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Mark Your Calendars: HBO Elephant Doc Premieres on Earth Day

Written by PETA | April 17, 2013

Now here’s some real appointment television: On Earth Day—Monday, April 22—at 7 p.m. EDT (check your local listings for the time in your region), HBO will premiere the documentary An Apology to Elephants. Watch a preview here

Getting the Word Out—and the Story Straight

In his review, David Wiegand of the San Francisco Chronicle says that Apology, narrated by Lily Tomlin, is “impossible to ignore because of the irrefutable arguments made by its savvy combination of testimony from animal experts and images of elephants being abused.”

Since HBO began working on this project more than two years ago, PETA has been on board offering information and documentation. The documentary features pictures and video footage provided by PETA, including photos from a whistleblower that document the shockingly cruel way in which Ringling Bros. circus breaks the spirit of baby elephants and video footage from a Ringling elephant walk showing bullhook abuse. Viewers will see elephants Maggie—who suffered alone for years at the Alaska Zoo before being sent to a sanctuary following a lengthy PETA campaign—and Nosey, in whose behalf PETA has been working for years.

Among the experts who participated in the documentary are Dr. Mel Richardson and Dr. Joyce Poole. Also appearing is passionate young animal advocate Rose McCoy, who once schooled McDonald’s execs over their failure to reduce the suffering of chickens.

How You Can Help

Besides watching An Apology to Elephants yourself, encourage others to tune in, too—and tell them never to buy a ticket to any circus that uses animals

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  • Rocco Sirico says:

    Let these beautiful elephants be free to live a non suffering life. I strongly against Ringling Bros Circus. They are cruel to there elephants and this must be stopped.

  • RUTH SMITH says:

    I wish every human being would love and respect ALL living creatures of this earth,i cannot understand why some people abuse and inflict painful suffering on them,it is cruel and very very wrong,those who do this must not have any feelings what so ever apart from the sick and twisted minds they so obviously have,those sorts of people do not deserve a place on this earth!

  • Danielle Holliday says:

    If we have no mercy for all the animals should mercy by extended to us by the Almighty God? In fact, Isaiah 3:11 says “Woe unto the wicked! it shall be ill with him; for the reward of his hands shall be given to him”.(The hebrew word “given” in Strong’s Concordance means “to do” or “to make”, so what we do to the animals will be done to us also. Interesting. What an Awesome God!

  • S Earlene says:

    I have it ready to be recorded, should be a real eye opener to those who don’t feel elephants suffer. Hopefully they will no longer turn their back and realize they need to help all animals. I also learned another Documentary “How I Became an Elephant” is being released next week as well. Can’t wait to see both!

  • antona grady says:

    Stop the suffering of these beautiful animals and free them from these horrible thugs!!!

  • lois says:

    anyone ever wonder what would happen if species we mistreat rebelled against us? alfred hitchcock touches that idea in his movie “The Birds” (whether that was his intent or not, i think it was the authors intent) AND thats just birds! what gentle giants these elephants can be. we know they are social, caring, etc. maybe they actually pity us humans; afterall, we are the only species that kills our own kind for reasons other than food, survival…….

  • charles wagner says:

    i love animals and remember see a circus but i do no agree with hurting animals at all . if u can’t own a human cirus then close down , animals have feelings to , vowed u like us to treat u mean ? think , sincerely charles

  • Parag Dave says:

    Kindly please stop this abuse to innocent animals. Atleast be afraid of SUPREME GOD!

  • F. Jackie Loose says:

    Pls free them and live in peace!!! They are not born for OUR entertainment!!

  • Els de Lange says:

    never, never, never, ever go to a circus with animals!!!!!

  • Gloria Schultz says:

    Ringling Bros. need to be gone away, They are really bad about animal abuse, Elephants stay family and they take these baby elephants and break them down to no worth of their own. This is sad I will never step one foot into a Ringling bros. circus, nor others either.

  • Sam Serrano says:

    I never support any kind of wild animal entertainment. These animals should be free to live in their natural habitat, and should NOT be abused & beaten to entertain people. Please don’t go to any circus that uses animals. There are alternatives.

  • Sally Anne Hubbard says:

    How wonderful of HBO to air such an important program. I will pray that many people watch and after watching will pledge not to attend any circus.

  • nancy zebracki says:

    the circus is not entertaining

  • nancy zebracki says:

    the circus is not entertaining

  • PdxBB says:

    No animal on earth except monkeys are abused as much as elephants. In Asia they are fed Meth-amphetamines inside tamaran balls and forced to work all day and half the night in the logging industry. Or they are so-called ‘retired’ due to injuries and/or old age and become beggars on the streets in the big polluted cities. Then they die! Monkeys are also abused locked away in cages in drug laboratories and used in pointless and useless experiments. Then they are killed and throw away like trash. This is what mankind has become and I am totally embarrassed by my so-called fellow man. You will all pay for your abuse and sins against Gods creatures.

  • Maura DeYong says:

    I was wondering if PETA has ever investigated the way elephants are treated at Busch Gardens in Tampa, Florida. I visited the park several years ago with my teenage son and his friend. While walking through the elephant habitat, there were 3 or 4 loudspeakers BLARING 80’s music right next to the elephants. I couldn’t even stay in the area because it was so unbelievably loud. That has always bothered me and wondered if it was as torturing to the elephants as it was to me. I can’t imagine the elephants listening to that music at such a loud level all day long, day after day, after day. I truly felt sorry for them. I cannot imagine that is good for their mental health. Thank you for your consideration.