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Ha, Ha, Soy Skeptics, Check This Out

Written by PETA | July 6, 2010
Take a tip from this guy: Embrace soy!
Embrace Soy

People have been enjoying soy and reaping its health benefits for thousands of years, but there are still some myths circulating about soy and soy products. Last week, the Guardian printed an eye-opening article that uncovers the shady origins of anti-soy propaganda—most of which can be traced to a group that sings the praises of eating artery-clogging animal fat and tries to scare people away from soy by citing the results of scientifically flawed animal experiments. The article explains the myriad health benefits of soy foods, including protection against diabetes and breast cancer and improved bone health and brain function.

Of course, soy foods are just one option in a nutritious, animal-friendly diet, and it’s easy to be a healthy vegan without touching tofu or sipping soy milk. Other excellent protein sources include lentils, nuts, beans, peanuts, seeds, chickpeas, green veggies, and whole grains.

But for anyone who’s ever wondered, “Tofu or not tofu,” here’s the real deal: Soy is safe, smart, and infinitely kinder than dining on decomposing animal flesh or drinking bovine mammary secretions. So discover the joy of soy and wear that “Powered by Tofu” shirt with pride!

Written by Lindsay Pollard-Post

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  • ocean17 says:

    “the soy industry is responsible for massive rainforest destruction. no soy for me.” sorry wrong. i do hope you mean the dairy feed industry fact is over 97 of soy production is used for animal feed. “When did I ever say I was against animal rights? Only thing I’m against is misinformation that promotes ignorance and irrational hatred of people who disagree with your ethics.” uh huh. it is obvious to all that you are only here to spread thick gooey industrial strength propaganda and a pathetic wash of illogical disingenuous “consumerist” drone disinformation. you are against animal rights by default and by your sorry speculations and shady horrendous and uncompassionate provivisection animaltorture apologist remarks and unreasonable commentary. not to mention flawed and unscientific. your commentary is ridiculous unrealistic and insensible.

  • Kalama Halamezad says:

    Ocean17 Perhaps you’ve never learned that proximity does not imply correlation. The fact that he sells things on Amazon has absolutely no bearing on his opinions. Not even what you just quoted implies this. It simply implies that he stands to profit from what he preaches. The only reason it was even brought up is because Mike was trying to imply that PCRM researchers are selfless heroes and that people who disagree do so for money. Whether or not McDougall sells books and food for money or the benefit of others is something that only McDougall and his associates will ever know. All I know is that practicing MDs are perfectly capable of making plenty of money without using writing books and selling ramen to supplement their income. The claim that his research isn’t exactly stellar is based on the fact the he claims a vegan diet can reverse diabetes and cites a paper that fed its participants MEAT as evidence. As you should clearly see that point has nothing to do with Amazon. These two criticism are 100 independent of each other. ” critical thinking skillz seem to be in short supply on your end anyway” This coming from the guy who thinks that he just proved that I said McDougall’s research is flawed because he sells ramen based on the fact that I made two entirely independent statements backtoback? “it is illogical for you to be here only to shout down the message of animal rights” When did I ever say I was against animal rights? Only thing I’m against is misinformation that promotes ignorance and irrational hatred of people who disagree with your ethics.

  • ocean17 says:

    first off… what jon said. “When did I ever say that veganism research or ethics were wrong because Dr. McDougall sells items on Amazon?” here ya’ go.. it is illogical for you to be here only to shout down the message of animal rights and veganism with your incorrect and sappy insights unrealistic disinformation and unbelievably silly propaganda. you stated andor implied that McDougalls research was flawed in your thick and gooey ad hominem rich post. “…and don’t even start on J. McDougall and the over 120 products he’s peddling on Amazon “just to make a living” like cup ramen that sells for nearly $2 per cup and his “rocksolid scientific references” especially considering he failed to notice that one of the studies he cited to prove his meatfree diet could cure diabetes was a study that coupled a meat containing diet with an extreme exercise regimen.” yes critical thinking skillz seem to be in short supply on your end anyway if your ridiculous spew of colorless disinformationladen posts and sappy irrelevant statements are any indication. let’s do that “bottom line” thing your dull vapid and wishywashy arrogant sermonizing has run its course here.

  • Kalama Halamezad says:

    Ocean17 Are you really incapable of answering a single question or responding to specific points? Are you truly incapable of nothing more than ranting like the “oppressed” peasant in Month Python and the Holy Grail? Maybe Mike being on your team would care to back you up if you truly are making ANY valid points…good luck.

