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Australian Lambs Catch A Break

Written by PETA | August 8, 2011
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  • you dont know says:

    you dont know the other side of the story.

  • Kmmm says:

    Don’t buy UGG boots AND EMAIL EVERYONE on your email list. Let’s pass this on. KARMA is very much alive and well as it has been for eternity. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. The golden rule of a decent human being. Animals can feel. People who do not understand this need to open their eyes because they TOO do not feel. End the insane inhumaness to the animals that give us life (through food),give us joy throught their companionship and serve us in many ways. PLEASE get involved. We are the only ones that can speak for the voiceless and evolve ourselves and the world one person at a time. Believe it does add up for those that think otherwise. LOVE & PEACE

  • RB says:

    You can help these poor animals by refusing to buy Ugg boots or any other brand that uses real sheepskin. Buy the ones with fake fur instead – it’s not worth it to make sheep suffer! Look at the picture above every time you crave new Uggs!

  • emilia Moretti says:

    thanks Tesco, every time I will came to UK I will only shop in tesco and I will spreed to word how good is your company. Thanks again!

  • Catherine Anton says:

    CRUELTY THY NAME IS Australia Ive known this for a long time! everything living has feelings.Punishment will come to these unkind people,Gods punishment.

  • Konna Rode says:

    You CAN be nice, don’t decide being the opposite.

  • Linda says:

    Never ending…

  • Evette says:

    This is a inhumane way of treating these lovely animals. If our country (U.K) are going to stop buying meat that has been traeted in this way then I think the rest of the world should.

  • Cristina Cassinelli says:

    Congratulations Tesco!!! Shame on you Australian farmers who torture animals!! You should probably reincarnate as sheep in Australia!

  • gunn nesbø says:

    Stop this cruelty at once.

  • Beata Stawska says:

    That is horrible and I urge the Australian Government to stop this practise for animals now !!!!!!

  • Pressiana says:

    Stop this cruelty! The way many people treat animals is sooooooooo horrible! I can not believe the things I read and see on PETA and other organizations’ websites. Unacceptable!!!! People, have mercy for these poor animals!

  • Cristina Pavesi says:

    Human beings are horrible!

  • Tanya says:

    The point is to stop animals suffering. Being a meat eater does not mean you have to agree with inhumane slaughter or inhumane treatment of animals. Anyone that allows this to happen should be ashamed.

  • marga says:

    This is digusting, some people are so cruel. Stop this mutulating, all animals have feelings too. Thank you Tesco for giving an example for others to follow

  • ilovemydog says:

    Proud to be a vegetarian

  • ilovemydog says:

    Proud to be a vegetarian

  • Himanshu Rajure says:

    People basic Math calculation , a sheep is going to lose its life irrespective of the mulesing process. Some one is going to kill the sheep now or then it just that initially they were being killed painfully and now painless compared to the one earlier… But silly people ask your self is the sheep gonna die happy and you food will still have a face if not a Mulesed Face but still A FACE!!!!!!!!

  • Jodie Foster says:

    What the heck is wrong with the people in Australia? What kind of person allows this??? Get it together in the down under people!!!!!

  • Laura says:

    stop the cruelty, Think how they feel.

  • Carmela says:

    Why put ANY animal through such pain. That is barbaric. Kudos to Tesco. The others should not sleep soundly at night. HORRIBLE treatment of animals should NOT be left unpunished. Thank you.

  • MP says:

    How cruel human are ? Heartless people.

  • mia mastandrea says:

    I Urge the Australian Govermant to Please stop the horrific slow killing of Helpless Sheep and all Animals. Sheep are so sweet…. WHy do animals have to suffer?? Please Stop This. Thank you and thank you to Tesco

  • Bev says:

    That is horrible!! It doesn’t matter what kind of pain and terror that animal goes through as long as it make less work for the farmer. B S!!! That animal experiences pain!!!

  • Ioana Cristina Pop says:


  • Nirupama Sarma says:

    Thanks to Tesco for showing the way.. and shame on the others who continue this barbaric practice.

  • Mukesh Tanwar says:

    I don’t understand the point of this whole message and exercise. Its not that this company has stopped consuming sheep meat or so, it just stopped buying it in one form so why is it being congratulated as the sheep will continued to be killed anyway…

  • Silvia Mesalles says:

    please stop this mutilations!!!



  • nicky says:

    Its hard to read these stories but to know people are standing up for the rites of all these animals is amazing and a blessing for these animals. It helps to give me peace of mind that all these wonderful people are getting the msg across that its time we all respected all animals. We are very lucky to share this planet with these animals and should start to acknowledge and appreciate them for the joy and wonder they can give us all. Thankyou PETA for all your good work. x 🙂

  • Ana Rodriguez says:

    No cruelty for animals… at the end ”we” are the animals , our cruelty is endless…being ashamed of being human many times…

  • Gertrude says:

    Thank you Tesco. Good Job.

  • Pia Wass says:

    Thank You TESCO!

  • jill weingarten says:

    Barbaric is not even close..You have just made me give up my Australian lamb chops forever

  • Carolyn tibbs says:

    People who do this must besadistic and could not have feelings or it would sickenthem. Please help these poor sheep. Is this somethig that Australia should be known for?+

  • Lilian says:

    all living being have feelings and emotions. they feel pain and love. save these animals please

  • francesca capretti says:

    thanks tesco ♥

  • laura says:

    oh my God :*( what next???

  • Sergio says:

    YEEEEEEES!!! Keep it up Tesco

  • Sarah Swingle says:

    Great job, Tesco! Thank you!

  • christina Lumme says:

    Stop it!



  • Irene Leggett says:

    Lets ask other leading supermarkets to follow, thus creating a more conpassionate, humane way of raising sheep. Its a wake-up call that farmers need to be more caring and not so greedy.

  • Steve says:

    That is great news, well done Tesco. Keep it up.