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Government Investigation Confirms Butterball Cruelty

Written by PETA | June 16, 2008

The USDA just completed an investigation of a Butterball turkey slaughterhouse in Arkansas that confirmed PETA’s findings of intentional cruelty to animals, including punching, kicking, and tormenting turkeys destined for slaughter. So what happens next? Well, not much, as far as the law’s concerned: Because there simply aren’t any federal legal protections for chickens and turkeys. None. The only thing that can be done is to take matters into our own hands and put pressure on places like Butterball to make changes that will benefit the animals they profit from. And, more importantly, boycott these companies by going vegetarian. Here’s the video of the Butterball supplier’s abuses:

–ChristinePosted by Christine Dore

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  • ruthy says:

    people who go under cover are really brave. if i was an undercover investgator i would have set all the animals free but i would go to jail. but it was worth it because im helping the animals. i don’t see why factories have to do such a thign i mean your just torturing the animal more and thats not right. many people should just live off of vegetables and fruit and water. because if they were the animal you would want to be left at peace.

  • Heather says:

    I could never be part of an undercover investigation. I think the people who do that kind of work are very noble it must be horrific to stand by and watch the abuse. What I wonder is why can’t the names of the slaughterhouse employees be released to the public? If they lost their jobs over this then why not mention their names in news story regarding this incident? That information should be public just as the name of someone who abuses an animal outside of the factory farming system would be made public.

  • Holly says:

    lynda downie is right… just as I said… I think that it is important to pass laws that protect farm animals as the law is the only protection they have in an already painful life. We can do much better for these animals who suffer each second of each day for our greed and hunger for their flesh. Go Vegan…

  • lynda downie says:

    Boycotting is great but these birds need legal protection from abuse. As opposed to Christopher C I’d gladly pay my taxes for the gov’t to enact and enforce laws to protect all animals. I disagree that defending animals is a waste of the gov’t’s time. Maybe they could oh I don’t know let a guy smoke a doobie once in awhile and go after someone beating the daylights out of a defenseless chicken. Money and time well spent I say.

  • Holly says:

    lu anne thank you for your very sweet response. You are a very good person and you are doing a great job! Keep it up! Love ya too! Holly Saucy you keep them shaking your doing a great job too! You have a kind heart. Keep it rolling Love ya Holly Everyone Have a Wonderful evening and enjoy our beautiful moon light! Go Vegan

  • Holly says:

    voiceofreason Vegetarianvegan life style does much less harm than meat farms and slaughter houses do. The animals who get caught in the fields by farm machinery live free and raise family’s and not all of them are harmed and they can and do escape. You know as well as I do that an animal who is raised for food alone have an awful life from beginning to end. They dont live free to roam They do not breed naturally dont get to nurture their young their baby’s are taken from them so they dont raise their baby’s and they all get murdered in the end so people can eat their flesh and wear their skins. They have on chance for escape as does the free roaming rabbit in the field. As I said we do Much less harm to our animal friends and our earth by choosing not to eat meat. Enjoy your evening… Go Vegan…

  • voiceofreason says:

    Holly I don’t buy that. “We do try very hard to do little harm or no harm.” You know that there is more that you can do but you don’t do it. It’s just about finding that perfect ratio between morals and convenience. Knowing that countless rabbits gophers field mice and deer all died to allow you to have a vegan life style still doesn’t stop you from being a vegan. No one wants to give up their convenient life style. Even if it weren’t millions of animals wild and free roaming animals that were being killed is even the death of one baby deer fine? When you find the answer that is someone’s true value of life.

  • Holly says:

    voiceofreason We do the best we can to do no harm. It is true that farmers who grow fruits and vegetables and grain do often kill animals in the field. Sometimes because they are eating the farmers crops and the farmer has them killed and some times because they are living in the fields and are plowed over and killed etc. There are farmers who try hard to avoid killing these animals and work hard to chase them off others dont care and poison them. Organic farming is a place to start. But even buying organic is no guarantees. It is a place for concern animal death in the fields. Over population and the great demand for food has humans taking land away from animals causing even more of a problem. We dont have all the answers but we do try very hard to do little harm or no harm. Bring attention to the suffering of animals so people are aware and can think with their hearts as well as their heads. go Vegan…

  • Holly says:

    Well said Lauren and lynda. Chris you have a lot to learn and have come to the right place to learn it. Keep reading the posts here and you will be come enlightened. There is much to learn from posting and reading responses here. These good people are great teachers. Learn from them… go Vegan…

  • Lauren says:

