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Hawaii May Purchase Failing Slaughterhouse

Written by PETA | April 7, 2011

A controversial new bill in Hawaii may have taxpayers footing the bill to bail out a financially troubled slaughterhouse, no matter how they may feel about its harm to the environment and animals or how unprofitable it is.

Animals killed for food are often scalded, skinned, and dismembered while still conscious.

Senate Bill 249, which would make Hawaii the first state to own a slaughterhouse, allocates $1.6 million in taxpayer money for the purchase of the Hawaii Livestock Cooperative slaughterhouse in Kapolei. The slaughterhouse has already received millions of dollars in loans and grants from the government, although Hawaii currently has a billion-dollar deficit. The plant is also in an environmentally sensitive area close to the ocean, where waste runoff could damage coral reefs and kill fish.

Please take a moment to send an e-mail to Hawaii’s representatives and urge them to vote against purchasing this slaughterhouse and for preserving Hawaii’s environment and protecting animals from abuse.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Saucy says:

    Why don’t they just grow some grass and suck on a pineapple instead?

  • kajri says:

    Dear , i donn’t understand that why you are not getting the slaughterring is harmful for enviroment and abuse for animal’s too. why you do such horrfic things to get small things in life. while the real life is that where you support somebody and use as less us much you can of other . the big question is you are taking a life of somebody.

  • kathy says:

    Email sent. This really puts a tarnish on Hawaii’s reputation. Inflicting pain on animals is an extraordinarily strong indicator for a sociopath. This lack of empathy does cross over to humans but animals, of course, are inherently more vulnerable in our society.

  • Apache Chief says:

    @Carrie Don’t worry, I do not want you in my life neither.

  • Maddi says:

    Don’t do it! Save the animals and the earth!

  • Aida Rodriguez, Esquire says:

    My husband and I had planned to take our little guy to paradise for a vacation. We have been saving for years and plan on living it up. We are vegetarians, and the fact that this house of horrors would be bought out by what I considered to be Heaven on Earth is upsetting. I almost feel two-faced vacationing there if this were to happen. It just doesn’t feel right. I am not a citizen of Hawaii, but please don’t do this. It’s just not you.


    You people are so sick, that you can still carry on doing things when the animal is still conscious, have you got no feelings maybe one day God will do the same to you, and let you feel what that poor animal feels

  • Carrie says:

    I just don’t get it. I think these people should be forced to witness the inhumane killing of these animals. I understand that people need jobs but what kind of person can inflict pain on these animals and sleep at night. I would not want them in my life.

  • Guleed says:

    Yuck! Discgusting! cruel!

  • Mino says:

    I always imagined Hawaii as a romantic, heavenly domain – but the human being is quickly at hand with another monster surprise! I should have guessed it!

  • Caroline Clune says:

    When are you going to stop throwing good money after bad, this slaughter house should be shut down for good, it’s detrimental to the environment and abusive to animals. The Earth itself is telling you that this slaughter house has no place on it but you’re not listening, how much more money are you going to waste keeping this terrible place open