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Hair Tips and Hormone Warnings

Written by PETA | April 22, 2010
Agência Brasil / CC by 2.5 Brazil
Evo Morales

Psst! Have your hair and your love life lost their luster?

According to Bolivian President Evo Morales, eating flesh from chickens that have been given female hormones could make men go bald and have “problems being men.”

When chickens are given hormones, as they are in so many countries, it gives credibility to Morales’ chrome-dome claim, and there are hard facts that eating meat causes impotence. And for another mood killer, if you catch your man rooting around in your bra drawer, it might be because he needs the support: Consuming meat and milk laced with estrogen and other hormones may contribute to the development of “moobs.”

Thanks for your advice, Mr. President. For even more presidential advice on all things animal-related, pick up a copy of PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk’s latest book, The PETA Practical Guide to Animal Rights.

Written by Amy Skylark Elizabeth

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  • giss says:

    I remember when I heard him saying that! It seemed funny but after a few minutes I realized that chicken meat could really have female hormones. I hope Evo doesn’t forget about it and start a vegan life

  • lulu says:

    Now that’s a head of hair! Love this.