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Help for Cat With Gaping Hole in Her Thigh

Written by Michelle Kretzer | May 1, 2012

Her left thigh was split wide open, exposing a festering wound the size of a baseball. The stray cat had suffered for months while the infected wound worsened, before a PETA supporter spotted her and contacted us for help.

Knowing that the cat was likely in immense pain, we quickly got local officials to set up a trap and also enlisted several dedicated volunteers to set up and monitor traps and search around the clock for the elusive cat. It took four days and no small amount of effort, but a savvy rescuer finally caught the scared, hurting animal and rushed her to a veterinarian.

Seeing how severe the cat’s injuries were, the vet recommended euthanasia, and she was freed from her suffering.  

From talking to other people in the area, PETA caseworkers surmised that some had seen the suffering cat but never did anything to help. Animals pay the price when we count on “other people” to help them. When you see an animal in need, please take immediate action. Call animal control or the police, and if both are unresponsive, call PETA for help.

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  • Julie says:

    Lisa asks “What is wrong with (you) Americans” by ignoring the plight of animals suffering. Believe me, this is not limited to the USA alone – I’m in South Africa where I have seen horrendous sights of animals suffering and making me wish I could get hold of the owners/perpetrators and mete out the same suffering to them. I have two ‘SPCA-orphans’ that would have been put down if I had not adopted them – Lacey, a darling little MalteseX and Rip, a little Jack Russell – the two most spoiled ‘brats’ this side of Kingdom Come. They mean just as much to me as do my children, and my son, who lost his wife to cancer two years ago, stays with me, and he absolutely dotes on these two little ones… Thank you, PETA, for all the hard work, love and devotion towards our four-footed and feathered friends. God bless each and everyone in your organisation.

  • Irene says:

    Thanks to whomever finally reached out and helped this poor, poor cat. Although it was euthanised, at least its pain and misery has ceased and its now at peace. Shame on all who stood and watched and did nothing.

  • Lisa says:

    What is wrong with you Americans?? Last week it was the case of Pina the dog that had been knocked by a car and suffered for weeks and no residents did anything to help her, now this poor cat that suffered for months and still noone did anything to help she must of gone through the most unmanageble pain ever, if this had happened in the UK residents would of rallied round to help them and would not sit back and watch them suffer. I have 12 rescued cats and all my neigbourhood know them and look out for them and in other streets there are cats and if one wonderes off or gets into trouble we all rally together to help the animal thats what you call Community Spirit which i think lacks in the USA.

  • Mimi says:

    My mom and I rescue kitties….We have helped many ferrel and stray cats. Some needed to be put down…I never felt guilty I realized there was nothing more I could other than feed thes precious animals. The illness, wounds and other factors left us no choice in the end. I’d rather put them down and they have some peace than let them run around like this poor baby in your picture. Thank you to all who rescued her and tried to save her…