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Haiti’s Animals

Written by PETA | January 14, 2010

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The aftershocks of Haiti’s massive earthquake are still reverberating. The human death toll estimates are in the tens of thousands, but no one has a clue how many animals have been hurt or killed. We know that you are as worried as we are, so please know that we are monitoring the situation and looking for opportunities to help in case they arise. Of course, it is a terribly difficult situation: Criminal acts abound and can only increase, the likelihood of martial law looms, and there is a severe water shortage. The outbreak of disease from contaminated water and broken sewer systems is sure to follow. There are no commercial flights in and out of Haiti, and there is no functional SPCA or humane organization on the island. But we are receiving information from PETA members’ families inside Haiti, and we will update you as to how you can help the island’s animals if we find a way.

In the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, PETA teams rescued more than 300 cats, dogs, birds, and other animals and helped care for thousands more at emergency animal shelters. Of course, every day is a bad day for animals who are not often on people’s minds—like those in slaughterhouses and fur farms in the U.S. and overseas. Please, never forget them: They also need help. Meanwhile, please make sure that you and everyone you know is aware of how to protect your own animal companions by preparing for a natural disaster—before it strikes.

Thank you for thinking about animals in trouble.

Written by Logan Scherer

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  • Amy says:

    Hate begets hate. The xenophobia spewed by some of these comments leave me sick to my stomach. We will never change the world through hate and intolerance. One must try to be compassionate and show compassion to teach compassion. The world will never change and cruelty will persist until we all understand this.

  • Leanne Ramnarine says:

    It’s important to remember not to hate or become racist. Keep in mind that both humans and animals are suffering in Haiti it’s important to not be onesided. Of course you can decide for yourself how much you want to give and to whom you give just know that the Haitian people are going through hell and no they don’t deserve it. PETA is a great organization and they are all about love so there is no place for hatred towards the Haitian people here. Please try and keep an open mind remember that people of pretty much every religion cult ethnicityetc. harmed animals at one time or another whether through daily life eating meat from factory farms or from animal sacrifice for religious purposes. Animal abuse neglect and torture is not a race specific thing. I am from Trinidad a place where people as a whole didn’t give a damn about animals for the longest time but there were always individuals who cared . Things are changing there! Slowly but surley people are becoming more caring. I am proud Trini and I am a serious animal lover too. Hate won’t ever make a situation better. If you want to change the way a group of people feel about animals showing them that you discriminate against them will make them more stubborn in their ways. Also I know a lot of Haitian people who have pets love them dearly. Let’s be realistic and admit there is a big problem in Haiti and in many parts of the World including the US Canada when it comes to animal welfare but lets try and think of ways to help rather than just be a part of the problem.

  • Jeanne says:

    My heart breaks at the thought of animals and humans suffering all over the world but especially in Haiti now. I am consoled by the knowledge that there are people out there who don’t just talk the talk but actually walk the walk. To all the heroes out there thank you.

  • Andre says:

    IFAW are in Haiti and need funding. httpanimalrescue.typepad.comanimalrescueblog201001noendtothedestructioninhaiti.htmlmore We can’t expect animal rights groups to be there. Some have it in their programm to rescue animals others don’t. And that’s fine. There are a lot of important things to do other than directly rescuing animals.

  • Samantha says:

    my prayers and thoughts are going out to all the people and animals of Haiti! Well done Peta!

  • Martina Str. says:

    I hope there will be some organizations working there in Haiti in order to helping animals. I live myself in Bolivia even though I m not bolivian. If I was able to I d be even there in order to helping animals but ther re quite a lot animals here that depend on me as well. Haiti Obviously in the first moment that is a real schock and nobody might think of animals if there s an earthquake like the one which hit Haiti at least if they are not your own animals which are involved. But in my mindall over the world there are more or less very serious problems as those we can see in Haiti and could see before the quake criminal behaviour of a large amount of people lack of real “civilization” etc. AS A CONSECUENCE OF not being more conscious of our surroundings in general. We all belong to the same world charity compassion respect that means always the same and can t really be “relativized” just because we might think humnan beings are “nearer to God”. I respect animals and would always prefer to trust my dogs than people as to loyalty and friendship. Why should I help first a criminal to survive or someone else I don t absolutely know than my beloved animals which rely on my and trust me and are more loyal than everybody else has ever been? But of course then you have to help humans “as well” and in this case it would mean making two efforts to help BOTH. Because values are not to be “relativized”! Catholic church should take into consideration that animals cientifically speaking are not that different from human beings. And why should it be right that supposingly “mankind is more important” just because we probably aren t “intelligent” enough to understand everything other beings communicate? Obviously in the first moment of a quake nobody is going to look for animals whose owner he isn t but I would always care for my animals at least the same way I would for my human family or human friends. It s a little bit difficult to put things like that when you figure out a disaster as the one of Haiti as regards humans and human life but unafortunately where there s little civilization there s little respect for animals and nobody of us might really dare to think of animals and to defend them as I m doing on this occasion without being somehow a little bit ashamed since it doesn t seem to be the right place and moment to do it. But there s indeed something else Had people in Haiti and elsewhere in many places of the world thougt of other creatures with more respect had they been more conscious of everything alive which surrounds them and of principles and values obviously there would have been a greater amount of responsibility and that means as well some sort of “prophylaxis” when building schools hospitals homesdoing all kind of things humans use to do etc. It seems to be a strange thing but the less “civilized” people in general use to be the more catastrophic seem to be those sort of natural catastrophes in the end. As soon as people begin to handle nature and animals more respectfully there seems to be more peace and stability because people begin to THINK things over before doing them and acting. And indeed we all of us who want a better future for mankind can t step back to past ages of mankind and pretend to have forgotten that there s without any doubt some sort of relationship between the way we treat animals and nature and what happens to us. And this means that we can t abandon all these animals to their fatelast but not least on behalf of mankind and civilization. In absolutely no way. In future it might even become dangerous to create different kinds of “justice” and “respect” as to life.

  • tania says:

    its the animal safe in haiti its there help for the animals

  • Kim S says:

    I see people are still worried about the breeders of haiti. lets help the animals and stop feeding the people. It will just keep them adding to the already overpopulation.

  • louie says:

    the WSPA is accepting animal donations for Haiti and is planning on going in as soon as commercial flights are allowed.

  • Jennifer says:

    I will not help the people in haiti since they sacrifice animals. I’ll donate to peta to help the poor animals.

  • Jim Stamp says:

    I am a supporter of animal rights but I think the focus of the Haiti earthquake relief efforts should be placed on the human life lost.

  • Kurt K says:

    Casey You are right karma is a bitch. Wishing for people to die slowly is not a very compassionate thing to wish for. Your hypocrisy knows no limits it seems. God help you.

  • Chantal Angelique says:

    Don’t forget about the animals!

  • Sharon Azar says:

    to those who insist that people are a prioritycomparisons are odious.. all living creatures are suffering and dying. compassion is compassion whether it’s for a human animal or a nonhuman animal. all suffer the same pain. Please help everyone.

  • susan warwick says:

    I am praying for all the animals in Haiti who seem to be God’s forgotten now. In my country South Africa some cultures practise shocking cruelty on innocent animals and make many of us feel very ashamed. Susan in Cape Town

  • casey says:

    Good less people means less abused animals. I only care and respect the very few good veg activists the rest can die slow like they do to other mammals karma is a bitch haha.

  • Karen Thomson says:

    Why oh why do even animal organisations need to stand behind humanitarian ones and apologise for wanting to go in to help animals. Surely they should be standing proud in their need to help animals there are plenty enough organisations and money to help people. Lets not make animals second class citizens even in the animal welfare movement.

  • Elefriend says:

    I feel so sad about the poor animals in Haiti. And also about the millions of animals killed for food and other forms of abuse. Animals are better off to die quickly than be left suffering and most likely mutilated as may be the case with Haiti. They have an awful life on any given day there I’m sure…

  • Mara says:

    I agree with Sophie’s comment. It infuriates me when people pontificate about humans being more important than animals. How arrogant to think our species is of more value than others. Thank God there are compassionate people who are standing by to help the animal victims of this terrible tragedy.

  • LOVE ANIMALS says:

    YOU CAN HELP ANIMALS AT THIS WEBSITE httpnews.bestfriends.orgindex.cfm?pagenewsmodeentryentry375A2D16F4A40CAD296E56955E35A614 PLEASE DONATE WHAT YOU CAN

  • Tara says:

    I feel I should let some of the ignorant people know that not everyone in Haiti participates in ‘animal sacrificing’. That’s so ignorant! That’s like saying all the Germans during WW2 were Nazi’s. There are civiliazed and loving people in Haiti my family being part of those civilized people. Stop spreading ignorance and start helping out EVERYONE. Animals humans damaged Earth.

  • faris says:

    sooo sad good job PETA! i am an animal lover and it is an relief that u guys saved animals i am sooo very happy this happened THANX PETA!!

  • Joseph GITHINJI M. says:

    Dear brothers and Sisters I sympathy the affectedourbrothers and Sisters.God has a way out for the solutionany wayand ourselves.WhenI see eagles in the air I feel happyas I see our animals with us.One God of all of usand giver of our blessed first parentswhom we are the same generation2010yearstoday loved us and blessed these.As much as we care for the animalspleasehelp our brothers and Sisters in need in Haiti. Iam not ashamedthatthere are individual with millions of money and resourcesbut are mean.The same life cycle of our first parents are everywhere.We may be selfishor refuse to help our biological brothers and Sistersin one worldin need of our help. Samethese problems have no specific country. 2010 todaylet love be with us.No GodNo First parents of all us NobodyNo anything. Let’s love by words and actions Warm regards Joseph fromNakuru Kenya.