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Help Battle Seal Slaughterers in World of Warcraft

Written by PETA | April 6, 2009

The following blog is a guest post from peta2’s Ryan.

The fight against the Canadian seal slaughter has gone digital!

That’s right, gamers, get ready: This Saturday, World of Warcraft (WoW) players will have the opportunity to combat a team of four Horde seal killers. We need your help to stop them from bashing in the heads of any more seals!

Thrall refused to ban the slaughter of seals, despite multiple requests from the Alliance to do so, because Orgrimmar stands to make a large profit from the fur.

Activists from across the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor are banding together to put a stop to the atrocious seal slaughter. Anyone who slaughters baby seals for their fur must surely be in service to the evil Lich King.

World of Warcraft


Here’s what you need to know in order to battle:

  • You must be in the WhisperWind realm in order to fight. Visit if you need information about how to switch into this realm.
  • Once in the WhisperWind realm, go to Northrend, where you will find a zone called Howling Fjord, where the baby seals live on glaciers and boats float in the fjords. This will be the battleground to stop the slaughter. (Note: You must be at least a Level 70 player in order to enter Howling Fjord.)
  • The battle will take place on Saturday, April 11, at 1 p.m. EST.

Make sure to check out videos about the upcoming battle here, and use our Facebook event to get all your friends to join you in the fight. Be sure to check back for the battle coordinates.

Think you can stop the seal killers?

UPDATE: The battle will be taking place at coordinates 79, 73 on the southeastern coast of Howling Fjord, due south of the Explorers League Outpost.

Written by Ryan Huling

(Did all this WoW talk go right over your head? Don’t be embarrassed—maybe you should just sit this round out and stick to helping seals on Facebook!)

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  • Heidi says:

    The reason that PETA chose to target the Horde as the offending faction is that the Horde and not the Alliance have a quest to club the baby seals in the Fjord. Do I think this is fairly stupid. Yes which is the reason I chose not to participate.

  • Lvl 80 DK For The Horde says:

    This would have been a great idea if Horde and Alliance came together to fight for one cause and available across all servers. Maybe a contest to see which side saved more seals or slaughtered the ‘unknown invaders’ who were clubbing the seals.

  • MaddBoy says:

    For the Horde

  • dude man says:

    lol read the EULA

  • Andrew says:

    Dude i want to see that so bad sounds awesome but WTF WHY TARGET WOW ITS A GAME?

  • Rhonda says:

    I don’t even know where to start on this undertaking. I present the following questions How did you get to level 7080 without killing a single pixilated animal in the game? What type of character do you play? Does your character wear leather? IE rogue or Druid? If you only killed humanoids while leveling up how does this make it any different than killing the animals? What do you eat in game to regain health? Do you buy leg enchants for your gear? the majority of which are made from the skins of animals. If memory serves me right I think the only 2 classes that you would be able to play without engaging in any type of animal killing as far as gear would be a mage or a preist as they wear cloth. This being said how many humanoids did you kill to get the cloth for your clothing? or to earn the money to buy the cloth made clothing? How is this ‘protest’ going to do anything to further the cause of PETA? In 2008 WoW hit the 10 million players mark I would think you would be better off trying to convince people to quit playing the game and to donate their monthly subsciption costs to animal shelters.

  • Zern says:

    Actually you all are incorrect about the outcome of this event. There has been so much hype by supporters and non supporters alike that if enough people log into the server to see the outcome or even participate there will be one clearcut winner The server will crash Blizz wins D

  • Sparky says:

    sigh You DO realise that you’re going to get there and a couple of smartaleck mages are just going to aoe all the critters right? And I’m curious if you’ve contacted Blizzard about this before deciding to go ahead with this fiasco?

  • Razor says:

    Sjees… grow up.

  • ddsepp says:

    Come on! Thats ridicioulus! What are you expecting to happen? I guess all the cons have already been posted here except for one thing … How do you want to stop Alliance player from slaying seals? As far as I know this so called “protest” is completly against Blizzards terms of use….

  • tank says:

    QFT what John said Meg Schramm not everyone has a family…or people to spend their day with.

  • John says:

    I wish PETA would get more involved in protecting the poor Dogs and Cats who are slaughtered in our “Humane Shelters” every day. There is no reason they have to be killed other than for the financial convenience of the local governments. We can spend Billions in Iraq and Afghanistan we can spend 100s of Billions on “stimulus packages.” But when it comes to these poor abandoned animals we send them to their deaths because we don’t have the money. PETA gets bent out of shape when a few wolves are killed in Alaska and doesn’t bat an eye when thousands of dogs are killed in our shelters. Lets start at home before we go after the Canadians and Alaskans.

  • lawlpeta says:

    This is ridiculous.

  • jinx says:

    This is pretty sad… As if people are going to strat clubbing baby seals after having seen it on WoW S

  • bob says:

    Why do you have to demonise The Horde?

