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‘The Grey’ Has Us Seeing Red

Written by Michelle Kretzer | January 26, 2012
Fremlin | cc by 2.0

There’s no gray area when it comes to The Grey—this film has been rotten to wolves from the get-go.

Reneging on Their Word

Long before filming started, PETA met with a producer of The Grey and explained how animals used in movies often spend most of their time confined to chains or cages when they are not performing and may be beaten or deprived of food in order to force them to perform. The producers assured us that they would use only computer-generated imagery and animatronic wolves—but we’ve now learned that they reneged on their promise. 

Eating Wolf Meat

Director Joe Carnage—oh, excuse me … Carnahan—ordered wolf carcasses flown in for the cast to eat so that the actors would “have a sense of the movie we were making.” He bought the meat from a trapper, meaning that the wolves likely suffered horribly in traps before being killed.

Not surprisingly, Liam Neesonno friend to animals, was game for eating wildlife. 

The Big, Bad Wolf

A film that has the potential to scare more people than “Little Red Riding Hood,” The Grey portrays these intelligent, family-oriented animals the same way in which Jaws portrays sharks. The writers paint a pack of wolves living in the Alaskan wilderness as bloodthirsty monsters, intent on killing every survivor of a plane crash by tearing each person limb from limb. Yet wolves aren’t aggressive animals, and as Maggie Howell, the managing director of America’s Wolf Conservation Center, says, “Wolves don’t hunt humans—they actually shy away from them.”

Don’t just shy away—run away from The Grey.

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  • Kristen says:

    I loved this movie! I thought it wasn’t an accurate depiction of wolves however it was so suspenseful and gripping. The ending drove me crazy which I loved and I loved the evil look in the eyes of the wolves! So terrifying! I would see it again and again.

  • Christine Kapetanios says:

    Since humans are animals too, does that mean that when I film a movie about cannibalism I can have a human corpse bbq’d and served up to my cast? You know… just to get them into the right ‘cannibal’ frame of mind? Lord! I cannot believe how far down the moral compass the human animal has fallen. No other animal is so destructive or so overpopulated. No other animal is responsible for the unspeakable suffering on a mass scale of every other living thing on the planet, just the human animal, mistakenly called the human being. To our greatest shame, we are the filthiest most destructive species on the planet. We are the plague that Mother Nature must eradicate! Human plague or Human Being…which one are you? Hint.. Human Beings endeavour to DO NO HARM… Wake up or remain the plague!

  • maria o donnell says:

    what awful evil message is this giving to the youth of today? Clearly its saying cruelty to animals is ok? How twisted. What some mediocre actors will do to try and get nominated for an oscar – I hope it will be realised in time that this film is nothing to be proud of. yours in disgust, maria o Donnell

  • Katrelya Angus says:

    As a C.S. Lewis scholar, I am completely outraged that Liam, famous for his role as Aslan the noble Lion in The Narnian series, has chosen a very ill-advised role, and, even though he plays a wild animal in the movies based on Lewis’ timeless classics, has stooped to the level of eating wildlife. As Aslan, he represents one of the most compassionate people who ever lived – C.S. Lewis, who not only promoted compassion, but lived it. I find Liam’s ill-advised decision a complete disgrace to the legacy of Lewis.

  • KingMoses says:

    At least I heard the movie sucks. My in-laws went to see it and said that there were only five people there and four of them (including them) walked out on it.

  • DerpdeeDerp says:

    Meh, it’s a movie. Regarding the angry wolf pack… I doubt that they’re going for accuracy on this. Almost forgot the CAPS.

  • Katie says:

    @ Lakota- Wolf, You have my support! Good luck with your book, wish you well!

  • Katie says:

    A few things I must say about this, One, I never liked Liam , and that was even before I knew he was a real jerk…I don’t like his energy..never have. Second…Since when are actors so important that they need to sacrifice an animal to be into a “role” these so called celebrities and there idiotic clown posse’s are so far up each others ass its nauseating. IT’S A FRIGGIN MOVIE!!!! You are not doing anything so grand! You all just like to pat each other on the back and act like your jobs are doing so much greatness in the world, when in reality, you are over paid materialistic A-holes. GET OVER YOURSELVES!!!! THIRD, BUT CERTAINLY NOT LEAST, I think it’s no surprise that anyone in hollywood would renege; thats what these people do. Bunch of self centered narcissists, I don’t go to the movies because I don’t find them entertaining, I’d rather read a book, help the homeless, animals, or ANYTHING ELSE then make these people any richer!! Wolves or any animal for that matter don’t deserve to be treated like this, ESPECIALLY EATEN!!! bunch of SAVAGES! I truly have nothing kind to say about the majority of famous people, most of them, when they are doing something “nice” it’s for publicity. There are a handful that I actually have respect for, not that it matters, just saying.