  • ocean17 says:

    whole lotta’ nothing there. in fact your entire post consists of nothing but horribly deformed extrinsic mediocre ad hominem strawmen. and you failed to connect the dots sure you don’t wanna’ do the “bottom line” thing instead of careless letting this idiotic assertion just hang in the breeze. in case you were wondering… no one here takes you or your poorly disguised onedimensional sugary propaganda seriously.

  • Kalama Halamezad says:

    Ocean17 For someone who invests so much time babbling about straw men you certainly show no shame in making use of them every time you respond to something I’ve said. Not once have you ever written a single thing that even addressed a point I’ve madeyou do little but lock swords with an imaginary foe because I’ve not said one thing you’ve accused of saying…..ever. I’m going to ask you a single question and I want you to answer it clearly and concisely. When did I ever say that veganism research or ethics were wrong because Dr. McDougall sells items on Amazon? That statement is the primary example of a straw man. Isn’t it convenient that you dub something I’ve never said “illogical “thick” propaganda that is quite bogus”? The only reason I brought up his “peddling” was because MQ was pushing Dr. M as the selfless hero when in reality there is no reason to believe he’s any better than big pharma or other “quacks” who preach their solutions that have been suppressed for some reason or another. Although I must admit with your natural aptitude for mixing gibberish with notsocommonuse vocabulary you could be the next Lewis Carroll. I suggest however that if you wish to enter into debates that you duel with real people instead of the Jabberwocky that’s making all these imaginary statements you’re rebutting.

  • ocean17 says:

    what Mike Quinoa said. whole lotta’ nothing there. we could also compare “bottom lines” to get a better feel for what the truth is here. another thing.. that Dr. McDougall might perhaps be selling items on amazon does in no way invalidate veganism compassion and ethics any research studies that may be cited nor does it negate andor disprove the benefits of a plant based diet. that is illogical “thick” propaganda that is quite bogus.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Kalama Nobody has to buy the products Dr. McDougall is “peddling.” When a doctor doing coronary bypasses can make five million a year then a doctor promoting a diet to avoid said bypasses and their financial and psychological ramifications deserves to make a good living as well. Even still as I pointed out you can learn all that you need to know about the McDougall plan at next to no cost. As far as his alleged misinterpretation of scientific data can you find another incidence? Check out the newsletter archives on his website. You’ll find that each of his statements is replete with footnotes. “IMHO Barnard’s about the best of them in that he publishes and doesn’t make wild claims in his published papers.” What are some of the “wild claims” that Drs. Joel Fuhrman and Caldwell B. Esselstyn Jr. make since they too are associated with the wildeyed PCRM? As far as vaccines are concerned I’ve read books authored by all the aforementioned doctors and I can’t remember nary a comment pro or con about them.

  • Kalama Halamezad says:

    It shouldn’t be immaterial though as anyone with an agenda is going to tend to focus on things that support their beliefs regardless of whether or not their primary interest is the “bottom line”. Animal rights isn’t the only contentious “good vs. evil” issue where you have humanitarian idealists facing off against the moneyhungry corporate colossus. Just because book writing studypublishing doctors who support the antivaccination movement are motivated by the belief that they’re saving people doesn’t change the fact that they selectively promote studies that make vaccines look bad while ignoring experimental flaws studies that show their effectiveness and the very real risk that abstaining from vaccination poses to the general public. A study was conducted that pretty much proved that in general people tend to be very effective at identifying flaws in information that contradicts their beliefs yet are terrible at identifying flaws in what they do agree with. In addition if PCRM is funded by animal rights groups then how can you be certain that “the bottom line” doesn’t play any role in what they choose to publish. Might not the studies they conduct or look up be consciously or unconsciously affected by the fact that they stand to profit if they’re able to support specific conclusions? If one of their studies showed that eating red meat was bad but that eating fish once a week was healthier than following a strict vegan diet would they publish it and risk their incomeor exclude the fish results in favor of comparing only the red meat to the vegan diet in order to promote a lifestyle that they and their sponsors believe is correct? PCRM’s ties to animal rights is no less a conflict of interest than those of scientists who conduct studies for the beef industry. In reality there is almost always grey area and any group that can only seem to find data across a diverse number of topics that 100 supports their agenda is typically guilty of cherrypicking. …and don’t even start on J. McDougall and the over 120 products he’s peddling on Amazon “just to make a living” like cup ramen that sells for nearly $2 per cup and his “rocksolid scientific references” especially considering he failed to notice that one of the studies he cited to prove his meatfree diet could cure diabetes was a study that coupled a meat containing diet with an extreme exercise regimen. IMHO Barnard’s about the best of them in that he publishes and doesn’t make wild claims in his published papers. However once you get to his books the responsibility ends up morphing into curing diabetes with nothing but a vegan diet. Screw the fact that a nonvegan nutritionally equivalent diet could probably yield the same effect. Screw mentioning exercise despite the fact that it’s pretty much the common denominator in all successful reversals. Ironically I actually came across one of his papers inadvertently while working and while he apparently published it in hopes of improving animal care standards by showing that routine handling stresses out rats it ended up being primarily assimilated into the dogma of pain testing because it identified conditions to avoid if you don’t want to have a confounding variable affecting your results. Doubt that was the response he was hoping for….