  • Isak says:

    This is not a war between the Alliance and the Horde..So please.. Keep it out of this commentary..Or it will be a mass of comments like…NO!HORDE IS BETTER! or NO alliance is! etc etc. I have something to tell though. As said before… It wont work out properly. Maybe they will make so you will be PvP flagged in that area but I dont think they will. Its a PvE realm wich means its not ment to be Players VS. Player..Its killing animals…Basiclly. WoW is also a game where half if not more of the creatures we kill are some kind of animal. Wolfs Bears..We can even kill Deers and rabbits in a town.. Yepp..Thats Possible. DHETA was a excellent thing in my opinion and I loved all quests from them. Its just a game yes but I hated to see those elephants trapped.. Well..It is just a game.. But if this should work in any way at all it should be on all realms. And when entering that area or accepting a quest.. You become PvP flagged.

  • Mike says:

    While I normally hate PETAs “Animals deserve more rights” crap I agree that clubbing seals is pretty terrible. Although you’ve got it backwards. The Alliance sees the Horde as a bunch of thugs and would never ASK for anything. It’d be a brutish demand. Thrall is actually the CALM one in the scenario. Secondly the Tauren You’re supporting the side whose for killing cowpeople? are Horde. “Ahem? Did you see that lake of fire in the Great Forge? That’s geothermals baby! Coal is only used to smelt steel. Gnomes now… They’re heavily into nuclear.” Hey man look at the Trolls! They live all natural!

  • Trent says:

    This must be a prank or something.. right?

  • Tastymurder says:

    Every DK Please Send a tell to Tastymurder Horde Side

  • bunny says:

    I think showing barbaric acts such as seal clubbing and making it into a game encourages that behavior and blood lust. disguising it as publicity against such acts is just PR slant.

  • Ps360 says:

    Time to train up a death knight in WoW

  • FireflyNerd says:

    ZOMG. So “the Alliance” made a protest to “the Horde” despite not sharing a language. Okay. So Warchief Thrall didn’t impose a ban. Guessing this is because he’s an NPC and has no will other than what Blizzard programs him to to but let’s not let that stand in the way. So seal fur is “so profitable for Orgrimmar” even though neither cities nor factions have any measurable wealth. So now that this event is getting some attention more players will show up and start farming the baby seals just for spite. Okay. So… given all that PETA wants me to pay Blizzard $25 to transfer my character to the WhisperWind realm so I can participate in watching a slideshow of nonflagged players killing simulated baby seals while there’s jack that anyone can do about it? I say “slideshow” because I know how much lag a region gets when there are a couple hundred players in the same place. Assuming the realm doesn’t crash entirely. You guys have fun alright?

  • Nasty (Fossils of War) says:

    Chris hit the real problem. If youre gonna protest better be PVP. Level 70 to enter HF? Teh outrage. Exalted with D.E.H.T.A imo.

  • Tim Bennett says:

    Oh please! This is ridiculous to even do or put on such an event. And in an mmorpg no less what do you think that will achieve? Absolutey nothing! Maybe in real life it would but insid a computer game it is not going to fly!

  • Penny says:

    Hats off to Megan Schramn above I couldn’t agree with you more

  • Mostor Astrakan says:

    “Well if you want to be like that the Allys have the Dwarfs and their coal burning iron mining city…” Ahem? Did you see that lake of fire in the Great Forge? That’s geothermals baby! Coal is only used to smelt steel. Gnomes now… They’re heavily into nuclear. Right. Gotta go. Need to make someone the whole dusky armor set.

  • Eddy says:

    All politics aside do they really expect people to transfer their characters to this server for one day’s worth of armchair activism and then have their 70+ toon stuck on this server for a month or whatever? D That’s pretty poor planning on Peta’s part.

  • Ozmodius says:

    I see 2 possible outcomes for this. 1. Players from the Horde or both factions show up and start slaughtering seals as fast as they spawn and because it is a PvE server you will be helpless to stop this. 2. Seal slaughterers PvP flag in an effort to provoke others into attacking them resulting in an all out PvP battle in the middle of the Howling Fjord zone. Since you have singled out the Horde as being responsible for this despite the fact that Hemet Nesingwary is responsible for more dead animals than all other NPCs combined and is a member of an Alliance race you will likely provoke a response from their players who might not care for being singled out like this.

  • level 80 blood elf priest says:

    Psh of course they make it so the HORDE is the evil ones come on! Nerd rage time! PETA can’t favor Alliance like Blizz or I’ll cry

  • Loraine says:

    hahahaha wow.. LAME.

  • Petamoron says:


  • Foxdie says:

    That’s just ridiculous. First of all you can’t just decide a battle on a PvE server. Second what’s with all the Horde bashing? You know the better candidates for seal clubbers have to be dwarves and gnomes. It’s cold in Dun Morogh…they need their fur much more than any member of the Horde does considering the bulk of the Horde lives in the deserts of Kalimdor or the lush temperate climates of Eastern Kingdoms. This makes me want to fly my drake to Howling Fjord AoE as many seals as I can find and post screenshots here. It’s a GAME ffs.

