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When Tofurkys Fly

Written by Heather Faraid Drennan | November 21, 2011

You know what they say: The key to a man’s heart is through his … stomach. Our sexy pilgrims, who are touring New England this week, can attest to that and more. Obviously, they attract a crowd, largely because of the delicious, free Tofurkys they’re handing out. In fact, the Tofurkys flew off the table—with men and women gobbling them up—within 20 minutes in Bangor, Maine.

The pilgrims also gave out PETA’s free vegetarian/vegan starter kits and told passersby that every year in the U.S., 40 million gentle, inquisitive turkeys are killed for Thanksgiving dinners alone.

In nature, turkeys are protective and loving parents as well as fast, cunning runners who are able to outwit their pursuers. But the turkey industry crams the birds into windowless warehouses and genetically manipulates them to grow so large that their legs are often unable to withstand the birds’ weight. Countless birds slowly starve to death within inches of food after they become crippled and are unable to move.

PETA’s sexy pilgrims will be docking in New Haven today and Providence tomorrow. Even if you aren’t lucky enough to grab a Tofurky from these lovely ladies, you can get tips on serving up a cruelty-free feast at our “Living” page.

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