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Animals are not ours to eat, wear, experiment on, use for entertainment, or abuse in any other way.

Gross! 7 Things Actually Found in Food

Written by Michelle Kretzer | September 28, 2012

We’ve all read the horror stories about people finding fingertips in fast food, bloody bandages in pizza, and a condom in a bag of French fries. But the grossest things in our food rarely make headlines—and chances are good that consumers of meat and dairy products have ingested at least one of them:

  1. Arsenic. Farms feed chickens and pigs arsenic to help ward off infections in the filthy living conditions and to turn their flesh the pink shade that is considered appetizing. Because nothing says “appetizing” like poison.
  2. Poop. When animals’ intestines are torn open during slaughter, feces spill out onto their flesh. So when people buy the meat, they’re getting, well, sorry, crappy food.
  3. Industrial runoff. Who would head down to the local river, whip out a glass, and gulp down some river water? No one? Well, then people might want to avoid eating fish, who are contaminated with the pollutants that run into waterways from our tanneries, factories, and industrial plants, as well as manure runoff from pastures.
  4. Calf stomach lining. Many cheeses are made with rennet, an enzyme taken from calves’ stomach lining. Does eating baby stomachs make you sick to yours?
  5. DDT. Even though the U.S. banned DDT, it remains in the environment and particularly accumulates in animal fats. Think, “Double-Decker of Toxins.”
  6. Pus. Cows on dairy farms often suffer from mastitis, a painful inflammation of the udders caused by bacteria. Their bodies try to fight off the infection by producing pus, and guess where the pus goes. Into the milk and into the milk-drinker’s mouth.
  7. Pink slime. The now famous picture of what looks like the result of a kid smashing all his Play-Doh together is actually mechanically separated meat, a main ingredient in many processed meats such as chicken nuggets and hot dogs. It’s made by sending animals’ bones through a machine that scrapes off the last bits of flesh and blood, forming the bits into a paste, and then treating the mass with ammonia, dyeing it, and adding flavor to it.

Makes me crave … broccoli.

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  • cheryl huxted says:

    By 2008, approximately 80% to 90% of commercially made cheeses in the US and Britain were made using FPC.(a non animal product) [1] Today, the most widely used Fermentation-Produced Chymosin (FPC) is produced either by the fungus Aspergillus niger and commercialized under the trademark CHY-MAX®[8] by the Danish company Chr. Hansen, or produced by Kluyveromyces lactis and commercialized under the trademark MAXIREN®[9] by the Dutch company DSM. Id be interested to know which cheese manufacturers are still using animal stomach. Does anyone know?

  • madisonemmaleth says:

    I think it’s funny how people make fake accounts on Peta just to bash the campaigns. Seriously, find something better to do with your time. As if anyone takes your advice or input seriously? You’re making yourself sound dumb.

  • Random b-guy says:

    Well….I hate to break it you guys but fruits and vegetables have been genetically modified also. Buy only organic foods. You get what you pay for.

  • elaine says:

    Become a vegetarian or even better a vegan then you won’t have to worry about he disgusting contents in the meat and you’ll have a healthier life, a no brainer!

  • Tabitha says:

    So Seaworld_Supporter, you’re claiming to be 100% carnivorous? Enjoy your heart attack(s) and early death. Even meat eaters should be smart enough to eat balanced meals… By the way, the point of the pink slime is that you don’t know what it’s in, so joke’s on you. It is certainly not “only found in the crap they call lunch” at your school.

  • Cessie says:

    Thank you thank you for posting this. I am a 2 week old Vegan slightly struggling and this helped confirm I am on the right path

  • Dana says:

    Alil far fetched..but I get it..the poop being all over our meat ..well I guess if they just slaughtered the animal and put that meat straight in the store it would be “poop”meat and very bloody!!..good thing they CLEAN that off..yes some food has these things but not all..just be choosey on what you eat

  • Living_eyes_open says:

    …if you don’t cut back your meat consumption because of the health benefits and respect for other earthlings, then you should know that there will soon come a time when the natural resources of our world will no longer be able to sustain us due to the rate at which humans are consuming and meat is one of the biggest consumers of natural resources… we only have limited supplies of land, water, gas, and oxygen. The feces from meat cattle alone is environmentally toxic in these amounts. So continue your food chain reign right into extinction. Such a waste, honestly…

  • Michael says:

    @Sara maybe Seaworld_Supporter’s comment was naive but that doesn’t give you the right to call him/her immature and naive. Especially wishing harm on someone you don’t know shows your true character. Whether or not his/her comment lacked insight or not you don’t have the right to do that. That’s the problem with PETA, much more people would agree with PETA’s mission if they weren’t so inflammatory. Either way, I may not agree with Seaworld’s views but I’ll fight for him to express them.

  • Teca says:

    Seaworld_Supporter is clearly an undereducated not too bright person. The kind of comment he/she offers (we are the top predators!?!?!) is so laughable as an argument that it shows what kind of mind is behind it…

  • non-predator says:

    if you are a predator, then go hunt, but only with your bare hands, with out equipment or tools, not to speak of industrial factory farming. That has nothing to do with predators

  • Berenice says:


  • Sophia-Nicole says:

    I always thought was the left overs from dog food

  • Tom says:

    I agree with Sara. SeaworldSuppporter’s comment screams out “ignorace”.

  • Sara says:

    Seaworld Supporter – you are an incredibly naive and immature person. You deserve to eat all of the pink slime that the world has to offer. While you suffer from coronary artery disease from the tons of meat you consume – I’ll sit back and enjoy my healthy life as I munch on veggies and fruit. And it figures you’re a supporter of Seaworld. Get a clue!

  • Seaworld_Supporter says:

    The pick slime is only found in the crap they call lunch at my school. I dont eat anything that’s not from a animal because we are the top predator. Why should we be eating carrots?

  • SevenSheridan says:

    Yuck! Disgusting. I’m lost for words!

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