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Help PETA ID Texas Dog Torturer

Written by PETA | November 9, 2010

PETA is offering up to $2,500 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person who apparently mutilated a dog with a machete in a southern Texas town last month. The poor dog (renamed “Angel” by rescuers) “somehow escaped” from his family’s yard and was found the next morning suffering from deep lacerations on his head, face, back, and feet after apparently being hacked with a machete at least six times. Angel’s tail had been nearly severed and had to be amputated.

If you have any information on this case, please contact PETA’s Cruelty Investigations Department immediately. People who hurt animals are cowards who seek out “easy victims,” and they often take their issues out on humans too. And for the love of dogs, cats, and other animal companions, please ensure that your animals don’t end up like Angel—keep them safe indoors and never let them out of your sight when they are outside.

Written by Lindsay Pollard-Post

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  • lisa says:

    Unbelievable what acts of cruelty people are capable of, some very sick individuals in this world, thankgod he survived and is safe now,i hope he finds a loving home but they have to realise he will be tramatized after this horrifc attack so it will take a very special person to help him on his road to recovery.

  • seektherapy says:

    PETA should want to give involved in helping pass a Texas law protecting animals from being adopted by convicted animal abusers. To my surprise, PETA has ignored all my attempts to contact them. If made a law, others could identify people before allowing their pets near the people in the Texas animal abuser database. This law is currently trying to be passed because of a man who brutally tortured and killed a Pekingese dog while dog sitting. I guess PETA doesn’t care..

  • jacki says:

    I was sent to this link via a tweet from P!nk. I live in Australia and can’t do a thing to help but I sure hope you findly the cowardly scum that did this. I really don’t know what’s wrong with human beings sometimes. Hope Angel recovers well and finds a loving home. ANd can’t those morons who’s house she came from be stopped from owning another dog? Did they attack Angel?

  • stvn_shw says:

    I hope Angel gets well soon and is given a new home with the proper care and love she deserves, if anyone knows how she is doing now let me know…

  • stvn_shw says:

    I hope Angel gets well soon and is given a new home with the proper care and love she deserves, if anyone knows how she is doing now let me know…

  • Anna says:

    Anybody interested may read more on this poor doggie at and

  • SRCICKO says:

    no comment…. I want to cry, when I see this dog… :-(…

  • poek says:

    (first sorry if allo my english writing isn’t all that good ,Europe here ) This is so sad, that people treath animals like crap… What does that say about how they treath people… there should be laws all alround the world that put these bastard in jail !!!!!!!

  • Lorna Baxter says:

    Make the Governor of Texas answer for this, as to what they propose to do about posing harsher penalties for this kind of abuse to animals. If it’s not harsh enough, keep after them! If they give a bunch of double talk about this, embarrass them with this picture until someone comes forth and is prosecuted!

  • Lesley Australia says:

    I have just eaten my lunch and saw this i feel very ill and i am ready to puke

  • Vegan_Libra says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with this beautiful creature! Whoever did this will get theirs. Kharma is real. Many blessings and much love to Angel!

  • Chris says:

    Oh gosh!!!Is he ok?!

  • tina says:

    I can’t understand why people have to be so mean to animals. I think they should ged harsh punishments. I hope the dog will be ok poor thing.

  • cynthialouann09 says:


  • Jessica says:

    I have no idea how anyone could do this to such a sweet animal! Where in the South of Texas? I just moved from California to San Antonio so I don’t know my way around that well but I’ll keep my ears open. Its sad how people treat their animals here. I see dead dear, dogs, cats, raccoons, and other animals daily on the roads here and none of the locals seem to care. I think PETA should sue the state!

  • seektherapy says:

    Man brutalized, killed Pekingese This case caused Texas to get serious about passing a law tracking animal abusers. After tying it up, he also walked or ran with the dog dragging behind him on ropes for up to an hour, “jerking” the rope hard enough to break its neck, according to court documents. He allegedly watched the dog bounce “one to two feet off the ground after collisions with rocks and other objects” while dragging him with the ropes. On Tuesday, an off-duty deputy told officers she witnessed Sander dragging the dog’s body as she was Rollerblading in the area. “She observed (Sandler) bent over at the waist, pulling ropes that were tied to the dog’s body with great force,” according to court documents. “The defendant continued to use force even when the dog went limp.” The ropes were tied around its neck and chest, the deputy reported. Records indicate she confronted Sandler about it when it happened: “Barry, you have killed that dog. You know that is wrong.” “I know,” he reportedly responded.

  • Sharon Dee says:

    We really should be putting more effort into educating people in pet care. So many animals are neglected by people who just do not have proper information on how to care for a companion animal. May people do not know that cats belong indoors only, unless on a leash, and many dog owners think that it is OK to chain up a dog. Maybe PETA could start up a fund to help educate, and I will contribute.