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    Kalama I can understand your particular issue with PCRM and their known antivivisection stance. But whether PCRM is animal rightsfunded or not or has an animal rights agenda or not is immaterial to me. If you look at some of the doctors proud to be associated with PCRM you’ll see realworld practising MDs who also happen to have written some of the best scientificallyresearched and footnoted books on the health benefits of the vegan diet. The books of physicianauthors such as John McDougall Joel Fuhrman Caldwell B. Esselstyn Jr. and Neal Barnard are chockfull of rocksolid scientific references. I agree that everyone tries to promote and validate their own agendasthat’s the way of the world. But if you examine the motivation of various groups you’ll find that most e.g. NCBA are strictly profit driven. While the doctors referred to above do have to make a living I also feel they have genuine altruistic desires to improve the health of their patients and readersand we can all benefit from their wisdom at no cost well a bit of your property taxes by going to our local libraries. Historically the people who have done the most to improve life on earth for all earthlings have zero profit motivation and that’s why I’m always wary of selfserving cherrypicked research studies and propaganda from groups whose bottom line is their top priority.

  • ocean17 says:

    Mandy look around. some more industrial strength madison avenue type propaganda. the careless dips into the science bag. the unretrievable buzzwords the deterministic contrived and hopelessly linear conclusions. the hollow and emptyheaded “gee whiz fred puppets are made outta’ wood” usually nonexistent definitions. the soaking wet barely recognizable singleuse ad hominem drenched strawmen. i was referring to the “jukebox” contrived and mediocre contrarian “cornfed” nonsense gleefully displayed here often carelessly andor endlessly masked as mindnumbingly dull disinformation and thick propaganda.

  • bunny says:

    i remember reading an article where these groups of women were given soy milk had to drink like a certain amount a day. and the other group was given cows milk to drink in the same amounts. they found that the soy drinking group lost abdomenal fat and the dairy group gained weight and abdomenal fat. it was interesting xD since switching to soy milk i do feel my tummy has gone in a lot might just be me but who knows

  • ocean17 says:

    what Mike Quinoa said. “Their purpose here is to fearmonger and influence the way we think.” i agree the thinly disguised industrial strength iconic propaganda relentlessly displayed here is tedious nonsense. so there is a soy conspiracacy to discredit soy amusing but no extremely misplaced. the “wholesale” absurdist aphonic reductionist logic carelessy used here to discredit veganism and often abandoned is pointless a flimsy spectacle.

  • Kalama Halamezad says:

    Haha I read some of NCBA’s factsheets that were trying to counter some common vegetarian claims and WOW was that a complete joke. My favorite was when they were trying to say that cattle don’t eat the same part of the soybean as humans and thus don’t take food that could be eaten by humans. Their logic Cows only eat the “flakes” left over after extracting the soybean oil and humans primarily only use said oil. Humans don’t eat the flakes unless it’s processed into some form of vegetable protein. EPIC FAIL. However pumping money into promoting one’s ideals via spinning or in a duplicitous manner is not an act restricted to the “bad” antiveg crowd. points at the animal rightsfunded PCRM and it’s many offshoot webpages It’s nothing to get cynical overit’s just the natural outcome of people trying to validate and propagate their beliefs. Most people can’t distinguish between valid and junk science so they’ll just blindly promote whatever facts suit them.

