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Grow Your Own Fur!

Written by PETA | November 2, 2010

Handlebar mustaches are back in style (for guys and girls alike!), thanks to peta2’s new “Grow Your Own Fur” challenge. The campaign, which features a T-shirt as well as free mustache stickers and leaflets that teens can use to spread the word at school, encourages kids to sport a ‘stache to make a statement against the cruel fur industry. When teens get comments on their new facial fuzz, it will be a great opportunity for them to tell their friends and families that, unlike facial hair, real fur is ripped from the bodies of still-breathing animals who feel pain and fear, just as we do.

Written by Lindsay Pollard-Post

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  • Toby says:

    Another campaign is already using mustaches; prostate cancer awareness maybe, here in Atlanta anyway… it sort of leaves out most women… NPR did a piece by the way about animal treatment the other day. It on All Things Considered & had an ok message… not good, but ok by status quo standards; it mentioned cuteness, not consciousness, as what we use to determine abuse & generally recommended eating less muscles. Anyone with me on calling them muscles? People hear ‘meat’ & by the definition of the word, it’s food, so that somewhat affects them (badly), I reckon.