    Chris I think you misunderstand what you are trying to say. What you don’t understand is that humans in the first world do not eat meat to survive they eat it for enjoyment. Meat is not essential for our health yes we are able to digest it because we are omnivores and in the past meat was probably neccesary for survival when crops failed etc. However meat these days is not neccesary it is just to appease the taste buds of those who are rich enough to afford it many countries in the world cannot afford to raise animals for meat since the grain used to feed the animals is better off feeding themselves the same as fur which is no longer neccesary to keep us warm like the cave man days but many people still wear it for fashion. I have no opposition to people who are poor hunting meat for survival because their familie’s lives depend on them bringing back a kill but those of us who work for our money and shop for our food that is not the case we have more than enough bloodfree alternatives. Saying ‘we need to eat meat to survive’ is just an excuse to allow such abuse because meat ‘tastes good’. You also say because we ‘breed’ them we pretty much have a right to do with them as we please since we are not affecting wild populations. Just because an animal was unfortunate enough to be born into captivity does not mean that it is not still a sentinant being that feels pain feels fear and has basic needs to be fulfilled. Put yourself in any factory farmed animals shoes. Because you were born there as a direct result of the artificial insemination of your mother for example would you happily throw in the white flag and say “yes you are right I am yours to use as you please torture me deny me basic rights and end my short life in a slaughter”? I do associate the way farm animals are raised and bred is alike the holocaust. Except in the holocaust at least some of the people unlike factory farmed animals got a decent shot at life before the horrors that afflicted them. Before you start making such bold statements about who ‘owns’ who and what is acceptable put yourself in the shoes of the animals. Just because they are not human does not mean they do not feel as we do.

  • voiceofreason says:

    Hi Holly You are right we have evolved to the point where it is not necessary to eat an animal to survive. However not everyone can have their own private farm like you where they can completely sustain their every day eating habits from homegrown food. In addition the magical device that you are using to connect to the internet is not widely available. Most people need these things called computers which require science and funding and an economy and a society. Animals will always die because of our actions. What? Not every vegan grows their own food? We DO have to resort to taking animal life because the process of harvesting crops kills millions of animals each year. Unless of course you and other vegans are going to take the first steps and live up to your claims about your moral principals about not being responsible for taking animals lives.

  • lynda downie says:

    Chris you’re frightening! To have no qualms about “kicking punching and maning sic” animals is truly disturbing. I feel a chill just reading your words. I fear for any animal anywhere near you.

  • Hazel A. White says:

    poor turkeys they dson’t deserve to be tortued before thay are killed… many people buy a lot of turkeys at thanksgiving and its hard not to eat it. Butthinking of the turkey i dont eat it. People ask “wow i cant believe you survived without meat.” i think that you should kill animal but only for food and not hunting…

  • Holly says:

    Ok here goes “If we kill animals for food then there is no reason for us to torture them”. add this we have evolved enough in body and mind to move beyond the eating of any animal. Our diets can be rich and healthy with out torture or pain to any animal. We are smart enough to live with out having to resort to the snatching of life from any living creature. Nothing has to suffer for my dietary needs I can do better than that and so can you Chris and everyone else. go Vegan…

  • lu anne says:

    you go Hollyi could not have said it better you girl!!

  • sailorpizza says:

    I have so many questions. I want to know more I doubt there is room enough for all I want to talk about on this blog.. are there forums I can visit?

  • Chris says:

    Well I can safely agree with all the hunters and major meat eaters have to say. I can give a big opinion on how these issues should be dealt. My opinion is that vegans are scientifically and ethically wrong. Every animal eats other animals so they can survive. Thats what life is. Now people say not every animal eats meat. Thats true but also those animals do not have the ability to eat meat and their body can’t digest the meat. What we don’t understand is we have the ability to digest meat so we should eat meat. Any animal that has the ability to eat meat will inevitably eat other animals. I hear people comparing animal slaughter to the Holocaust. Those people are blind. Nazis never killed Jews then ate them. We don’t kill animals just to kill them there is always a logical and ethical reason like providing food for us. Nazis killed them for an immoral reason but I would like to see a person who can bravely say eating and survivng is immoral. The most powerful statement a PETA member could say to me is “If we kill animals for food then there is no reason for us to torture them”. I agree to this but we own these animals because we breeded them and we are the ones to bring them in this world. We don’t find cows in the wild and bring them to slaughterhouses. We breed them in facilities so this means they are ours. They are disposable. Its exactly like how we make plants for fruit then pick the fruit from that plant. We aren’t trying to minimize the animal population we are trying to feed ourselves. With this I can safely say since we own these animals we can do what we want. If we kick and punch and mane these animals why should we care. Those animals have a predestined fate which is to feed us. These animals are in captivity so we can do what we want its just like a person in jail. They are captive so they have one choice and that is to die. They have nothing to live for. We also see these animals in the wild that have things to live for like playing and thriving but captive animals are just different. Treat animals how the human race treats themselves.

