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Grim Reaper Targets Donna Karan Boutique

Written by PETA | December 3, 2008

A Donna Karan Boutique in Manhasset, New York, received some negative attention yesterday, when PETA’s “Grim Reapers”—holding signs that read, “Donna, Bring Out Your Dead!”—greeted pedestrians and passing cars. The purpose of the protest was to spotlight DK’s continued use of fur in her collections—even after we’ve made several attempts to educate her on the hideous cruelty of the fur industry. Check out photos from the demonstration below!




Our Grim Reaper didn’t take any lives, but as DK’s fatal record shows, she can’t claim the same. Her refusal to drop fur from her collections only continues to support cruel practices such as anal electrocution and drowning.

Donna Karan needs to take a hint from her compassionate fashion counterparts and go fur-free. Because seriously, DK, how many animals are you going to kill to make your ugly fur coats?

Written by Jennifer Cierlitsky

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  • Heidi says:

    I have never own any of her clothing and I won’t now till she stops using fur on her clothing line.

  • Elizabeth says:

    Shame to Donna Karan I will never purchase from their store again unless I hear from Peta that there will be no more animal products sold there! Elizabeth Herndl

  • Karolina says:

    you need to stop this buthering of these poor animals! i will never wear a fur and i will spred the word… To jak czowiek si zachowuje w stosunku do naszych braci mniejszych jest okropne. Trzeba z tym skoczy. Przecie nikt nie zaoyby skry z czowieka wic czemu przecie czowiek ma swoj skr… Wic czego mu brak?! Ludzka gupota nieludzkie bestialstwo…

  • Labibe Milad D'Almeida Vitor says:

    I CAN’T UNDERSTAND why PEOPLE KILL any animal to make a fur….There’ a phrase that says Fur is used by BEUTIFUL ANIMALS but UGGLY PEOPLE…. A person that is evil to an ANIMAL will NEVER be happy…. Do you KNOW that VEGANS have ALTERNATIVE CLOTHS that ARE GREAT to THE PLANET and ESPECIALLY for the ANIMALS???? Cause they are SAVED by those people….

  • mar says:

    Those of us who stand outside with signs and chant and protest deserve lots of credit for the changes that take place and too often many “big animal agencies” take credit when it is grassroots making the changes. My hats off to my fellow activists who are gentle warriors of change. It is nice when we are acknowledged. My feelings about furanyone who wears fur is an accessory to murder. They let people do their dirty work for them. We live is a very sick sociopathic world. People who parade around in fur are empty inside so they think fashion their looks etc make them feel like something cause they feel like a big nothing inside. There are many shallow empty souls who look like plastic on the outside and have no clue who they are or where their humanity is. They are heartless and have not an ounce of empathy. What makes a woman who knows what they do to an animal and still wears fur in 2008 any different from a murderer? It’s the same MO. no ability to feel no compassion no empathy. Selfish cold. Anyone who loves themself does not need to try to fill the void with fur and cars and money and all the twisted distorted status keeping up with the Jones’s mentality.They should be locked up like criminals for the amount of pain and suffering they are causing animals is inexcusable. They are not even human. I have seen more emotion in the eyes of animals than these type of “fake people” who are so selfish and care more about shopping then the cruelty and suffering they cause. I could never be friends with someone who wears fur. And though people tell me I am too judgemental that is too bad. I will say once again it is morally dispicable and should not be tolerated that fur be worn unless you live in the woods cut off from civilization. It is always the people who speak up in spite of the people who call you crazy or wacko that make the changes in history. I am sure the Suffragettes must have been the recipients of people calling them names etc.etc. Those of us who are ahead in evolution know there is no excuse whatsoever for violence and abuse against people animals or the earth itself. I do not pay attention to people who tell me many things are none of my business. It is all our business to not tolerate treating live sentient creatures less than and justifying cruelty.

  • francesco le rose says:


  • Margherita says:

    Non siamo pi uomini primitivi….Dobbiamo solo vergognarci per tutto il male che facciamo agli animali!!!!!

  • Mariana says:

    I can not understand how this people can treat this lovely animals without having any respect? Making money like this is so triest. There are other ways to earn money in live eh why dont get a real job instead of killing inocent rabbits???

  • piyush says:

    this is a big victory for us

  • wanda says:

    me siento totalmente impotente al leer los mails q me llegan del maltrato animal. tengo 17 aos y mucho no puedo hacer!!!! y me mata… espero que todo cambie y que encontremos una salida para equilibrar.. gracias!!! soy wanda de ARGENTINA

  • wanda says:

    i hope this hell finish… the animnals are completely innocent to live this fucking doom… i really hope that our humanity find a way to protect the animals and their necesities… kiss

  • Dianne in Omaha says:

    A victory with DKNY we can share together. I wish I had enough money to wage the fight in China they are one of the worst offenders a sickening culture. Who occupies the top place in thecruel fur industry Hall of Shame? Canada’s baby seal beaters are as bad as China. Some humans make the world such an ugly place to live in by virtue of their being in it. I’m always so gratified to read from those who are fighting for animals. You are wonderful!