  • Jake says:

    Ed said “SuperVegan boy are you misnamed You said “Cows produce milk whether it’s for ‘baby cows’ or not. It’s what cows do.”… No they didn’t Ed that was Sean.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    I get Natura brand unsweetened soy milk here in Toronto. It’s made from whole organic soybeans and comes in aseptic Tetra Paks. Soy is only one part of a diet that I try to keep varied. It’s like a lot of foods in that the closer you stay to a wholefoods unrefined product the better it’ll be for you healthwise. Kalama I think you’re quite right that Dean Foods wouldn’t try to sabotage soy. Being such a large producer of cow’s milk they are already tapping into the vegetarian market lactoveg anyway. I certainly wouldn’t put it past the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association for example though. While they certainly don’t mind soy for cattle feed they don’t want humans to eat it in lieu of beef. Similarly a little while ago the Canadian government was blatantly advertising for a spin doctor to frequent social networking sites to joust with opponents of the seal hunt. It’s hard not to be cynical in the face of such duplicity. Omnivore1 If you can pick up a piece of steak even cooked and try to cuttear it with just your teeth then you’ll know what they’re not for.

  • Victoria says:

    SuperVegan I believe that vegans do well for their bodies animals and the environment and vegetarians run right behind. I personally don’t eat eggs or dairy products and while you say it is a naturual practice for a hen to lay eggs and a cow to produce milk despite it being for “baby cows” the processes by which most of these products are cultivated are cruel. “Milking a cow does not hurt it” however when they are chained up to pumps for hours on end being sucked dry and then left in filthy conditions see Land O Lakes video on milking DOES hurt it. So maybe milk production via cow is a naturual process but obtaining milk forcefully is not. If hundreds of thousands of childbearing women whose breasts produce milk were rounded up constantly impregnated kept in dire and unhygenic conditions abused and had their breasts attached to milking machiens I think a human rights lawsuit would be well under way. I am not ridiculing or criticizing the fact that you eat eggsdairy especially since you keep freerange chickens and say that they are healthy and taken care of however I am saying don’t assume there is NO PROBLEMS with these “naturual processes.”

  • Dana Ginsberg says:

    To the remark made from another comment “the meat industry does a lot for animal wellfare”. Are you living on another planet? The meat industry has destroyed everything on this earth not to mention brainwashing people into thinking they should eat meat and that it’s safe to eat.

  • Kalama Halamezad says:

    Philip I’m not sure how valid it is to rebut prodairy antisoy studies using soy studies selected by a vegetarian group. Same problem just the other side of the spectrum IMHO.

  • Kalama Halamezad says:

    Admittedly I do have to wonder about the validity of conspiracy theories stating that animal agriculture is on a mission to discredit soy. Why? Because the primary peddlers of soy products are often the same companies. Why go so far out of the way to sabotage your own products? Silk which accounts for 75 of soymilk sales is produced by Dean Foods “the largest processor and distributor of milk and other dairy products in the country”also the same company that produces dairy products from Land of Lakes Borden Horizon International Delight Hershey’s Schepp’s and a whole slew of local brands. The other Walmart brand West Soy is part of a company that is no stranger to animal products either.

  • Lacey Matthews says:

    Good grief big animal ag sure has done a great job of convincing people that soy is somehow sinister. It’s just a bean people! Sam You are absolutely wrong when you say that you soy contains less protein than meat and dairysome soy foods actually contain MORE protein than their meat and dairy counterparts. What they don’t contain are pus antibiotics growth hormones saturated fat and cholesterol. Yeah I sure don’t want to miss out on those “nutrients.” Oh and lots of foods contribute to kidney stones in people who are susceptible including drum roll please meat and dairy.

  • Philip Downs says:

    If anyone wants to get answers to all these questions and cut through all the confusion and misinformation just check out VVF Vegetarian and Vegan Foundation for well researched scientific and nutritional facts about Soya.

  • Mike Quinoa says:

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with soy foods but like any other single food eaten in moderation and the less processed the better. It should be part of a rainbow of healthy whole foods that a wellfed vegan consumes. Animal industries and animalindustry front groups try to discredit soy and create confusion and fear about it because it is commonly perceived as a de facto staple of the vegetarian diet. And every time a meateater goes veg or vegan the animal ag business stands to lose a lot of money. Let’s not kid ourselvesthere are people that monitor and post on the PETA Files that have professional ties to the meat dairy and other animalabusive industries but masquerade as the common Joe. Their purpose here is to fearmonger and influence the way we think. If they can scare off a potential veghead their job is done. John Stauber and Sheldon Rampton have written several excellent books about this kind of corporate deception Toxic Sludge is Good For You and Trust Us We’re Experts.

