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Happy Birthday, Ricky Gervais!

Written by PETA | June 24, 2009 / CC
Ricky Gervais

Tomorrow is the birthday of PETA’s favorite British comedian (Ricky Gervais … obviously), so PETA Europe has teamed up with Animal Rahat to give him a very unusual present … a bullock! Well, they haven’t exactly gift-wrapped and mailed him a bullock—that would just be wrong—but they have rescued and retired a hardworking bullock through Animal Rahat and named the lucky guy “Ricky” in Gervais’ honor.

Gervais’ cute namesake is a 20-year-old bull who has worked the sugar mill district in Sangli, India, his entire life and would have been sent to slaughter if Animal Rahat had not rescued him.

PETA Europe wanted to give Ricky an extra-special birthday present this year for being such a great sport for animals. As you may recall, the star launched into a hilarious “tirade” earlier this year against organizations that send animals to people in developing countries. Recognizing that impoverished people often lack the basic means to feed and care for the animals they receive, Ricky remarked, “There’s nothing in it for the goat!”

Add to that the letter he sent to Gordon Brown asking for an end to the use of real bearskins for The Queen’s Guards’ caps and his teaming up with Pink to voice one of the characters in our Stolen for Fashion CGI video, and you have one compassionate comedian who deserves a great big “Thank you!”

Happy birthday, Ricky.

Written by Shawna Flavell

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  • Matt Greenwood says:

    Happy Birthday Ricky carry on helping PETA in fighting Animal Abuse.

  • lauren Kelly says:

    Happy Birthday! You are SUPER FUNNY! I love your humor really love Extras and of course the Office and Ghost Town was great too! You are the perfect person to speak up for animals because you are the type of person people like to listen to and agree with because you’re cool. It is wonderful that you use your influence to help animals. Brilliant!

  • Sandraa says:

    Happy Birthday Ricky!! I love you!!!

  • NT says:

    You are an inspiration Ricky. Have a good one!

  • lynda downie says:

    Happy Birthday Ricky. You’re just a great great guy!

  • samantha says:

    Happy Birthday Ricky you darling man. What a wonderful gift to give to such a special person. I wish you and the ‘other’ precious Ricky the very best of everything.