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All Hail Simon Cowell

Written by PETA | March 7, 2007

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I know I was just talking about how cool Simon Cowell is, but he is at it again.

This time he’s got some choice advice for American Idol hopefuls: Be kind to animals. Everyone knows Simon is notoriously harsh when Idol contestants deserve it, but he’s got a big soft spot for animal advocates. Simon opened up on the set of his new PETA ad, which is due out early this summer, saying:

“The people I work with … are all animal lovers. That’s part of the criteria for judging the show, you’ve got to like animals.”

And he applies the same standard to wannabe contestants as well:

“I once had an incident with a guy who auditioned who actually admitted that he likes killing animals. Didn’t go through.”

Considering that Cowell raked in a reported $36 million last year and has been ranked the second-highest-paid person on TV by OK! magazine, it might be wise to heed his suggestion . . .

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  • anne says:

    Simon I perfectly love your dedication and devotion to our animal friends You carry so much influence and to use it as a tool of education towards animal humanity is so very special. As an active volunteer for a group who rescues abused and abandoned animals I truly salute you Many thanks again from Ottawa Ontario Canada

  • daisy says:

    Hi i would just like to say thank you simon for all your work you have done for animals and your juding on the x factor and britains got talent and other shows.i think if more celeb done things like this there would hardly be any animal fur used and crutly to animals would be low. so thank you simon xxfrom a huge fanxx

  • Darren Kerr says:

    I believe that the way people treat animals says much about their integritity and decency as a human being. Without knowing him personaly and I admit to finding his straight and honest approach on tv good entertainment his ‘active’ involvement ie not just lip service in the promotion of ethical treatment of animals and various other charitable work most of which he does NOT publicise would suggest that we could all learn a hell of a lot from this decent human being.

  • Lois says:

    Simon I love you even more when I heard you say “you love puppies on the Idol. Also I saw you on Extra with a cute puppy. I couldn’t tell who was enjpying the kissing more you or the puppy. It was so cute. you are so cute even without the puppy. I also love puppies. Thank you for all the work you are doing to save puppies. love Lois

  • ulfie says:

    u’re are a rught gay but thats your point n more than that u’re sympatic man…go simon!!!!

  • nico says:

    thank you simon i love all animals we must all stop the inhumane abuse

  • Norma Schwartzberg says:

    I love Simon before and now I love him even more I love him!! I love him!!! I love him!!!! I love him!!!!!!!!

  • Tina Halloran says:

    I can’t sing a note but I would sing my praises any day to Simon! I already had a crush on him and then to find out he’s an animal lover…now I want to have his children!! “I love you Simon!” Tina

  • Veronica says:

    I didn’t realize Simon was an animal lover. I like him even more now. Maybe he can talk some sense into Jennifer Lopez about wearing fur. I saw on the show last night where one of the female singers I can’t remember her name but she’s one of my favorite! She’s black and a little well a lot on the heavy side. Anyway she said she is terrified of ALL animals and that if she’s going to someone’s house for the first time she makes sure they put their animals up before she gets there. Maybe if she was afraid to EAT animals instead of being afraid of being around animals she wouldn’t be so overweight!

  • veganlove says:

    Simon obviously has a heart of gold and i think his brutal honesty on American Idol is very kind rather than lying to someone with fake flattery. Fur is disgusting…what the bleep are those fur hags thinking? they look atrocious…that hag in the bag Sharon Stone is gross inside and out. Simon nixes contestents who brag about killing animals….. way to go Simon! because they are obviously sick in the head.

  • Allison Hyde-Philips says:

    Of course Simon loves animals … he’s British and therefore civilised. Keep trying to restore some class to the colonies Simon …! Patrick and Allison British expats in Canada.

  • Evelyn Hoffman says:

    I admire Simon Cowell we need more people like him!

  • Dustin Jones says:

    Simon is cool he also talked so Highly of Jennnifer Lopez to Extra about the Puerto Rican Diva appearing on the hit show American Idol on April 11 2007.

  • sarah says:

    yay Simon!! but American Idol’s gotta stop taking time away from House… grrrrr. Simon Cowell is an awesome guy despite getting between me and my addiction

  • K says:

    Second highest paid person? Dayum. . .

  • Jen says:

    Simon is so amazing. I love him on Idol and I don’t think he’s too harsh. When inbred toothless banjo pickers go on national TV trying to sing “Stayin Alive” they deserve to get smacked down. Simon your fans love you! Even more because of your work for animals and PETA!!!