life back to HIM! you got the point or is it a too big a dog to swallow????? i just abhore three things speciesists racists and sexists they are the ruin of this planet but the ugliest thing is they don’t know it and think that the others are the criminal wankers! my heart aches for the future of this planet!

  • kylie says:

    hi i am an active animal rights person and i do believe more then people arent the only ones suffering in hiati…thanks

  • kari says:

    To Rainbow W I truly do feel sorry for you. You are odviously a cold hearted person. Every living thing should be considered equal. We are all gods creatures. If my child and my dog were both in danger i would die trying to save them both. Its people like you who make me ashamed to be a human being.

  • Kurt K says:

    Rainbow W I’m 28 and all I did was ask a clarifying question. You can interpret it any way you like. Just know if your child or yourself were ever in a natural disaster and I happen to be near I would give all that I have to save your lives. I find it odd that your would even take into consideration saving your dog over your child. To me this is a no brainer. My child would come first no matter the odds. I wouldn’t give up on my child if he still was drawing breath and I would rescue him or I would die trying. Maybe I am being judgmental but to me it is scary to think a person would come second to animal.

  • shay says:

    hey i love peta so thanks for helping them LOVE YOU GUYS AND GALS

  • Brittany Valdes-Pages says:

    Thanks for keeping us updated. I’ll stay as active and up to date as possible over the next few weeks.

  • Shawna Flavell says:

    Amanda We are in touch with rescuers from foreign emergency services and the American military including those aboard the USNS Comfort asking them to offer water food and care to Haitian animals in needat PETA’s expense. We have also joined the Animal Relief Coalition for Haiti ARCH a coalition created to address the needs of animals in Haiti. In addition we are hosting a vegan bake sale to benefit victims of this disaster. Check out this entry to see how you can do the same httpblog.peta.orgarchives201001bakeveganforhaiti.php.

  • Amanda says:

    Humane Society International and others got a team in. They’re prepping more right now. It didn’t happen right away but they were persistent and succeeded. Now they’re helping strays the zoo animals and farm animals. My question is this why can’t Peta?

  • Rainbow Warrior says:

    so here we got our good old kurt k again! you are one of those who play the ignorant role constantly and you are searching for the hair in the soup! if one’s heart is not big enough to save the two people and animals it’s better he stays behind for another lesson to learn and come back later! you should ask me if i would rescue my child or my dog! so i answer you that every case and situation is different and depends on the chances! i try to save both indeed but if one of them is lost i cannot change it! but i don’t turn the story that way round that the end shows the one or the other first saved it depends on the hour and if i have to let one back it would be myself! besides that i would like to know your age is it thirteen or ninetyfive or are you just a naughty person?

  • Kurt K says:

    Elphaba So if a rescue team passed up a trapped litte girl to save your dog and she ended up dying you would feel that was okay? You wouldn’t feel guilty? Is that assumption accurate?

  • ratking says:

    please do not forget the dogs who are saving people there so it is just and right to help also the animals! in GOD’s name!

  • Michelle says:

    um….if “God” ?? so loved the world why does he allow such atrocity to befall her….I gave up on him long ago…

  • Sherryl says:

    God Bless PETA!!!!!! I want to get more involved…how can I help??

  • christi says:

    Oh dang! My bad! Scratch that last post I am new to this posting thing!

  • christi says:

    Elphaba why don’t you go back and read my post before your “member of myyyyy family” crap. Did I SAY anybody shouldn’t help someone’s family member??? NO. Which is why I suspect you are one of those family member’s family members who never listens just talks.

  • Elphaba says:

    Well Kurt I guess I would be pretty upset if a rescue team bypassed a member of my family just because they were not human. People like myself are also horrified that people like you think compassion is a finite resource and would rather bitch and moan than do something to help someone….anyone who needs it. Hugs and puppies

  • christi says:

    I received an email from the Humane Society saying they ARE there. Anyone know anything more about that? Also why do people come on an ANIMAL WELFARE site to waste time complaining that they should stop caring about animals? Stupid. Most of those of us who care about animals care about humans too because we can’t stand any suffering but some people just have to criticize. My money is going to organizations who are helping the SUFFERING and those close to death. You are living in a tent but you have food today? Good for you. How about that dog who has a broken leg with the bone sticking out and a big old infection festering. He’s going to die. You are fine in your tent. Red Cross will be around that’s what they do. They get lots of money for it too. Now I want to know who is willing to brave the humans to help the animals? I have money for them.

  • Kurt K says:

    Paula I guess I would be pretty upset if a rescue team bypassed a member of my family to save a dog or a cat next door. Wouldn’t you? I don’t think anybody would suggest that we shouldn’t help the animals but when manpower is stretched so thin and there are still living people trapped under rubble people like myself are horrified that you wouldn’t want to help your fellow man. For every person in Haiti not there helping the rescue effort for trapped and dying people in my opinion they are in the way and should either help save people or go home.

  • Paula says:

    Why should the people be helped first Carrisa??? Why not consider animals equals I do. The arrogance of human beings needs to be looked at. It is very sad that no one of real intelligence is in charge in Haiti. Weeks to let the humane groups waiting in the Dominican Republic to get in? Shame on them what hope will the animals have by then. I am sad and angry that the animals always come last. Love to all PETA people!! Viva La PETA!!!

  • Anne Lykosh says:

    Too often in disasters while we help the people we forget the animals. I have already sent money thru a animal rescue organization that I belong to. I’m glad PETA has joined the band wagon.

  • Ralph says:

    I understand this is an animal welfare site but please understand right now the emphasis will lean more toward the human rescues over animals. Also implications of the phrase “help the humans first” to correlate with the racist undertones of “help the whites first” really is unwarranted here. Yes it does sound speciest however if we fail to look at both sides of those who are suffering then saving the animals is just as for naught as saving the humans affected by this tragedy. Every group needs help and yes we do see the suffering of humans first simply because animals have a hypersensitivity to earthquakes and tend to run away before one hits. There are honestly probably fewer animal deaths than humans though not many. Humans don’t have that capability and therefore tend to get harmed more often and worse than animals. That said please donate food and other items for both man and beast or donate money to help with the rescues. That way as many lives can be saved as possible.

  • AAG says:

    Help all victims regardless of species!!!!

  • Angela says:

    when you say “humans first” please realize that you only say that because that’s how you relate you want YOUR kind those you identify as your kind to be helped first. As a black woman I have read with interest how whites used to stand and scream at other whites who were helping register black people to vote in Mississipi. You know what they used to say? “Help other whites first!” They couldn’t understnad how anyone would be bothered to care about someone they couldn’t identify with. Thank you PETA for saying it in today’s context Help everyone you can help anyone you can black white in US or outside your species or another species all that matters is that they are in trouble and need help. Supremacism is an ugly thing. Thank you PETA

  • Erin says:

    You can help people AND animals in need…it doesn’t have to be “eitheror”. I’ve never understood why people who criticize those who choose to help animals don’t get that!

  • emelsu says:

    seriously? why don’t you help the people first? there were so many people killed and hurt that still need our help yes the animals need help too but the people should be helped first.

  • Carressa says:

    “For God so loved the world he sent his only Son that who so ever trusts in Him will not Die but have everlasting life. For God did not send his Son into the world to Condem the world but that through Him the World might have life. But this is the Condemnation men love darkness rather then light.” WTF does that have to do with helping animals? I don’t get it.

  • Ruth Abigail says:

    For God so Loved the world…and He still does…please all stay focused and give what we can generously. In a manner of speaking if all one can do is think well meaning towards all in Haiti including animals then that is well enough. Keep praying. Humankind is important. God loves his animals too. May the Lord breakaway any undue restraints on the animals and people in Haiti. May the comfort and relief be found by animals too and people yes. May the many workers in Haiti be blessed with heavenly strenght and wisdom. Praise to God. Amen.

  • Johnathan says:

    For God so loved the world he sent his only Son that who so ever trusts in Him will not Die but have everlasting life. For God did not send his Son into the world to Condem the world but that through Him the World might have life. But this is the Condemnation men love darkness rather then light.

  • John says:

    Even HUMAN aid workers are being denied entry and are being assaulted and attacked. It is even harder for animal aid workers to get in. Gangs are stealing HUMAN aid.

  • Christine says:

    I’ve donated but I’m more worried about the animals welfare. I know PETA is working to help them ASAP. God bless you and the animals in need!

  • Carla* says:

    Unfortunatly I was watching the coverage on BBC the other night and saw a dog amid the ruins laying down. Heshe lifted their head up once then went back down clearly heshe was in trouble! God help them all!!

  • Kay Doyle says:

    I’ve grown tired of animals being left out of prayer at church services. Now is the time to appeal to the Christian community and ask about God’s created voiceless animals. What congregations say prayers for God’s voiceless in crisis such as this? For those who believe in prayer’s healing it’s time we seek ways to communicate to Christian leaders that prayer intentions need to include the voiceless sentient creature beings.

  • Cristina says:

    Well said but please let us know how we can help?thanks

  • Bluebell says:

    “I think that humans should be thought of first when considering the rescue operation but the animals that can be helped relatively easily should be. At this point though we must truly focus on the human cassualities that this catastrophe has caused.” The animals have no more chosen to be in that situation than the people affected. Surely any individual whether male or female old or young black or white animal or human is deserving of compassion.

  • Nessa says:

    that’s really cool! it’s so important to help ALL living beings and not just us humans! thumbs up PeTA!

  • Johnny Tamborine says:

    I think that humans should be thought of first when considering the rescue operation but the animals that can be helped relatively easily should be. At this point though we must truly focus on the human cassualities that this catastrophe has caused.

  • shawnna mcbride says:

    omg i never know what was happing and now that i saw this its like wtf animals r people too

  • scamalert says:

    be careful. i love that petA is not collecting money for Haiti because i’ve gone to all sites and everyone else seems to be while admitting NO ONE can get there! And there’s NO humane society or shelter to send aid to. I love what YOU guys are going this is real…Keep it real!

  • dominican says:

    NO organization not WSPA not iFAW can get in there to officially help animals although every group is ready if needed. People are assulating aid workers the military is keeping most planes out it is almost impossible even by road from DR where i live it is ridiculous and sad. BUT I see NO animals in trouble in the pictures and vidoes because chickens are the popular animals and they are eaten almost nobody have a pet. that’s how it is in Haiti. Cows in the countryside but no dogs even in the camps.

  • Marissa says:

    Cant you guys get down there somehow and help the animals.

  • Mara says:

    How can we help? What can we do?

  • Aneliese says:

    Well said PETA. Thank you for posting this.

  • Michelle Rivera says:

    I have been searching the net for stories on animal rescue and it appears that no help is iminently forthcoming. Being that there are no animal welfare organizations or even veterinarians in Haiti there is nobody there with whom agencies can work in concert. The only organization that I have found with a real plan is IFAW and they are working with WSPA both are reputable agencies.

  • Albert Kornas says:

    Go PETA! PETA is the best

  • Ja says:

    How can one help animals in Haiti? Is PETA going over there to try to rescue as many animals as possible? is there any way one can help?

  • adrianna says:

    God thats realy horrble we have to stop it

  • LeeAnne Harre says:

    Please do what you can to let people who care about animals know where to savely and responsibily donate.

  • Ian says:

    great job PETA!

  • Curtis says:

    This is a terrible tragedy for humans and animals alike in Haiti!