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Written by PETA | March 21, 2007

google.JPGNot sure how many of you will care, but I thought I’d share some cool geeky news that I’m pretty excited about.

Have you noticed how I’ve been hyperlinking the word vegetarian a bit lately? Well, our resident search guru Joel Bartlett has been at me to do it because it helps with “Search Engine Optimization.” Or, in English, it helps rank higher in internet search engines.

Well, today, after months of super technical and top secret work behind the scenes, and after not nearly as much or nearly as technical and obviously not top secret work by me hyperlinking the word vegetarian, I’m happy to announce that is now the highest ranking website on Google when you search for the word “vegetarian.”

As you also may have noticed, next on Internet-nerd Joel Bartlett’s agenda is getting his myspace profile to be the highest ranked page on Google when you search for Joel Bartlett. And he’s got some tough competition from an ABC weatherman by the same name who I will not link to for fear of increasing his search ranking . . .

All joking aside, we’re pretty psyched about this because we believe is the best resource available for helping people go vegetarian, so we want it to be super easy for people to find the site. It really has taken a lot of work and many months to get there, so we’re pretty thrilled about it.

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  • Belgium Vegetarian says: aren’t shooting down the other ones. They are only securing their position and by this a veggie page will show up faster in google even for non related keywords what can only be a good thing. Btw I’ve started my own goveg .be for the Dutch speaking people. If could help me in any way the dutch speaking people would be very happy. Keep up the good work!

  • veganlove says:

    goveg is the best. good job!

  • K says:

    That’s awesome! is really a great website. Off topic Is there gelatin in Auntie Anne’s Marinara dip? On it says there is but on PETA2 it doesn’t say this. I can’t find any info on AA website. Also on PETA2 it says Arby’s fries are okay to eat but on other sites it says they are likely to be fried in the same oil used for meats Can anyone clarify about Auntie Anne?

  • Dianne Bradley says:

    I love

  • kelly says: is a great site You all are doing a great job!!

  • lindsey says:

    I really do love and think it truly is the best veg website out there…….BUT don’t you think you should be a team with all the other sites instead of a competitor? It’s so hard to get people to become aware of a veg lifestyle and get the info out we should really give people as many resources as possible and not shoot down the other ones.