  • Kalama Halamezad says:

    I tend to make my own soymilk but for those of you who prefer the commercial muck at least make sure you’re not buying the stuff that was produced using benzene easiest way is to get certified organic soymilk. The person who mentioned that soymilk production is similar to plastics is pretty much spot on. Also avoid the soymilks attached to companies that produce milk…particularly the ones that take advantage of loopholes to get factory farming operations certified as organic….cough Silk cough

  • Ed says:

    SuperVegan boy are you misnamed You said “Cows produce milk whether it’s for ‘baby cows’ or not. It’s what cows do.” That’s utter nonsense. You can’t get milk from a cow unless she has produced a calf and even then the milk does not keep coming forever. She has to be bred again and again. The milk is for her calves.

  • Sara says:

    I love soy It’s not only better for the animals but it has less calories and fat than “milk”.

  • ocean17 says:

    antony harper your gutless rejoinders are quite telling your contrarian dialectic is amusing yes the slacker “disinformation” you gleefully spew here is shameful your insensitive statements the icing on the cake. you can’t connect the dots because any animal cruelty video will prove you wrong. “the animals were treated very well.” wrong. what animals where. be specific. by your own admission you worked in a slaughterhouse surely you must realize that brutally torturing and sadistically murdering an animal is not the same as treating them well. your callous and incomprehensible statements are immoral and exceedingly crude.

  • Sam says:

    Soy may be “better” for you in the ethics realm but to get the same amount of protein and other nutrients in meat and dairy you have to consume more soy. That soy has quite a few calories so you’re consuming MORE calories for the same amount of protein. I like soy products but no I won’t say they’re necessarily better for you.

  • Sandy says:

    Sean for a cow to constantly produce milk she has to endure endless pregnancies which result in the births of newborn calves the males of which are immediately shot in the head or kept in a box until slaughter and subsequently eaten as veal. With modern day factory farming practices cows now have to produce far in excess of their natural milk supply and this is achieved by pumping them full of drugs which are then passed onto you. The life of a dairy cow is a miserable one which ends in slaughter. How could the breast milk of another species be good for us? I know it’s not good for me. Denise Yoghurt and ice cream are dairy and by definition not vegan.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    I was watching t.v. the other night when a commercial came on for a shampoo that was promoting the fact the shampoo contained soy which was good for the hair. A few minutes later on came a commercial for a face cream containing…soy. Then a few minutes after that came an ad for a soy bodywash. Then came an ad for a soy baby formula. I turned to my husband and said “I guess in the United States it’s okay to feed soy to your children but once you’re an adult you’re only expected to smear it all over yourself but not eat it.” I can still hear him laughing…

  • ocean17 says:

    what Jamie said. Sean i find the sloppy reductionist tone of your post to be unbelievable. the “free range” myth is industrial strength colorless propaganda you can’t “greenwash” animal cruelty. Jane E thank you that needs to be said. SuperVegan thanks for the informative post. and for the rest of you… drinking soy milk does not equal kidney stones get over it. some more myopic “cornfed” slacker industry propaganda.

  • Rho says:

    Denise if you don’t like soy milk give almond milk a try. It’s fantastic and it is now sold in cartons in the refriferated section near the cartons of soy milk. Also fortified orange juice is loaded with calcium and vitamin D and actually your body can use this calcium more easily than that from cow’s milk. As far as “fake meat” products there is one that is based on mushrooms instead of soy. This brand sells all the standard fake meat type products in the refrigerated section near the veggie burgers. Or ask your store to stock it. Can I say the name? Quorn.

  • Rachel says:

    For the kidney stone question I don’t know if the link between soy and kidney stones is true but if it is nettle tea is supposed to be an excellent way to prevent and indeed destroy kidney stones and is good for you in lots of other ways too…

  • Rho says:

    Scott Mimi and Braden the soyestrogen issue thing was COMPLETELY FABRICATED by a dairy industry sponsored lobbying group similar to the Rick Berman type front groups that simply produced lies with fale “scientific” studies that weren’t science at all they were fabricated propaganda. Unfortunately there are people in the “science” world who are quite willing to lie for cash and cook up fake studies. But these lobbyists try to put the power of suggestion into people’s heads. That is how sneaky and underhanded these lobbyists and corrupt “scientists” are as the tobacco industry did for years.

  • Mary says:

    For the kidney stone question Drink lots and lots of water. Keeping the kidneys flushed is the best defense to getting kidney stones. For the oestrogen question Oestrogen is great for women going thru and after menopause. I breezed through menopause without suffering any hot flashes or loss of sexual desire.