  • Tina says:

    I will be sharing this bit of movie “trivia” with everyone I know asking them to share it forward. This type of stupid thinking needs to be rewarded with empty seats. I believe that if I were working this movie as an actor or as staff, that would have been my last day on the set.

  • purpleprincess says:

    I am outraged!! I love ALL animals and never would have gone to see this movie had I known about this!! I will share this information with everyone I know and boycott this film! I will also be signing the petition.

  • jean says:

    thankyou for letting me know about Gray Wolf Ill pass this information on good work.

  • Lara Wolf says:

    I don´t see how eating wolf meat should help actors to get their job done! Would they have eaten little babies if the film was about cannibals? I will not watch this film, I will not support such thing. I love wolves, I support wolves and resent anything that makes their situation worse than it already is. I used to like Neeson, but now he is persona non grata to me. I am disappointed. I will not watch anything featuring him or anybody from the fim crew. Same for this director. This is an outrage.

  • Lakota_Wolf says:

    i hated this film from the first moment i saw the trailer (i havent actually seen it, and i dont want to!!!) Hollywood has obviously run out of ideas, and it makes me sick to think that some guy actually trapped four wolves just for a stupid movie.

    but no need to worry guys, for i am writing a 5-part book series based around wolves, and the wolves (well, wolf) are good. its about a teenage girl becoming the next ‘Rider’; a human which is chosen to ride a huge beast in a time of great sin, and the mount animal which has been chosen for her is (surprise surprise) a wolf (hes a bit bigger than a horse). i’m also gonna be shedding light on native americans and nature as well. but when it comes out, you lot HAVE to help to make it popular and hopefully into a movie, so my message can be spread!!! 8D

  • Ron Hargrove says:

    I maintain a facebook page at where you can find lots of information as to why to boycott this movie and share input from the hundreds of people who agree with getting this abomination of a movie out of the theaters as fast as possible. Please don’t forget to like the page, share the page, and make a status update to your own page that you are going to boycott the movie and request your facebook friends do likewise.

  • Maureen says:

    Our whole moral fiber has been torn apart in this country, there is no compassion for animals. just look at what is being done to human beings, children are left to go hungry, they are molested , sold into prostitution and eventually killed, I know this sounds familiar, because some of these same things are happening to animals.If it scares you to think about what China does to animals by ripping off their fur just think what WILL happen when they buy up all the gold in the U.S. and calls in their chips, when it is not a problem facing the U.S. people sweep these problems under the carpet, but what will you do when this country is bought by China or for that matter India, where there is no regard for Human life much less Animals. What will you do then when female children are killed just because they are girls and this country has too many. The same should shake people up when it comes to animals. I am at a point in my life, that nothing surprises me anymore, but we also have our country to thank for putting us in jeopardy. I am proud to be an American but I also do not have to agree with everything it does, ie animal research. Think of the hundreds of pounds if not tons of food that is thrown away each day that could feed millions right here in this country but we would rather turn a blind eye because it is not DIRECTLY affecting you, well it is the same with animals if it is not directly affecting someone a blind eye is turned. I urge you to write congress, house of senate anyone that will here our voices to stand up for what is RIGHT. Remember WE elect these people and we can RE-ELECT if their jobs are not being done for the SAKE of AMERICANS. You have a VOICE and a VOTE. USE IT!!

  • attila varga says:

    OMG!! I NEVER would’ve thought that Liam Neeson and his crew could stoop so low!!! I’m Canadian and am extremely proud of the remaining few hundreds of wolves left in our shrinking yet gorgeous, wild wildernesses. I was intrigued by ‘The Grey’ and intended on seeing it. UH-AH! NO WAY!! Not now!! I despise him now. And I will boycott the Irish director Joe Carnahan’s films FOREVER!! I adore all living things. They are all intelligent, beautiful, and feel all the emotions that humans do. There’s just one difference; they NEVER INTENTIONALLY HARM ANOTHER LIVING CREATURE LIKE HUMANS DO!!! So mote it be!!!

  • David L. Kaliner says:

    There are many superior films out there, so I know that “The Grey” is one that I plan to avoid. The reportedly inaccurate portrayal of wolves and the mistreatment of animals are two important reasons why I intend to boycott this movie. Thanks, Michelle Sherrow, for your informative article, “‘The Grey’ Has Us Seeing Red.” I’m glad “The Grey” garnered reviews ranging from mediocre to poor by critics, and I truly hope box-office business drops off radically for this movie.

  • Rex's Mom says:

    Sorry to say that this movie was number one at the box office its opening week. I hope it doesn’t stay that way.

