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Happy Birthday, Queen Elizabeth!

Written by PETA | June 14, 2010

PETA U.K. knows how to party. During last Saturday’s Trooping of the Colour—The Queen’s official birthday celebration—PETA U.K. members gave away “Bear Hugs, Not Bear Caps” biodegradable balloons to pumped-up parade attendees.


Nothing says, “Look over here, Royal Family!” like bunches of balloons in the crowd!


Unlike this cute little cub, real bear cubs are often orphaned and left to die when their moms are shot and killed.


Pelts on parade: 1 slaughtered bear = 1 silly hat


Here’s hoping that after this colorful display, Queen Elizabeth will one day become the Queen of Hearts for bears and urge the Ministry of Defence to ditch the skins. After all, bears deserve to see another birthday too …

Written by Amy Skylark Elizabeth

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  • Gilles Dubois says:

    Dont forget all the fur coats that the queen gets at home.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    Both sets of my grandparents were from the British Isles I am English Scot Irish and Welsh and while I am a proud American I am also proud of my ethnic origins…except for the bearskin hats on the British guards. In fact this is something I have often wondered if God forbid there were an attempt on the Queen’s life during one of these parades how well would the Queen’s Guard be able to protect her given what they are wearing? I don’t mean just the hat would’nt the rest of the uniform be movement restricting? Or are her personal bodyguards the equivalent of the Secret Service at the White House dressed in business suits and better able to move quickly? PETA members from England I’d really like to know.