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Guzoo Animals in Legal Limbo

Written by PETA | June 10, 2011

As we reported last week, the Alberta government has finally revoked the license of Guzoo—Canada’s most notorious roadside zoo—after years of campaigning by our colleagues at Zoocheck Canada and caring Alberta residents. 

The bad news is that many of the animals, including camels, reptiles, birds, and dogs, are not “covered” under the zoo permit and may be left behind when the other animals are relocated. Bob Barker has already expressed his concern for these animals, and you can too.


Alberta officials are determining their course of action based on public input, so you can help by thanking the Alberta Legislature for closing Guzoo and asking that all the animals living in squalor at this wretched facility be removed, not just those regulated under the Wildlife Act. Please also sign and share an Alberta group’s petition as well as this petition at 

Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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  • Virginia Schmidt says:

    Someone needs to get a move on getting these animals out of there before the bureaucratic red tape kills them.

  • Leslie says:

    Give these animals the retiree future they deserve. Don’t Kill Them.

  • :( toTesting says:

    There is also a place in South Carolina that I was visiting last summer called HollyWild. I observed that many of these animals were locked in cramped enclosures with many other animals and were living in their own faeces. They have buffalo that are enclosed in small barns with their heads stuck in metal bars. They have an open area with many deer and cattle roaming around amongst cars and no organized way of keeping these animals safe, they are constantly being crowded by cars and there is a danger of cars hitting the animals. I asked one of the people who was supervising this mayhem what was being done to keep this organized and he responded ” We’re just trying to keep this moving.” As if he didn’t care what happened. Workers were also running around hitting the deer with their glow marker sticks, trying to make them move near the people in cars. I think this is horrible and very dangerous both to the animals and the people.

  • Adrienne Leicht says:

    These animals need to be put into proper homes. NO KILLING

  • Kayley says:

    Remove all animals from Guzoo zoo in Alberta