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Happy Belated Earth Day

Written by PETA | April 23, 2007

globalwarming.JPGYou may have heard about the latest “solution” to the world’s energy crisis and global warming. This one is perhaps the most absurd idea yet, coming to us courtesy of the well-known environmental stewards of the meat industry.

Last week, oil company ConocoPhillips and the largest meat producer in the world, Tyson Foods, announced that they will soon begin producing diesel fuel from the fat of pigs, chickens and cows. While on the surface this may not sound completely insane, given that the fuel will be made from rendered animal remains currently used in nonvegan soaps, cosmetics and pet food, the reality is that this whole idea has nothing to do with the environment and everything to do with lining the pockets of Tyson and ConocoPhillips execs.

Let’s be real here. The meat industry does not care about the environment. Period. In fact, it is one of the absolute worst corporate environmental offenders on the planet. Take for instance the recent U.N. reports pointing out that animals raised for food generate more greenhouse gases than all cars and trucks combined, and that (according to a recent University of Chicago study), switching to a vegan diet is more effective in countering global warming than switching from a standard American car to a Prius.

vsk.JPGNo matter what kind of crazy PR spin the meat industry tries to put on it, at the end of the day what it comes down to is that the answer to global warming isn’t to fill up SUVs with the remains of tortured animals. The most effective thing anyone can do to help the environment is to go vegetarian, and until we accept that fact, all the plastic bottle recycling, Prius driving, and tree-planting are barely making a dent in the problem.

I don’t want to come off all gloom and doom here, quite the opposite really. When you consider that we all have the opportunity to “vote the environment” at mealtimes three times a day, it’s actually pretty exciting. If you’re looking for resources to help make the transition to vegetarianism, you can check out our vegetarian starter kit and start saving the planet, one bite at a time. It beats the hell out of pig fat biodiesel.

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  • Canaduck says:

    Wow nice job working together to Maya and Larry.

  • Maya says:

    Thanks Larry! I’m glad we can work out our differences. It’s the year 2007 time to move forward together! Cheers.

  • Brandon says:

    We must respect animals and peacefully coexist. They are not ours to control and dominate. Recreational killing of wildlife is an abomination and has no place in a civilized society.

  • Larry Buck says:

    Thanks Maya and I will read the Entanglements bit.

  • Maya says:

    Larry I think you bring up some excellent points. I am in graduate school studying conservation so I can speak to this. Many hunters and fishermen do indeed have a wonderful conservation ethic. Many of them never even shoot or catch anything they just want to be outdoors because it was a family activity when they were children that helped them bond with their dads or just reminds them of simpler times. However many of the “populations” of which you speak ARE unbalanced because of overfishing or overhunting. The deer for example are overpopulated because all the wolves were hunted and extripated and the deer have no more predators. I have seriously criticised PETA on this April blog many times so don’t take it persoanlly Larry but your post would have had more credibitly if you hadn’t sent in that photo. That’s just the kind of rudeness for which I slammed PETA so many times. PETA has made it clear in their FAQs that they do not object to native peoples hunting for food. I think moderation is key. Please read Entanglements by Tora Johnson it shows us all how hunters and animal activists can work this out. Peace

  • Larry Buck says:

    I have to agree with the idea of maintaining the environment. the woods are a place that everyone has a right to enjoy. but… where would the natural places be if they never recieved the funding needed to maintain them and prevent development? know where most of funding for conservation efforts originates? sportsmen and sportswomen! they have done more for wild animals that peta ever will. if a common ground will ever be reached between these groups it would be in this area more animals measns more animals for everyone. the hunters could maintain populations if peta could find the money to back some wildlife sancturaries. I will be surprised if this post makes it through and sorry for any grammarspelling errors its an online post already.

  • Maya says:

    I’ve been a vegetarain for 20 years and I have some suggestions don’t let yourself become anemic the heart will pump faster to deliver O2 to your organs and after years of pumping too fast your heart will get damaged. Also make sure you can absorb B vitamins essential for nerve function sometimes supplements don’t work as well as they should! I know this from experience. I’m not saying this to discourage people I just want to make sure that vegetarians can stick with it forever!

