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50,000 Birds Baked Alive

Written by PETA | July 13, 2011

It took only 45 minutes for temperatures inside a crowded Johnston County, North Carolina, barn to skyrocket when the barn lost power, killing 50,000 chickens. On one Kansas farm, nearly 4,500 turkeys died in one weekend during a scorching 100-degree heat wave. Birds in barns that aren’t air conditioned sometimes die when they crowd together at doorways in the vain hope of catching a breeze.

As heartbreaking as these animals’ deaths are, the fates they faced otherwise were arguably worse. After being confined by the tens of thousands to filthy, windowless sheds, the birds would have been thrown into crates and loaded onto trucks bound for the slaughterhouse. There, they would have been hung upside down with their delicate legs forced into shackles (which often causes broken bones), their throats would have been slit, and if they had dodged the blade, they would have been scalded to death in a defeathering tank.

Neither being baked nor boiled to death is fair to these sensitiveintelligent animals. To help protect birds from suffering, encourage your friends and family to give a cruelty-free diet a try.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Xairoo says:

    Again a new proof of our poor and heartless society. Welcome to the Stone Age, including car and electric stove. How could this happen? Those people should go to prison till the end of their poor life! Where is the law against this brutal act? I think there is no law. And probably the insurance pays the brutal accident in which it’s all about money. Humans who eat meat are no more humans. They’re just an empty shell. The operator of this company should be locked up in an oven.

  • marilynn says:

    There seems to be less humane circumstances every day. It makes me sick the way animals are so cruely treated. What makes these people want to cause pain? Something in their head is warped.

  • A says:

    I’ll never understand how people can be so cruel.

  • Marcia Benoit says:

    What I don’t understand is that those 4,500 birds were only 1/4 of their entire stock. Why does one farm need to have 14,000 birds at one time crammed into these hot, dusty, windowless buildings in the first place? There should be limits on the numbers. This will just happen again.

  • haas virginie says:

    be a vegan don’t take part of this !!!

  • Maria Ekström says:

    awful, just awful!!!

  • MP says:

    Oh what a hell we are living in! Why people eat meet?

  • Terry says:

    Disgusting what these companies are allowed to do and the lack of humanity given to animals. They just see these birds as $$ signs. What a shame…

  • Jodie says:

    I wish this type of unhumane act would stop and people would eat healthier and avoid animals altogether.

  • ameeta bhalla says:

    God whats happening to this world ? How inhuman the humans can be ?

  • ari says:

    we should all be vegan! :'(

  • nadine edery says:


  • phil says:

    These people don’t care, there’s no humanity in the industry

  • Bev says:

    Why must all acts be so inhumane when it comes to the raising of animals? I know that they are used for food in many cases, but there are humane ways to care and slaughter. This is cruel and horrific treatment!! It is totally unnecessary for this to go on.

  • kiki says:

    It’s time for paybacks for these HORRID excuses for Humans!! Do unto others, I say!!!!! There is a special place in HELL just waiting for this sort of Human. May they feel ALL the suffering ten fold they have given to others! YES……even animals!!! Never give up protecting the animals!!!!!!! WE are the voice and the action!!!! Hurrrrrrrrrah!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mukesh Tanwar says:

    It is cruel act which is done to cater to the needs of us humans. But no matter whatever we say against these acts, they will not stop if WE don’t get considerate and think what we are doing to fulfill our taste of tongue, fashion and other tastes. It is WE who have to pledge to put an end to this suffering to these helpless and harmless creatures by adopting non-violent life style because subconciously we all favour this cruelty because we can’t see their pain except the pain of our own species

  • Andra Florina Varzaru says:

    Shame of being a human being, I cannot believe that in our time we are still using these horrible actions!

  • mary aratoni says:

    shameful!!!!!!!!!! disgusting!!!!!!

  • Rute Iria says:

    It’s unnacceptable, simply unnacceptable.

  • sherriB says:

    Im glad Im trying a vegetarian diet, even though its hard to do at times…i think these creatures should have a chance at life and not to spend it at an overcrowded, cramped, hot factory waiting to be killed, sensing their deaths and danger…we must have factory reforms and other ways to humanely kill animals or at best not to do it at all…

  • Kicki.j says:

    WHY do we buy these products, and contibutes to animal cruelty.

  • Angel vega says:

    Wow intelligent and sensitive animals??? Ha y’ou people are full of it.

  • josiane melchior says:


  • adriana says:

    From Argentina my deepest oposition to this treatment with birds, something has to be done

  • Melena B. says:

    I live in Eastern KY and I have noticed people have chickens (Roosters) in cages. I am guessing this is for the horrid sport of rooster fighting. The other day it was 100 degrees outside and I saw a rooster in a cage with no roof, shade, water, etc. The rooster died from heat exposure. It has been 3 days and it’s body is still in the cage. These roosters have no water and are standing in this heat! The problem is that law enforcement will not help when animal cruelty complaints are call in, they just ignore the situation. It makes me very sad!

  • laura ray says:

    Is this ok?! What a bunch of heartless humans we share the earth with. : (

  • Christiane Schubert says:


  • Heather says:


  • jaana says:

    In Sweden ther was the same history, thousens of chikens died because of the heat in factoryfarm !!!

  • Pasquale Maglione says:

    Stop cruelty!

  • Diana says:

    Please save these beautiful animals.