  • Bisected says:

    Well if you want to be like that the Allys have the Dwarfs and their coal burning iron mining city… Also the orcs are just as in touch with nature as the Tauran it’s why they’re allied so are the Darkspear the playable faction for those who don’t know trolls. The Blood Elves are addicted to magic but that in itself doesn’t harm the enviroment their “addiction” manifests as the ability to drain mana from creatures which can regenerate even if they drain it all Fel energy does though as Outland shows. The nearest to any envirmental destruction the Horde gets in the Forsaken. And that’s not really their fault.

  • Hammer says:

    It pains me greatly to see the number of wowkiddies that are coming in here with their underdeveloped senses of humor and QQing about a silly ingame even. Take a break from the internet and get a clue. Does Thrall exist IRL? No. That should be your clue right there.

  • The Naaru have not forgetten us says:

    While Tauren Druids are certainly in tune with nature so are Night Elf Druids. And Draenei spend a great deal of time and effort minimizing their effects on the environment. But the Horde does contain the single most destructive race in the game the Blood Elves who have such a thirst for magic that they drain it from the life around them.

  • Horde for Life says:

    Guys odds are the person at PETA who approved this doesn’t know what PvP and PvE are. The outcome of the event is irrelevent to them. This has done exactly what they wanted. There are thousands of people who normally aren’t reached by thier message actively arguing on gamer boards about this.

  • Bumcrum says:

    2 reasons why this is a horrible idea 1. Whisperwind is NOT a pvp server most likely you are just going to be a witness to the biggest in game seal slaughter and you will be powerless to do anything about it. 2. Whisperwind is already a very high population server which means most PETA members are just going to see the queue screen like the Ron Paul people did. Why not find a low population PVPRP server would be a much more logical choice.

  • Teni says:

    Can you at least please get your lore right? Thrall does not answer to the Lich King. Second I am a little aghast that you chose Alliance if you want to be environmental you really want to be looking at the Tauren mythology. They are one with the earth and they are very environmental. As someone who plays mostly Horde characters this just comes off as prejudiced. Finally Whisperwind is a PVE server. What are you guys thinking? How do you expect to stop the Horde when they aren’t flagged? Seems like a publicity stunt that’s not very well thought out.

  • Chris says:

    Meg Schramm Actually they pushed Noblegarden back a couple of weeks this year.

  • Jenny says:

    Can we maybe limit PETA’s activities to the domain of real animals?

  • Blake says:

    I get why you guys hate the canadian seal clubbing thing but it’s a GAME it doesn’t advocate any kind of violence towards living animals. It’s been really common in Warcraft lore that critters are just there to be looked at or killed. In ALL of the Warcraft RTSes by clicking on ANY critter enough times they’ll explode same for Blizzard’s StarCraft game in a nuclearblast kind of way. It’s an inside joke of Blizz’s.

  • romy says:

    peta have that on the calnder and on the button!!!!!!!!!

  • NATALIE Dechiara says:

    its FAKE.

  • Meg Schramm says:

    What a wonderful way to spend a holiday weekend…with your face at a computer screen fighting a war game instead of celebrating Passover or Easter with your family volunteering to to help needy families in your neighborhood or at the very least going outside and enjoying the real nonvirtual world. Next week be sure to blog how it went because this gamer will be out interacting with live beings both human and animal.

  • DavidS says:

    Why do people always do this crap on our server? BTW Whisperwind is not a PvP server. If someone is not flagged there’s nothing you can do to stop them.

  • Chris says:

    I actually do find this somewhat ironic as there is soooooo much animal killing involved during the levelling of your characters.

  • Chris says:

    I love it!!! I’ve been a avid wow players for years now. You actually only need to be lvl 68 to get to Howling Fjord. Its too bad this can’t be done on ALL realms as Blizzard charges $25 for a 1 way realm transfer. Try to get this event on the Dragonblight realm and I and my guildies will be sure to help!!

  • Cody Crawford says:

    This sounds pretty awesome to be honest… But I’ve on the Zangarmarsh server and I’m not gonna transfer just to do this P

  • Wowplayer says:

    Instead why not do the same thing but in real life?

  • Heather says:

    I’m surprised PETA hasn’t mentioned the ingame faction that was inspired by them ‘D.E.H.T.A”Druids for the Ethical and Humane Treatment of Animals. The best part is if anyone kills an animal in the zone they will get blood on them and when they go near the D.E.H.T.A encampment all of the members will chase after them shouting “Murderer!” and “Baby killer!” But out of curiosity what are these Baby Seals in game? I have only seen baby polar bears and Snowfall Glade Pups humanlike baby seals. A shame this isn’t on a more popular realm and even more a shame that Horde can’t participate in stopping the seal killers.