  • Andrea says:

    Vergogna non vi sono pi limiti alle brutture…ma che una donna sia cos crudele …forse allora non vi pi scampo.Ancora vergogna

  • Jason Derochie says:

    I’m glad we won the fight against this fur war. Let’s all keep up the fight until we win worldwide.

  • justin says:

    I don’t see how someone could brutally beat little animals and skin them while they’re still alive. How could someone live with that kind of job? Do they feel nothing? I would like to skin them alive and see if they ever feel the same again. The things people do for money is sickening. I wish I could torture and kill them all… The satisfaction would just be… oh so overwhelming. I wish there was a real life occupation that would allow me to do such without consequence.

  • Sylvia says:

    What people do for money as if money is more important then anything else in the world.I rather be comapssionate and have a peace of mind.Honestly I’m so disgusting with people who have no heart.I love my country but I don’t love the people who live in it such as Donna Karan.Animals cry when their being butcher.I cry whenever I watch the videos on animals being skinned alive for their fur even dogs and cats Oh God what people have become.Its scary to live in this life time and its only getting worst.I rather die then to continue living in this Sinful life.The world is beautiful.It just the people like Donna Karan and other designers who have no consideration for the animals.The people so call humans are the 1 predators of all animals.Why do these people torture the animals.Its not right.Its not humane.For the love and respect I have for all animals I don’t eat 4 legged nor 2 legged animals.All this saden me because I love the world God has given us to respect and love.I’m happy to say that I get to sleep at night because I am a good person who loves life.May God one day say he had enough and brings this world to an end.May God have Mercy on us.

  • james says:

    This son of a bitch should rot in hell. She’s a foul sadistic bitch that should die the same way these creatures did to fuel her fuc’ ugly line. I hope she gets her eyes plucked out with hot rods and shoved up her ass and then skinned whilst still conscious!! She deserves everything she gets I mean what is up with animal fur. It should be admired whilst still on the animal!

  • Christina McGuinness says:

    Donna Karanher clothes are boringI guess she dosen’t have childrenshe needs to have her face pushed in front of a PETA video..but remember this Donna there is a day of judgement and I hope your’s is being skinned inch by inch.good luck in HELL.

  • Lexie says:

    this is SICK. how could anybody know that this is happening and still support it? donna karen is sick and heartless for letting this happen and i hope people will understand that and never buy another thing of hers until this madness is put to an end and she apologizes for all the animals lives she has ended.

  • Jacqueline says:

    Before I found out about what Donna Karan does to animals for profit I did actually buy a few things from her line. I bought a DKNY watch which I loved and I lost this watch a few months ago. I have been putting off buying another one and now that I know the cruelty involved in this designer’s business I will make certain that I never purchase anything from her again. In some small way this will hit her bottom line but if all of us make a small effort it will add up to a lot. Like all those who profit in this way they are going to have to wake up to the fact that cruelty will not be tolerated.

  • Hanna says:

    Absolutely disgusting. What a disgrace to the human race to be such a heartless person who is not ashamed to torture an innocent animal. These people need to experience a similar fate to those of their victims.

  • BONNIE ASKEY says:

    you need to stop this buthering of these poor animals! i will never wear a fur and i will spred the word!!you need to be ashamed!!!!!!

  • Pamela says:


  • Wanda Cardenas says:

    I never cared for her products since in my eyes she is a D List designer but I will however spread the word to those I know who do.

  • Wendy King says:

    Just thinking that Donna Karen and all those people doing the killing will have to experience unending future lifetimes of suffering and screaming in the exact same way without mercy without kindness or rescue makes my blood run cold. My God could anything be more horrible? No one I know wears fur anymore. Its too old fashioned. I wouldn’t even be friends with a person who was so ignorant of the issues of animal cruelty as to wear fur. Its shocking. My heart is filled with pity for the people who will experience thea karma as soon as this life is finished and probably even before. May they hear the teachings of karma and stop as soon as possible.

  • Guillaume / London says:

    I am ashamed to have bought a lot from both Donna Karan and DKNY. As much as I value her talent as far as design is concerned this ‘new money’ maker needs to understand that I can no longer be associated with her values and her brand. This s embarassing. I doubt she can actually understand something in strategic marketing and that her short termism qualifies her as riffraff and chavs and who wants to be associated with this?. Let her join the legions of out offashion brands which make money for naffos from the middle east and Russia. And let me spell it for her Not for France not for the UK not for the US not for Italy and not for Germany. If you want to play in junior league of Fashion you’re on the right track. Behave yourself or be definitely excluded form Notting hill or upper east side dahhling. Tsss.

  • Sabrina Fwarbic says:

    Donna’s Song. Donna dear it’s not funny. You broke your word just for some money I’d hoped you’d change Guess I was wrong Your greed for lucra was toooooo strong!

