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I heart Casey Affleck

Written by PETA | March 16, 2007

Casey Affleck is the man. Love his acting, love his attitude, love his beautiful wife, love everything about the guy. And since the indie flick Lonesome Jim and blockbusters Ocean’s 11 and 12 are a few of my favorite movies ever, I was psyched to hear that he’d shot a new “Veg Testimonial” ad for PETA.

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We loved the ad so much we wanted to run it all over the place including Casey’s hometown of Boston, but the networks weren’t having it. First, we tried to show Food Network viewers what happens to animals before they’re fried, filleted, and fricasseed on TV, but advertising execs didn’t have the stomach for it. Then we went for E!, MTV, the TVGuide Channel and all eight broadcast stations in Boston. Ad execs said the scenes of animals in factory farms and slaughterhouses as Affleck explains why he is a vegetarian were “too graphic.” Whatever. It is 2007 after all, so we can get as much mileage out of the ad online as we could on TV anyway.

Check out the full feature, including an interview with Casey on the set, where he says, “When people ask me why I don’t eat meat or any other animal products, I say, ‘Because they’re unhealthy, and they’re the product of a violent and inhumane industry,’” Did I just hear an “amen” from the choir or what? I told you he was awesome.

Anyway, we’ll all be hearing a lot more from my boy in the next few months. He’s already wrapped on Ocean’s Thirteen, as well as his brother Ben Affleck’s directorial debut Gone, Baby, Gone, and personally, I’m most excited to see him in The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford with Brad Pitt. He’s got a big year coming up . . .

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  • Lisa says:

    I signed on today looking for an organization that would have the guts and the strength to take action or be provocative in a meaningful way that improves the lives of animals. I am so pleased to see that Casey Affleck is standing up for the cause. I am now planning to become a member of PETA. I am also finding myself becoming a vegetarian.. thanks for having the courage of your convictions and modeling the way for me and hopefully many others. I’m not sure how to ‘blog’ I hope this is OK. Best wishes Lisa

  • julie burrows says:

    I am so proud to say that I am a vegetarian. Watching the factory farm and slaughterhouse video it brought tears to my eyes. I still dont know how people eat meat. People like Casey stand up for what they believe in and hopefully i will do the same.

  • veganlove says:

    What an awesome guy. Keep up the good work Casey. anyway how can animal slaughter be “too graphic” to see yet be okay to do it to them? anything that we are not able to witness we should not be allowed to do. I mean come on they show disgusting surgeries on the health channel and on Dr. 90210 you see big time gross stuff with plastic surgery. So why is it okay to show these real bloody surgery scenes to folks but not an animal being killed? Oh… i get it. They feel guilty because these animals are being needlessly brutally painfully killed. They don’t want to see them struggle or the fear in thier eyes. They don’t want to see them gasp their last breath and choke on thier own blood. They know it’s unethical and they don’t want to see it. in other words you can show blood if you’re saving a life but not if you’re taking a life. Nice inconsistency. all of this guilt would go away if they went vegan.

  • Nancy says:

    “My boy’s wicked smaht.”

  • Linda Clarke says:

    You’re a great role model thank you.

  • Daniela says:

    Casey is my superstar and I love him because he is a vegetarian and he does so much for the animals!!!!

  • Linda says:

    Well it is obvious to me who has the looks in the family and the Brains! Casey all the way!