  • Dianne says:

    If anyone can get it done (justice) – it’s PETA; let’s help find these inhumanes and bring them to answer for this hideous cruelty

  • MARIMA says:

    peta i posted it on my face book hope you will find the coward and i love you peta god bless

  • Jenny says:

    I’m confused-the news article said that the owners said he had no history of aggression, and he came back like that. Now they are looking for someone to adopt him? How come the owners don’t want the dog anymore? They didn’t even seem to care, all they said was “it isn’t fair” If that was me I’d have ALOT more to say about someone hurting my pet. Something fishy is going on here…

  • Danell says:

    Heartbreaking ! “Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves. Protect the rights of all who are helpless.” – Proverbs

  • st says:

    is this dog up for adoption? please give us updates on his condition and status. if he needs a home i will take him.

  • Mandy says:

    This post absolutely breaks my heart. To think some one can do something like that to an animal that only ever unconditionally loves their owners, who is always happy to see them when they come home… it’s disgusting. I hope this person gets locked up- i actually wish it was legal to shoot some one like that, but unfortunately it isnt.

  • kyle MacInnis says:

    WHATS WRONG WITH SOME PEOPLE!!!!theres a special place in hell for this type of evil.And i have to say i’d love 5 minutes behind a locked door with this person or persons. I hope Angels o.k.

  • Elle says:

    Based on the article, likely happened around Brownsville, TX.

  • Averie says:

    Ohhhh that is terrible!!!!! This dog looks like my baby puppy!!!!

  • Debbie Beracha says:

    Like Gina above, I would really love to know poor Angel’s condition now? Thank you.

  • Valerie says:

    This makes me feel sooooo ANGRY !! the point is, IF you catch this person, what happens to them ? A slap on the hand !!!!! Disgusting !!!

  • Andrea says:

    Please tell me this poor sweet animal will survive. I wish he can have the rest of his life with a loving family so he can feel what it should have been like and have the opportunity to be happy… he looks so sad…..  This makes me so sad. Animals as companions are a privilege and not a right. The sadistic, mentally challenged “homosapien” that did this needs to pay.

  • Aynn says:

    Thank goodness there are people out there to rescue dogs like Angel. I hope they find the monsters.

  • isabella says:

    May the perpetrators rot in hell forever !!!!

  • danielle says:

    This makes me sick to my stomach…. I hope you find this person and sentence him to jail for life!!! He deserves it after almost killing his dog!!! He should suffer!!!

  • Louise Nechustan says:

    It’s so awful n painful to see, I pray that the offender will be punished and I wish I could give Angel a home, I hope she finds a happy home. Wot a sweet sweet dog..

  • Athena Savva says:

    This is tragic!! These people are walking amongst us, is anything or any one safe anymore??

  • Veggie_Chick221 says:

    Who could even THINK about doing this to an animal, let alone your pet, your companion, your friend? Honestly, people who do this and who think about doing things like this need psychiatrical help, immediately. Animals never do anything to harm us except for in self-defense, so how could we do something like this to such an innocent and loving animal? Whoever did this deserves everything that’s coming to him/her, that’s for sure.

  • Alina says:

    These pictures really made my stomach twitch. I hope they find the guy, and when they do someone should do the same thing to him.

  • astra says:

    People who did this need to be punished in the same way they hurt this defenseless dog. Disgusting “human beings” – they are not even human as far as I am concerned.

  • Lindsay says:

    Oh god, this poor creature. I just want to hug him. But I want to know if he is going to live. If so, I would love to look into adopting him into my family.

  • sarika says:

    an not why they do this … what are they thinking just because its a dog that he will not feel pain …. well hello animals feel the same pain as we do is just that its difficult for them to express ….. i pray that he gets better and finds some thoughtful loving person to look after him after what he has been put through …. poor thing

  • Meghan says:

    This poor baby!!! I saw your post on facebook. I wish to know if Angel is up for adoption? I would love to adopt her. I am a veterinary student and would take really good care of her. Please let me know if she is still looking for her forever home or if she has already found one

  • April says:

    I want to adopt this dog!

  • Gina says:

    Can you please tell me the condition of Angel? So sad!

  • Richard Sebastian says:

    I wish I could help track down the person that did this but I am too far away, But I am willing to Adopt Angel and give her/him and loving home and make sure she gets all the care she needs.

  • Vanessa says:

    OMG how can someone have the guts to hurt an innocent animal. Please if anyone has information on who did this to the poor innocent dog pleaseeee help. Lets make justice for this poor doggy.

  • Margaret Anderson says:

    When those responsible for this atrocity are found, do to them what they did to that poor dog. Hope you find a good forever home.

  • Sylvie Rochat says:

    I hope that this waste of humanity will be arrested and will be thrown in the trash with other garbage like him …..

  • Jamie says:

    Why cant they go after the family where he lived??? Isnt that where his injuries came from???

  • Michal Kolman says:

    This is horrible :/. How could someone do this?

  • Traci says:

    Where did this happen? South Texas is a large place.

  • anna says:

    is he ok now?