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Hello, My Name Is

Written by Michelle Kretzer | December 30, 2011

Has anyone ever told you that ending animal abuse is your middle name? Meet a man for whom fighting cruelty is his first, middle, and last name. PETA Foundation staffer Dan Carron has legally changed his name to As he admired his new driver’s license, we asked him what he thinks life will be like as a website.   

Whose reaction are you most looking forward to? Perhaps restaurant hosts who call out, “, party of four”?
What a great reason to eat out more! Yes, I think daily run-ins with people will be the most interesting. I use a debit card a lot, so I will be signing for people constantly.

What does your mom think about your name change?
My mom always encouraged me to speak out against all forms of cruelty, and when she learned about the abuse involved with circuses, she was happy to have a son named—although she still calls me Danny.

Do you think that you will get much bigger birthday cakes now?
That was part of the plan!

What is your ultimate goal with changing your name?
I want to use every chance I get to tell people why they should boycott circuses that use animals. After people have visited and have seen the elephants chained for up to 100 straight hours and have seen the baby elephants who were torn away from their families and beaten bloody with bullhooks, I think they will stop supporting this abuse.


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