  • Nia Huws says:

    She has no morals whatsoever. I dont understand how this kind of cruelty continues?! shame on Donna Karen and shame on people who buy her products.

  • Rik Sands in Cyprus says:

    Donna Karan wears the blood of thousands of animals without even thinking of the amount of cruelty that is involved. She makes Jack the Ripper seem quite tame in real terms. The violence she envokes will be visited upon her in the future. Rik

  • Mario wilkes says:

    that evil bitch if i ever see her in my life im gonna kill that stupid slag and skin her alive and make her eat her own skin i hate hate fur industry there evil and china is the root of it all!!!!!!!!!

  • Christene says:

    Maybe Donna the butcher should be taken to a fur farm and be shown how exactly her precious fur is made although people like her only wants to see the green and they have no regard for moral or compassion for anyone or anything but themselves. with all due respect not that she deserves any people should know she is a GREEDY COLDHEARTED PIECE OF SLYME AND A LIAR for going back on her word shame on you Donna you’re not worth st! untill you keep your word have you no honor?

  • T.R.Y says:

    She is a B!+cH a bloody FuCk!ng hell….we should bring her to china and let her see the cruelty happening in china.I mean how can anyone continue to sell for her interest in money and sacrifying animals!…wth!

  • Katinka says:

    To my utter disgust I have a bottle of DKNY in my cupboard not knowing what a butcher DK is. What type of woman can do this to animals? There must be something seriously wrong with her psyche. I shall never again buy her perfume and I shall never buy anyhting from her fashion label unless she stops using fur. Donna what kind of woman are you? Do you think fur will make your beautiful? A woman’s beauty is inside herself not on the outside… Katinka

  • Mystie says:

    I couldn’t kill any animal even if someone offered me a million dollars to do it no way! It’s all about ethics but too many people are all about greed.

  • Azita says:

    I too will not buy any D.K. products and find her just as appaling as the Chinese who engage in this age old barbaric predatory act! What is the difference bet. the guy who skins these innocent animals alive and D.K. who sells them and the person who wares them? They are equally inhumane! For as long as there is a market for it this kind of cruelty will continue. Boycott fur shops write to the celebrities who buy these raise consciousness!

  • Cissa says:

    Why cant she just use fake fur? I mean really its just as soft as real fur and the best part is NO animals are TORTURED or KILLED for it. Other designers use fake fur and they probably make just as much money as her. What a cruel bitch.

  • Audrey says:

    I wish I bought Donna Karan clothes so that I could boycott her but since I was never really a fan my protest doesn’t really help. This is horrible! And unlike meat butchered for food humans don’t benefit in any way from fur coats!

  • Dr. Carole Fudin says:

    I have loved and worn Donna Karan’s clothes for years. I even admired what I read about her and the values she held. Now that I am aware that she continues to use fur in her collections I will no longer buy any of her products not clothing or anything else until this stops. As an original member of the Delta Society I saw animal cruelty videos coming out of China 20 years ago that I still cannot get out of my head. The hideous videos on this site are the tip of the ice berg for China’s cruel practices. Shame on Donna and all designers who use fur products and especially such products from China.

  • Angie says:

    I won’t buy Donna Karan again until they STOP selling using fur. I will encourage all of my friends to do the same.

  • kelly says:

    MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL. Does Donna Karen have her won animals? What a woman of stupidity. Can she imagine her fur babies having this done to them. She must not own animals. I would say because she is an animal herself but his would be giving her to much credit. We need to stop this C from making money doing this. For those of you that don’t know how this is done. Watch the video peta has provided and tell me you feel nothing. We are in the 21 century. Use fake fur. This is ridiculous. STOP I will never buy your products if you continue to play the money is the root of all evil example…..

  • Honore says:

    I love Nicole!

  • Susan T says:

    I work parttime at Macy’s and if I strike up a good relationship with a customer I let them know under no uncertain terms that she makes money by torturing animalsparticularly rabbits one of the sweetest most endearing creatures on earth. If they want to know more I point them to PETA’s website. We turned away several shoppers in front of a local store in Sacramento on Fur Free Friday that insists on selling fur. Never be afraid to speak up for those who can’t.

  • lainie press says:

    I will buy Dk only when this fur cruelty stops. Yes I bought alot.

  • Abby says:

    To clarify the point I made above I am talking about why Donna Karan uses fur. Other people might look at factors other than the money but it seems like she hasn’t been motivated to stop using it based on other factors and will only be motivated to stop using it if it’s not financially profitable to her do so.

  • Abby says:

    bbr presumably Donna Karan is making money off of fur items so that’s her point in making and using fur. As long as she can make lots of money off of it it’s in her interests to do. If she loses her customers for those items and is losing money to produce them then she will stop plain and simple. The problem here is that apparently even with the protests she has enough of a client base to keep making enough money on fur.

  • bbr says:

    It’s not like we are living in harsh times and uncivilized areas. So what’s the point of civilized people making and using fur?