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Hard-Boiled Justice

Written by PETA | August 7, 2008

You know what it’s like—you get started with something, thinking you’ll have just this one or do it just this once, and then you think, “One more wouldn’t hurt, right?” And before you know it, it’s all out of hand.

Of course, when I do it, I end up eating half a package of Newman-Os, not egging 400 people’s houses and cars.

That’s right—a couple in Pennsylvania have recently been charged with perpetrating an 18-month “egging spree” that resulted in $7,000 worth of damage.

This news article explains that the couple started egging because they “wanted to retaliate against friends for damages they said were inflicted upon them” but moved on to other targets to avoid suspicion.

Hate to break it to you (geddit?), but 400 targets might arouse a little suspicion, don’t you think?

Now, the county’s district attorney is urging the victims of the spree to come forward, saying, “We have an obligation under the law to seek to make them whole and to get restitution for them.”

Sure, the people who had to wash their cars and hose down their driveways deserve “restitution.” But let’s take this further: What is washing your car compared to being crammed into battery cages and having your beak cut off with a hot wire?

When you think about it that way, aren’t the hens the number one victims here?

We think that all the victims of this crime deserve restitution. For this reason, we’ve written a letter to the DA with a logical suggestion: It takes up to 34 hours for a hen to produce a single egg, and during that time, she isn’t watching TV—she’s crammed into a cage that doesn’t allow her to take a step or stretch one wing, and she has to balance on wire and do her business on the backs of other birds. If the DA has an “obligation” to “get restitution” for the victims of this crime, wouldn’t justice best be served by sentencing the perpetrators to 34 hours of community service in a vegan soup kitchen or doing bird rescues for each egg wasted? We think so!

Check out our letter to the DA:


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  • lynda downie says:

    I like it. Great idea Tracy!

  • animalfriend says:

    ryan in some cultures for example ancient india vegetarianism is very ok because the milk giving cow is respected as your mother! no one would even think to kill a cow not even in his worst dreams! it’s our modern mainly western ‘civilization’ which added a bitter touch to vegetarianism because this today’s society doesn’t stop from nothing to abuse and kill animals also mother cow! and how can someone eat a chicken today who yesterday gave you an egg??????? hence vegan has become the best solution to the problem! we are living in a decaying rotten society!

  • Carla says:

    Ryan going vegetarian is always the first and most hardest step to take and Peta realizes that. Many people would consider going vegetarian before going full boar vegan!

  • wncbrooks says:

    Actually PETA promotes people to be Vegan. No eggs No Dairy products from cows. Oh and if you do choose to be vegetarian. There is free range. Farm raised. Cage Free. Lots of better ways. Peta is for the ethical treatment of these animals remember? Not the torture and suffering.

  • Leigh says:

    I’m a vegan so obviously I’m not into eggeating or the disgusting egg production industry. However it always amazes me how wasteful people are. In this case it was eggs in other cases its these retarded tomato throwing festivals where tons of yummy tomatos are wasted. There are people starving around the world and yet people feel they have the right to waste. People just seem to have such little regard for the lives of the poor animals that suffer for their dinner plate as well as natural plant resources that could feed the world. So sad.

  • Ryan says:

    If eggs are so bad why does PETA still encourage people to “go vegetarian” given that vegetarians eat the very eggs that cause hens such suffering not to mention the cows that will live lives of torment for vegetarian milk? You can’t call for rights while encouraging people to violate them.