  • NativeRadio says:

    In addition to them eating two wolves can you confirm any of the following for me? 1. I heard that one of the two wolves fed to Lame Neeson was pregnant. 2. It was reported that a third wolf’s head was used in the movie as a prop. 3. It was reported that a fourth wolf was run off a cliff, apparently a scene in the movie. 4. A pro-wolf organization Wolfwatcher has been in constant contact with the producers and other staff members over the movie “The Grey” and how wolves are perceived in this movie. They thought they were making headway and they were being listened to until they received a promotional copy of the film – in a recent statement released on their website they do think that none of the suggestions or concerns were not only not listened to but flat out ignored. First, they did confirm that 4 wolf wolves were trapped by a “professional” trapper to be used in the film. I can confirm that the wolves in the previews are real wolves but no animal trainer, handler, or wrangler was used. This supports the theory that wild wolves were used in the film. I also cannot confirm the presence of a humane society member on the staff (which is required when animals are used in movies). Thank you!

  • common sense says:

    I think the biggest problem was the “anti-faith” message this movie sends. The behavior of the wolves was unrealistic, and I do actually they they looked “fake” and computer generated. Real grey wolves are actually beautiful creatures. I don’t understand why they would need to “experience” eating real woof before filming? That makes no sense to me. Bottom line, the movie is bad anyways, the F word is annoyingly overused and the ending is terrible. Don’t go see it.

  • Patrick PK says:

    Liam Neeson has lost all of my respect!! Not only does this excuse for a movie disrespect wolves to the point of depicting them as what one of the reader s accurately pointed out; in the same bad light as Jaws. It does far worse than that. It attacks and mocks God from an atheistic point of view which is absolutely despicable. This is absolutely trash. I am disgusted that at this point Liam needs to berate himself to such a low extent for a few dollars. Absolutely Disgusting!

  • Wolf Wizard says:

    The content of the movie, “The Grey” is BLASPHEMY!!! Liam Neeson is an Anti-Christ and what he has done to Great Spirit’s majestic creations is nothing more than the work of Satan!!! Like many of my like-minded brethren, I’m also boycotting this movie!!!

  • C. Minifie says:

    I’m in Canada and when I read the write-up for this movie in our newspaper and that the makers paid a local trapper to supply dead wolves for dead wolf scenes, I was horrified! I thought trapping was illegal in Canada, and especially here in B.C.! I immediately wrote to my MP, my MLA, and the Prime Minister to ask what was being done to stop this unnecessary cruelty. Please do the same. Also, visit right here in Burnaby, B.C.’s Lower Mainland.

  • Laura says:

    I saw the previews and thought it really misinterperated wolves! Now, I don’t know much about them, but I doubt they’d stalk and chase humans that way. I think they’d be more apt to run away.

  • rio says:

    i saw sucks anyway.

  • Rinkles says:

    Disgusted with Liam Neeson. This is an actor who I used to respect because he seemed to bring a certain nobility to his roles. But apparently that is all a charade and he’s only doing this all for a quick buck. Anyone in the 21st century who agreed to be part of such a demonizing, paranoid portrayal of animals so recently on the endangered species list deserves nothing but the contempt of all responsible world citizens. I will never pay to see a Liam Neeson movie again for the rest of my life. I hope one day he will realize the horrible damage he has just inflicted on America’s wildlife.

  • Terry Rogers says:

    Anything that harms animals does harm to me. So yes, please avoid the movie “The Grey”. Wish people would just learn to search their souls, before they make decisions which involves animals in any kind of unnatural circumstances.

  • S says:

    boycott the bloody movie. piss on liam neeson. my mother and many other children from her school would have to trek miles through mountainous wolf territory to get to school and back, year after year. small children, unaccommpanied by adults, walking daily with wild wolves in the area. NO CHILD WAS EVER HARMED IN FACT SHE TOLD ME THEY HEVER EVER SAW A WOLF. So this supports the idea that wolves will stay away from humans as small children, you would have thought, would have been easy prey. by the way my mother and her friends were given a burning ember to take with them in case they saw a wolf as wolves were afraid of fire their parents told them so this was the plan to scare any wolves away, never needed to be used. to those that ate the wolf flesh, karma will ensure you get what you gave someday.

  • Reptle says:

    Huge misrepresentation of wolves. I understand movies are meant to be ridiculous and farfetched, but to go out of your way to purposefully make an animal suffer, during it’s production? Have humanity not learned a single thing? Boycotted, against and infuriated at all those involved. I’ll consider boycotting any movie with the actors and directors of this nonsense. I’m not surprised if others do the same, even if most won’t, but they aren’t going to make a penny from me on the brutal slaughter and misinformation.