  • denise says:

    i’ve been using soymilk for years but since going vegan i’ve determined that i do not much care for other soy products. i prefer coconut creamer yogurt and ice cream. i still use soy products when they’re mixed in to other ingredients but not so much solo. there are lots of options out there!

  • Jamie says:

    Antony Harper I appreciate the nonconfrontational tone of your post however your message leaves me baffled. What exactly has the meat industry done for animal welfare??

  • Jane E says:

    Dear Scott and Veggie4Bun you might find it helpful to read the article click on the ‘eyeopening article’ which explains the benefits and mythbusts the scare stories. Chinese Japanese and other oriental people eat huge quantities of soya with no adverse effects. The hormones you mention are phytooestrogens naturally occurring plant hormones not just in soya but lots of other plant foods too. Most importantly they are ONE THOUSAND TIMES WEAKER than the animal hormones found in dairy milk which puts it into proportion! The hormones in dairy milk are fine for a growing calf but play havoc with the human system. So eating relatively unprocessed soya products like milk tofu and tempeh is the best way they are very very good for us! Also try to get organicethically sourced soya if you can. This is pretty easy in the UKEurope where I live but if you live in North America you may need to check out your local health store for good quality soya. And no soya doesn’t contain animal fat.

  • E. Roest says:

    They have genmanipulated soy so you don’t know what you get. Some other nasty people have manipulated vaccines to the flu so that will change your DNA!! Horribel.

  • Mimi says:

    Soya the way it’s mass produced and processed today bears little resemblance to the way it had been produced hundreds of years ago. Today it’s produced to mimic the flavour and consistency of cows milk and the process can be compared to that of plastics processing. That is the reason for the mal absorption digestion and effects on oestrogen problems. If you must drink it then like everything do so in moderation not huge glasses and powder mixes drink BIO or NON GM brands and choose the type of soya that you have to shake until your arm falls off until it mixes properly. This is just simple soya bean paste and water and not overly processed rubbish.

  • Sean says:

    I keep healthy cornfed freerange chickens. Obviously they lay eggs naturally. Next the dogooders’ll be telling me I’m being cruel to them by eating the eggs they lay. IT’S WHAT CHICKENS DO!!! Cows produce milk whether it’s for ‘baby cows’ or not. IT’S WHAT COWS DO. MILIKING A COW ISN’T HURTING IT. YOU’RE NOT TORTURING IT! Get over it…

  • Jamie says:

    Antony Harper I am sorry but you are VERY uninformed if you truly believe the meat industry does a lot for animal welfare. If you consider factory farming wild horse round ups and inhumane slaughter good then you are INSANE! Yay for tofu!!!

  • ocean17 says:

    soy all the way. it’s good for you. it’s the compassionate choice.

  • Braden says:

    Veggie4Bun you are right. I have read quite a number of articles stating the phytoestrogen in soy milk can harm the hormone balance in the body. Myself and a few other male friends switched from riceoat milk to soy milk for three weeks as an experiment and we found that we broke out in pimples became moody and agitated and found it hard to retain muscle gained from the gym. The excess eostrogen was reversing our natural testosterone levels.

  • Evelyn Pearl says:

    What people seem to forget is that moderation and a balanced diet are key to healthy living. Soy is a wonderful alternative to meat products but its consumption should be limited as a source of protein. Too much soy can lead to obesity and estrogen spikes but like all foods there is such a thing as too much.

  • Susanna Rose says:

    I consider myself a healthy vegetarian but I just can’t wrap my taste buds around soy in place of yogurt cheese etc… I use hemp milk or almond milk in my coffee at home. I’ve NEVER been a milk drinker fully believing cow milk is for baby cows. Frankly I would be healthier if I was able to quit the coffee instead.!

  • Veggie4Bun says:

    I’ve recently discovered some delicious soy foods. I’m a little concerned about how much is safe to eat though. I have a vegan friend that developed kidney stones from eating too much soy. I did some brief reading online and found that there is a compound in soy that is not absorbed by the body confirming her story. So my question is how much soy per day is safe? Are there any foods that counteract this problem?

  • antony harper says:

    i understand that some people choose to be vegan. and thats ok but why do some vegans make out that meat eaters are the bad guys. the meat industry does a lot for animal wellfare. and at the end of the day if i dont dipute your choose why outlaw mine.