  • Scott says:

    I became vegetarian a little over a year ago and seriousley it is the better option. I dont know why but I became more environmentally aware and i feel better. I dont eat as much as i used to I used to stuff my face with so much junkand i enjoy life more. If you want to save the environment then mabey vegetarianism might be a better option

  • Larry Buck says:

    I know how to be a meateating environmentalist…go hunting. The revenues generated by hunters and fisherman are what maintain this country’s natural wildlife. Hunters are the greatest conservationists in the world today they actually respect and maintai the natural environment for future generations. look at organizations such as Ducks Unlimited which buys acres and acres of wetlands every year and sets them aside as wildlife sanctuaries. did peta do that? really I searched the website and only found some antifishing stuff and suggestions for activists Did you know that the average safari hunter in Africa makes less impact than the same ecotourist or photosafari participant? Hunters tend to travel lightly on foot and stay in tented camps instead of traveling in large car bound groups. also as I have said before they provide the main finnancial source for wildlife programs in Africa? these programs do more than maintain healthy animal populations they help combat the evils of commercial poaching. also about the pig fat diesel thingy if the animal has already been slaughtered it might as well be utilized and help cut dependence on fossil fuels. also please stop saying the answer to everything is to go vegan it is annoying but maybe that is your point. please eat the animals they died for you.

  • Gerardo says:

    Global warming is a very serious problem I think that we all should confront our “life style” and question our values while considering this issue. The fact that U.S alone is responsible for a 40 of all the carbon emitions in the world should tell us something..helloooooo?? It’s a well known fact that americans need five planets like this one to sustain the “american way of life” which has to do with consumption waisting and more consumption…endlessly. We all vegans vegetarians environmentalistsetc need to get with the program and start CHANGING our “american way” of living. We should all talk about this issue as it is conected with the larger picture. Animals and humans we all live in this world. I am wandering why PETA and other AR groups have not take this historical oportunity to educate the society and JOIN forces with the “global warming activists”..I have not seen any outreach initiatives for the 070707 concert for example.. Why aren’t AR groups not being present at this important events? Why PETA likes to go neked in Spain instead of making efforts to be visible at the 070707 concerts? Do we really belive that we will reach more people runing around naked than being present at this world events…or is a matter of protagonism…what’s going on here? I thought we were working for the interst of non human animals and not for the interest of AR groups..To distance onself form the whole society like that is a very BAD thing that has proved inefective ..remember. capitalism comunism environmentalism all these western costructions just fraction reality and separate all of us.. Now coming back on the GW issue Yes Global warming solutions have to do with becoming vegan but also with becoming more aware of how we live why we live like that and QUESTIONING our values and MAKING changes many changes in factin our dayly life…because weather we like it or not we all are part of this capitalist and empty “plastic fantastic” society.. so let’s not take this issue in one way and just talk about becoming vegan as the only solution. And please do not separate ourselves form this problems as we are NOT saints..Please let’s talk about the whole picture here. A wholesome understandinga holistic one is needed an honest discussion with just one agenda helping the Animals..

  • sven lund says:

    to hidden glory edison was one of those vegetarians who just didn’t eat meat for to make a better use of their brains not for animal cause!

  • Hidden Glory says:

    Since the beginning the whole ecobogus doesn’t make any sence above all because the today’s measured values correspond to the emissions from years ago. The today’s pollution shall punish us in the years to come so if they start to change lifestyle in the next few years they can anyway forget it. And that this involves again an animal abuse was to be expected. It happened before during the whole history and curious enough always when humanity was blessed by real good new inventions. They are never content they always need to put their hands on the neck of the animal kingdom. The most horrific example was by Edison strangely enough he was a vegetarian but for to make a demonstration on electricity power he electrocuted an elefant. It’s one of the first reels of the Chaplin times. It can be seen in the film ‘The Suffering of the Animals’ by Hans Ruesch and the texts are spoken by lovely animal protecter Julie Christie!

  • steve says:

    i have a great idea that will help the earth….everyone go out and bye oilbased fake fur coats…. that will do it…