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Hairy Kate and Trashley: It Doesn’t Get Much Fuglier Than That

Written by PETA | December 30, 2008
latimes / CC
Hairy Kate and Trashley Trollsen

The latest spread in Us magazine features our favorite fur-toting trolls as they exemplify the ugly side of fashion. The haggard crones just can’t seem to get enough of killing animals for their fur, whether they’re wearing it, designing with it, or paying someone to rip it off the backs of animals.

When PETA Senior Vice President Dan Mathews was asked about a photo of Hairy-Kate dressed in a hideous fur vest, he said, “Fur adds 20 years and 20 pounds. Maybe Mary-Kate thinks this sad vest made of a dozen dead animals will make her look matronly and deflect the gossip about bulimia.”

Think you’ve got a snappier remark? You know we want to hear it, so comment below!

Written by Jennifer Cierlitsky

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  • Rebecca says:

    Peta Please Keep Lobbying Thhem and Shoving It In their Faces! Theyre Thick as Shit!

  • good_taste says:

    I don’t even know the tv show, not exactly my cuppa. But please, whatever it takes to stop them. They themselves are hideous looking (the troll thing works), and apparently stupid. They could be invited to a fur factory, actually do the skinning (that works too, to you know, throw up a little bit). Clearly they should start where the animals are electrocuted right from a cage, one rod in the mouth and one in the anus. Doubt they’d work a trapline. Geesh, and I’m a girl. Thanks PETA, don’t stop.

  • Rachel-Rayhoo. says:

    Any teen age celebrity is told they are a role model. Either these girls are to busy sticking there hands down there throat to relise is or they just dont care. The dozens of animals they parade around in isnt exactly what i call fashion. Infact I call it discusting that there so desperate to make themselves look less than a bag on belimic, anorexic trashy bones they were somone elses skin because tehre not comfortable in there own.

  • nude says:

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  • Diana F. says:

    OkayI disagree with fur wearing but I think that condeming the Olsens as evil etc is wrong as well. Everyone is entitled to their own opinions and judging and playing superior is exactly the attitude that the killers in slaughterhouses embraceso why adopt the same attitude? Gandi said we could only resolve problems if we are loving and compashionate ourselves! Disagree with fur? Don’t support it. Disagree with the Olsens? Fine boycott anyting Olsen related. Inform people about the issues but if they are always theatened it will give the organization a foul rep!

  • unejzut says:

    Turning in the gate to start spreading idle gossip.

  • luvsp says:

    first of all call them with the right names. they have brains. they have hearts. they’re not monsters. and everyone’s selfish in a way. animal rights activists are selfish in a way. i’m selfish in a way. and it’s not a bad thing. not sure about the anorexia thing but it’s true isn’t that a sound reason for wearing fur? and for those who wear real fur it’s important for them. some used to be very poor as kids so now they want ot wear the real stuff. i wonder if animal rights activists who call other ppl bitch or stuff have compassion. marykate and ashley are two normal cute girls who sometimes wear fur. a lil suggestion…PETA should think about human rights before animal rights. btw i’m a PETA member and donator.

  • katie says:

    i saw that is US while browsing it in the store.. i thought go PETA! good the more people you reach about the true face of fur some people might not go on the internet and look it up or come across it the better!

  • lindsey says:

    It is so disgusting disturbing to me that they can wear fur I think it looks so terrible. I don’t want to even imagine how many animals they have in their closets. So wrong! I read the US Weekly as well and saw how many animals had been killed so they could wear their hideous outfitsthe only thing that looks good in fur is the animals its on.

  • brandie says:

    Hey did you see… US Weekly did a page on Ashley that talked about how many animals she kills for each fur item she has been seen in. It’s horrible! She has a HUGE handbag that I think is made from chinchilla sp?. One of her vests is made from coyote. I can’t hate a person for liking fur cuz everyone is different. But really why do they ahve to wear it? I can’t hate someone for being who they are. We all like what we like. But really can she not use faux fur? Who would know the difference and who would really care that she wears fake fur?

