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HBO Sticks It to Animal Abuse

Written by Michelle Kretzer | December 2, 2011

Call it life imitating art. Fans who caught the latest episode of HBO’s Enlightened on Monday got a little more enlightened when PETA’s message popped up on the show. Executive producer, star, and PETA friend Mike White stuck it to cruelty when he stuck PETA stickers on the desk of character Amy Jellicoe (Laura Dern). Here’s what the stickers, which were clearly visible throughout the scene, read:

In need of some illumination of your own? Read more about the leather industry and dissection on PETA’s website, and see the stickers’ appearance in the new episode of Enlightened on HBO Go.

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  • alexis adams says:

    it is HORRIBLE that hbo ignore the help in keeping these magestic animals safe. if hbo comtinues to ignore peta s help, i will cancel my hbo, prompt others too and pray that the show fails. can hbo not film real races??

  • HARLEY says:

    The lead-up to Christmas is a critical time for puppy farmers who rely on impulse purchasing at pet shops in order to profit. We can stop the puppy trade by not buying puppies from pet shops and showing others why they should do the same. So please click onto this link, we need the hits! and please watch the video!

  • johnmckinney says:

    This is a sick man, with a sick weekly TV show that ought to be banned from the animal abuse network (The Outdoor Channel) Teds the worst of the worsty, please watch the vid clip, sign the petion and share wherever you wish ….Thank you so very much. John

  • Stephanie says:

    Mike White and Laura Dern ARE BRILLIANT in this show. It’s my new favorite show and I fell out of my chair when I saw the stickers on her desk! I have seen the stickers on more than one episode now. Thanks Mike and Laura!!!

  • Curtis says:

    Nice! Love seeing PETA in TV/movies.