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… And Guinea Pigs Aren’t Humans, Either

Written by PETA | June 21, 2010

“I am not a guinea pig.” That’s the ironic name of the Environmental Defense Fund’s (EDF) new campaign to reform the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA). I say “ironic” because, as the EDF itself points out in a blog post debuting the campaign, humans are not guinea pigs. And yet the very thing that EDF is relentlessly promoting is a never-ending list of chemical toxicity tests on guinea pigs and other unfortunate animals—despite the fact that humans do not respond to chemicals in the same ways that guinea pigs (or mice, rats, or dogs) do.

The EDF says that it wants a policy that “protects all Americans from toxic chemicals.” If that were the case, surely it would be working hand-in-hand with PETA to try to reduce the number of chemical tests that are conducted on animals and to replace those tests with modern alternatives that are faster, cheaper, more efficient, and more useful in ensuring protection of people and the environment.

If you really want to protect all Americans from toxic chemicals (and I would argue that that includes animals who spend their lives suffering in American laboratories), take a moment to urge your congressional representative to support TSCA reform that requires the use of humane and scientifically superior non-animal tests.


guinea pig


Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • Weronika says:

    that’s so shameless!!! those animals are very intelligent they are suffering agony and “scintistmonsters” don’t care at all. but i hope what goes around comes around.

  • Saucy says:

    That should be illegal. Poor little guy. They are poisoning him. That is so wrong. How do they sleep at night. I read in Bite Back magazine that labs have counseling sessions for heartless morons who do stuff like that. Apparently they suffer from “feelings” of guilt shame and remorse. Who’d uh thunk it.

  • Jan McNicol says:

    In case the EDF is reading this blog coz i was blocked from theirs my comment is “How about going for some enforcement of existing laws against known toxins? I spoze that might make you unpopular with The Big End of Town and it’s safer and easier to advocate yet more more horribly cruel repetitive and pointless tests on animals. The animal supply houses will love you!!! Maybe you should ask them for some financial assistance since you’re singing their song.”

  • Jake (AKA Jacob) says:

    IIIII…. Uhhhhhh…. I’m speechless. Their arguments are convincing too. Perhaps it’s because they don’t say that TSCA reduces animal testing. What about all the people who keep guinea pigs as pets? Would they be happy with people testing chemicals they already know to be toxic on Fluffy? They’ve won over a lot of other environmentalist organizations too. What ARE these alternatives to animal testing that no one talks about? Our enemies ask that question too. Is it possible that whatever we’re promoting is more environmentally unsound then having to feed and water those cute little animals for their whole lives before they torture them? And cleaning up after them? I strongly doubt it but why else would the EDF want more animal testing? Wait I just realized something. They share an acronym with the bad guys from the videogame Red Faction Guerrilla the Earth Defense Force.