  • brooke says:

    i cant belive i used to like them NOT ANYMORE I HATE THE TROLLSENS

  • Karen says:

    No doubt about it the animals looked way better in that fur then the troll twins ever could hope to look….I throw up a little every time I look at their hideous faces

  • Jessica JaDore says:

    Haha well they wear fur for one or two reasons or both. Take attention away from there bulimiaanarexia or to take attention away from the fact that one of those bitches supplied some of the drugs that put Heath Leadger over the edge and everyone hating her for getting off scott free. Yea those are two dirty scandelous disgusting bitches inside out and fashion wise.

  • Amanda says:

    Yuck. The stupdity of both these ‘ahem’ humans astounds me.

  • Amanda says:

    Ugh! This makes me SO mad….How could they do this?

  • Tammy says:

    I have always thought these two to be very weird. Now they are weird furhags! YUCK!

  • Jasmin says:

    Why does everyone insist on taking the lives of the poor helpless animals in the world? Do they not have a brain that functions properly? I mean come on have a heart! You are embarrassing us all!

  • jANNA says:

    They are flaunting their cruelty. Enough already!

  • Carrol says:

    My boyfriends hairy butt looks better than her in this vest.

  • yvonne says:

    these two dumbheads are a lost cause.. They will not or never change their NASTY cruel and SELFISH ways.. yes.. I’m afraid horrid selfish people like these two total nerds really do exist.. I wouldn’t bother with them anymore PeTA.. waste of your time and breath.. there will always be cruel and selfish people in the world.. that’s why there is so much animal cruelty and abuse.. they do it for money for some kind of other material gain or benefit.. or like these two twits.. with only half a peasized brain between them.. for their selfish desire to wear the ‘luxury’ of dead animal pelts.. maybe they feel more ‘dominant’ wearing the dead pelts of poor animals that have suffered so?.. they are seriously a lost cause.. how do you treat these two mentally zombie duos? they can’t see reason perceive empathize or sense the cruelty involved in the fur trade even though it has been drummed into them so many times!! ? total lost cause ZOMBIES!!!! BIG TIME!!

  • bbr says:

    maybe they are hideous underneath and wanna use those animals beautiful fur to improve the looks of themsleves. we all know they need to cover up the ugly outfits they consistenly choose to wear. Why are they even famous? I haven’t seen them do anything worth watching since Full House. And when I see reruns I wonder why I ever liked the show at all.

  • Jannessa-Kayne says:

    okay i dont know whats more surprising no horrifying! the fact that their “Fashion” line still exists seriously? who would wear that crap? or the fact that they’re still famous. WTF? They’re washed up hasbeens that depend on monstrosities like that vest to get any publicity good or bad.

  • Judith FFFA says:

    Hideous little monsters!

  • NT says:

    Whether you care about fur animal or not that simply is a FASHION CRIME!!

  • Fiona says:

    They are starting to look as dead as their coats. They look like zombies!

  • paloma says:

    1000 words can’t explain this terrible picture…….especiially this B$!

  • Allan says:

    Im sure they just wear fur so ppl wud talk about them since they aren’t really famous anymore

  • roxanne says:

    Those trolls are fugly and I hope Karma hits them real soon. than again we all know how Mary Kate didn’t send help to health ledger but instead waited for her bodyguards to remove drugs before emergency was called. People who are cruel to animals are cruel to humans. There is no degrees of compassion.

  • Hayley says:

    i used to admire the olsen twins but im definatly going off them seeing as they still wear fur!! its truly sick and they should know that!

  • Jason Sydney Norton says:

    I dont know what is more revolting the morgue of tortured animals they are wearing or their yucky skin and hair. I guess the “Trollsens” are the prime example that money cant buy everything because if it did they would have style and hair products. I mean come on everytime these girls step out into public they look like they just woke up from a broken nights sleep in some New York City gutter. I know they dont have hearts but you would think that they would at least have a mirror. But then again their choice in clothes would dictate that they don’t even have a brain. Maybe they have some psychosomatic condition in which they think they are actually dogs because they sure spend enough money on furs that make them smell and shed like wet dogs. This probably resulted when their parents threw them out a 12th storey window because they were so damned ugly inside and out. None the less they are the epitomy of disgusting!!!

  • payton says:

    Hahahaha. Love it! Maybe she is trying to hide

  • jessica says: