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Got Insecurity?

Written by PETA | April 29, 2010



Did you know that in a period of just 12 years, from 1996 to 2008, the market for soy milk grew more than eight times over? The folks in the dairy industry know—and it’s got them scared. Never ones to play fair (subsidies, anyone?), the cow exploiters are now trying to get the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to stop companies that make soy milk and other nondairy beverages from using the word “milk” on their product labels.

Heaven forbid that the word “milk” should become associated with something that’s actually humane and healthy, right? At any rate, it looks like the FDA is going to ignore this insulting and time-wasting request, and it’s a good thing too—who knows what the dairy pushers would go after next? Would new mothers have to buy “mammary secretion pumps”? And who wants to treat digestive upset with nondairy fluid of magnesia?

Thanks to Laura Lewis for sending this story our way.

Written by Jeff Mackey

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  • Jessica says:

    Almond milk is good as well as soymilk. Who wants to drink pus and blood in dairy anyway?

  • John J says:

    Obviously milk is am animal product that is why they are changing the manes of Soy milk. The term milk can be used for lots of things it can be used as a verb to imply an action suching as milking. But when it comes down to a lquid for humans to drink milk equals animal milk.

  • Roy D says:

    If cow milk isn’t intended for humans to consume why have we for so many hundreds of years?

  • Klara says:

    Thank you Louise for looking it up… milk is not only an animal product JohnJ. Ask around everyone knows that already!

  • Rachel says:

    I think some of you need to read S. McINtyre’s post again. One of the definitions of milk is A liquid such as coconut milk milkweed sap plant latex or various medical emulsions that is similar to milk in appearance.

  • John J says:

    If its not milk then don’t call it milk. Call it Soy drink or Soy formula. Milk is an animal product period.

  • Gilly says:

    I also cannot drink soymilk. If I have 2 cups in one day my stomach thanks me for it before I go to bed. Cows milk never gives me the same effect which is why I choose to drink it

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    I also like Silk Vanilla soymilk very much. It reminds me of melted vanilla ice cream which was my favorite back in the days when I was able to eat ice cream. I am allergic to dairy.

  • Breslin says:

    I hate soy milk. The thickness creeps me out compared to skim milk.

  • Ralph says:

    Well call me an idiot but I can see the USDA’s Point of View. Besides why do you guys WANT the word Milk on there if you have such an ugly connotation to humans drinking cow’s milk? Maybe you could raise money and interest by having a contest for creative names for soymilk that will draw attention to the product instead of just complaining. BTW I actually do drink soymilk and there are a couple I do like. I don’t like the plain version it tastes worse than what I remember powdered milk did.

  • Toby Saunders says:

    I think the argument is that nonanimal milk can’t be called milk… so women’s milk pumps could still be called that. I may be wrong… I heard about it on Countdown last night when the news anchor said “soy jism?”

  • linda says:

    I switched to vanilla soymilk from whole milk….cows milk isn’t intended for humans….I love my soyMILK

  • Louise says:

    Looked it up “Milk is a white liquid produced by mammals to feed their youngs…. The term milk is also used for whitish nonanimal substitutes such as soy milk rice milk almond milk and coconut milk. Even the regurgitated substance secreted by glands in the mucosa of their upper digestive tract which pigeons feed their fledglings is called crop milk though it bears little resemblance to mammalian milk used for dairy products.”

  • Sara says:

    Yeah I thought of Milk of Magnesia the other day. Also coconut milk etc. The line has to be drawn somewhere. The dairy industry is getting out of control. Also doesn’t make sense because isn’t Silk manufactured by a dairy company if memory serves me??

  • Jai says:

    As if anyone confuses soy milk with cows milk??? That’s like confusing coconut milk with real milk… it just doesn’t happen and therefore there’s no reason for the “real” milk people to get upset about it.

  • Nick says:

    So ignorant.

  • Sarah S. says:

    That’s just ridiculous. The dairy industry didn’t copyright the word “milk” anyone can use it!!!

  • S. McINtyre says:

    Wow that is insane Milk isn’t a word pertaining to cows only!! Milksop milkweed soymilk hempmilk milking milky milkbath milk is a word meaning the white wash that comes off seeds when grinding too!

  • Sabrina says:

    I LOVE chocolate Silk soy milk my doc recommended it for me since I’m at high risk for heart issues. Hooray for soy being so awesome!

  • ana says:

    i cant belive it like if cows milk was human and healty pff

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    My favorite soymilk is Silk Chocolate Soymilk especially when it is poured over chocolate flavored Cheerios!!