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Halo Circus’ Allison Iraheta Tells How One Dog Put a Song in Her Heart

Written by Michelle Kretzer | October 8, 2013

Just as Halo Circus’ first single is released this week, lead singer Allison Iraheta is also hitting the airwaves to explain why it’s so important for people to adopt—never buy—animal companions and to have them spayed and neutered.

“I am definitely a supporter on spaying and neutering your pet [and] getting your animal, your friend, from a shelter,” she says in her exclusive interview with PETA. “We were there to give [my dog] love and a home, and some dogs aren’t that lucky.”

Allison recounts the story of how her family found Feline, her beloved dog, as a stray and how much the Chihuahua has meant to her through all the craziness of American Idol, forming Halo Circus with her new husband, and releasing her own album. “She was there for me. When I thought I was alone and I didn’t have anyone, she was there for me.” And Allison firmly believes that the bonds we form with our animal companions are just as special and irreplaceable as the bonds we form with our human family members:

If you are ready to turn your solo into a duet, true love is waiting at your local animal shelter.