  • Irene Leggett says:

    What gives the director and actors the right to murder innocent animals for the sake of a FILM? And to disgustingly eat the flesh of two of the wolves is sickening. Still, Liam Neeson is Irish and we all know the Irish people’s treatment of horses and racing greyhounds is atrocious. I, for one, will definately NOT be watching this movie. Shame on all involved in this totally unnecessary cruelty.

  • slataslata says:

    why isn’t this illegal? why haven’t they been fined?

  • hinduman says:

    This movie looks awesome.

  • Carla* says:

    Oliver Starr… You bet!! I’m allll in!! Save the Wolf!! It will only get worse for them in an already UN-caring/anti-wolf world..

  • Rex's Mom says:

    I am sorry to say that one of the movie critics at the New York Daily News gave this movie 4 out of 5 stars! I hope the public is way more critical and will not go and see this brutal movie. I hope it is a huge flop!

  • Animal Advocate says:

    The Gray boycott petition is 5,000 signatures strong and counting:

  • AAG says:

    This is grotesque–Hollywood is again displaying ignorance and stupidity. Demonstrate where it is being shown.

  • Erin says:

    I wonder if this movie will earn American Humane’s meaningless “no animals were harmed” seal?

  • meowsocks says:

    I can assure you that I will never watch a movie with Liam Neeson in it ever again.

  • kristina mainka-rating says:

    why this cruellty???

  • harrycriss says:

    this movie appears horrific

  • Oliver Starr says:

    PETA, thanks for responding to my letter and covering this issue. For those of you reading this that want to do more, help hurt Director Joe Carnahan and star Liam Neeson where it counts – by voting against this sort of garbage entertainment and their disgusting abuse of wolves (not to mention their choice to consume wolf meat) by boycotting this film. Already 5500 people have signed a petition to boycott the movie that will be delivered to Open Road Films (the movie’s distributor). If all of the current signers honor their commitment to boycott this movie it has already resulted in almost a million dollars in lost potential revenue to the film. You can find this petition here: Please sign it and spread the word! Want to do more? Join me by standing up for the ethical treatment of wolves and all animals by actively protesting in front a a theatre screening this film in your area. By using social media tools at our disposal to raise our voices against this sort of damaging entertainment we can all effect positive change. And if you want to let director Joe Carnahan and star Liam Neeson know how you feel about their work you can make your opinion known on twitter – Joe is @carnojoe. Liam does not have a twitter account but you can bet they track his hash tag #LiamNeeson. The film also has its own twitter account: @thegreymovie. Don’t be shy let them know that eating wolf is grotesque and their portrayal of these animals is virtually criminal defamation. To keep up to date on this issue you can follow me @owstarr on twitter. I’m actively engaged in the fight to make sure the world knows what an awful movie this is and just how sick the cast and crew of the film must be. Thanks!

  • Ashley says:

    I cringed when I saw the trailer for this garbage. I hate it when wolves are demonized. They don’t deserve to be portrayed that way. Humans are a way bigger threat to wolves than they are to us. The fact that this disgusting director paid to have wolves killed for this movie makes me sick. I won’t be going to see this or anything else by Joe Carnahan. I’m not crazy about Liam Neeson either after reading this. I hope they have ruined their careers. What a bunch of revolting excuses for human beings.

  • roxanne says:

    I stop watching LIam Neelson after he supported the cruelty of NYC carriage horses. this doesn’t surprise me at all. he is a horse’s A##

  • Rex's Mom says:

    I love all animals including wolves and I used to like Liam Neeson but not anymore. He did the voice of Aslan the lion in the Chronicles of Narnia movies. I also did like him in Schindler’s List but now I dont like him at all. I believe he also supports the horse and carriage business in New York. Does Peta know if the producers in the upcoming movie about freeing 3 grey whales who are stuck in the ice (I forgot the name of the movie) are using CGI for that movie? Surely they can’t capture and train 3 beutiful giant grey whales for this movie. Drew Barrymore, who used to be a friend of Peta’s stars in this movie based on a true story.

  • Laurie Allen says:

    I was going to see that movie and really liked Liam Neeson as an actor – this info has shown a light on a dark area that I don’t care to support thank you

  • Becky Watson says:

    I have no desire to see “The Grey”, I have read extensively about Wolves next to my Ferrets I care a lot about wolves. A friend of mine had a hybred and he was so beautiful. I saw him Christmas Day and by 9:00 p.m. that evening we were pals. I wish they would stop this terrible desire to kill wolves anywhere or use them like they are not.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    Has anyone at PETA seen or heard of the movie “Frozen”? That movie uses real wolves also. If anyone protested this movie I sure did not hear about it.

  • Christine says:

    this movie looks horrible and they are really giving nature a bad name. i wish movies like these would just stop already.

  • teresa says:

    please stop the abuse …this needs to stop