  • Saucy says:

    Good mornining to you too Holly. Thanks for that confirmation. Yes sadly so it seems the vampires use the GOOD LORD to justify this horrific slaughter. Got to set em straight on that. They’ve been misled and lied too.

  • Holly says:

    that was shake and yes the shack was shaking Saucy!

  • Holly says:

    WOW Saucy! I think I just felt the ground shack! Go Vegan…

  • Julie says:

    this is actually horrible. i became vegetarian around thanksgiving 2 years ago people asked me how i could go through the holidays without eating turkey that it was a “tradition”. i just asked them how they could how they could support all the cruelty and how they could eat something that was once alive and something that values its life as much as you do. i dont plan on ever eating meat again. and i hope many other people stop also.

  • Holly says:

    I often watch as people inspect meat before the buy it. I believe that most people dont give a second thought to the animal behind the pretty package in their grocery store. There does not seem to be a connection. That’s why it is important to talk with people about the animals and the lives of animals who end up on the plate. I often make a comment or two at the meat department in our grocery store. like Poor chicken suffered so much to end up in your cart as your food. Did you know that a baby calf gave up its life so you could drink that milk and eat that cheese. You know chickens suffered greatly so you could eat her eggs and then eat her. An egg is the menstrul period of a chicken. I am very polite when I say these things and I find most often it starts a very good conversation. I look at it as planting seeds and hope they will grown. It does start them to thinking about it. I also like to use the PETA stickers and leave them in the meat department milkcheese department and egg department. I always leave one on my cart each time I shop. hey PETA send me some more! We all can do small things that help. I Love the NAVS shirts too they are always good for wearing to the store and starting up a conversation. I like them cus they gently get a word across. and I am old enough not to want a fight I just want to talk and spread the word. My daughter and her friend are getting a lot out of the Skinny Bitch books they are written in a way that young people can relate to…They are very good… Vegetarian for Dummies is good for taking into the grocery store to help new shoppers shop vegetarian or vegan. I also remind vegetarians that Cheese is made with rennet which comes from a dead cows stomach. So remember that Cheese is not vegetarian unless you find rennet free cheese which is sometimes hard to find. Lets all do what we can in our own way to help our animal friends. Go Vegan! and Pass the word…

  • Saucy says:

    Dear God Curse these evil men and women of this godless industry. May the ground open and collapse upon their heads. May the water swell and swallow their evil deeds. They follow not YOUR KINGDOM LAWS OF LOVE AND MERCY! Instead sourly they suck the HOLY BLOOD of YOUR CREATION in defiance of you YOU OH MERCIFUL LORD. End their days and end their greed and end this MISERY. SHATTER THIS TABLE OF SATAN and cast the devil out into HELL Through the POWER invested in me through the SHEDDED HOLY BLOOD OF JESUS CHRIST I Call upon THE WARRING ANGELS OF MICHAEL AND GABRIAL TO DESTROY THIS ABOMINATION AND OFFENSE TO GOD.

  • Holly says:

    Welcome back Christopher I am glad you are boycotting Butterball and glad for your reason. I think that it is important to pass laws that protect farm animals as the law is the only protection they have in an already painful life. We can do much better for these animals who suffer each second of each day for our greed and hunger for their flesh. Boycott Butterball… Tell your friends… Go Vegan…

  • Olivia says:

    Hi i just found out PETA had a blog nice defenetly going to start read this blog great worK Love from Sweden

  • Linda Cohen says:

    I some jenny o turkey meat and got a migrane headache. It was probably full of antibiotics which I’m sensitive to. I couldn’t imagine living my life with a migrane only to be beaten then killed.

  • Caroline Mobsby says:

    I could fucking kill those moronic men torturing those birds….there is a special place in hell for them…like being placed upside down on a rack being sodomised and bashed and terrified…grrr

  • Christopher Cochran MD says:

    It is not the responsibility of the government to make laws to protect chickens and turkeys. It is however our responsibility as consumers to make choices that send messages to producers. I will probably not eat Butterball turkeys as a result of this investigation but I do not want my government wasting their time and my money passing more and more laws that cost even more money to enforce.

  • Holly says:

    Yes BOYCOTT BUTTERBALL! Tell your neighbors and friends how they abuse these beautiful turkeys and chickens! Awareness is huge in this movement so lets make everyone we meet become aware and lets make change for our animal friends! Lets Work to change the laws!!! WAY TO GO PETA!!! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! GO VEGAN…