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Gordon Ramsay’s Latest Stunt Is a Pile of Crap

Written by PETA | May 15, 2007

For those of you who haven’t heard of him, Gordon Ramsay runs a restaurant and hosts a TV show in England, where celebrity chefs are worshipped as a form of minor deity. Despite having only 5 TV channels for the entire country, the Brits have more cooking shows even than they have antiques shows, and they have the highest number of celebrity chefs per capita in the entire world. So in England, Gordon Ramsay is a kind of a big deal. He’s also a cold-hearted animal hater—which is where PETA UK comes in to the story. Evidently, Mr. Ramsay’s latest stunt has been to encourage British people to eat more horse meat, even going so far as to feature a horse-meat barbeque on his show, The F-Word. PETA UK’s response to his antics was as swift as it was smelly, and the pictures of their horse-manure dump outside Gordon’s restaurant this morning have been going everywhere in the British media. You can check out some of the press coverage here.

Gordan Ramsay horse manure dump

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  • Nessa says:

    Ever since I’ve been involved with cruelty against animals and animal testing I’ve lost more and more respect for PETA. I’ve never known them to actually go out and help animals. They just give facts go undercover and bitch…oh ya and ask for money. As much as I love animals this is fucking ridiculous. Chefs are going to serve meat whether you like it or not. But this is downright immature and you’ll get nowhere doing these sort of acts. Dumping fucking manure in front of a chef’s restaurant isn’t going to solve any problems but create law suits. I’ve watched many Gordon Ramsay shows and he respects vegetarians and vegans. But don’t pull bullshit stunts because you don’t agree with him.

  • Jennifer says:

    If PETA wants to be taken seriously Peta should stop using childish antics and go about it in a mature way. PETA is laughed at and considered a bunch of “Weirdos” or “Nutjobs” by a considerable amount of people. Dump manure at my door and see yourself in one of the biggest lawsuits you have ever seen. Go about it in a clean decent manner and your response will be a lot better.

  • claire says:

    Really if anything this protest by PETA has brought more attention to Gordon and his antics. Good. It has made people talk of it and think about it. People need to be aware of what lenths this man will go to in order to keep his name on the list of Celeb chiefs. Horse meat? Please. If it is just a matter of healthier meat then what happens if we suddenly find out that Puppy meat is better for you then horse. Or Kitten meat is better for you then Chicken. Will anyone complain about Fido or Fluffy when he puts them in the grinder saying ‘how about this alternitive?’ will any care about how well they were treated before are killed and skined? People dont care how an animal is treated before it is eaten people still eat lobster which is known to be cooked alive so that is not the issue. The issue is yet another animal is being selected by us to die just so we might taste something diffrent. It has become like a social protacol. Which animal can you afford to eat? The more shocking the animal the higher you are regarded? Gordon has publicly stated he ‘lies’ to veggies if they come to his resturants. That is this mans idea of a good chuckle?

  • Anonymous says:

    janet Horseteeth Street Porter

  • Jeff says:

    Childish and disappointing? Thats Ramsey.That guy makes me ashamed to be British.

  • Gina says:

    My beloved horse of 20 years was loved as all horses should be loved..a lifelong owner the best I could afford for her. When it was her time it was quick and painless anything else for her and every other wonderous equine soul is barbaric. Horses bring a beauty to our world only the lucky see…RIP my beloved Shalleen

  • K K says:

    What a disgrace. Haven’t PETA got better things to be doing than these sort of pathetic stunts? Childish and dissapointing.

  • Paul says:

    Jack So the neat thing about ethics is you get to dump crap outside someone else’s establishment? Seems anti social to me but that’s what happens when you try and convert by force. There are so many people on this forum who eat meat suggesting that they feel strongly about the way PETA have conducted themselves in this instance. Instead of dumping crap on your door though they have entered into a debate to voice their opinions. This kind of thing amazes me.

  • Jack says:

    Yes Glyn we do have a right to tell people not to eat meat. The point is that eating meat is unethical because of the cruel way that animals raised for food are treated see The neat thing about ethics is that you do get to tell people to stop doing something when you perceive it as being wrong. If people were forced to keep their mouths shut when they perceived an injustice as you suggest we’d have a pretty lousy society.

  • Jessica says:

    My only concern is that this stunt will only further incite worse behaviour from Gordon Ramsey as retaliation. What are so many antiPeta doing on this site? A lot of you say that you have a right to your own opinions…but this is a forum for people opposed to the unethical treatment of animals….we didn’t come to the Prohorse eating forum and tell you off!!!

  • Michaela says:

    Was it Stuart who said the “animals only exist for our pleasure”? Are you serious? It amazes me that so many people think this way. What a self righteous attitude to have. We are supposed to be the “superior” species but where has that gotten us if we have no compassion? As someone else has already stated horses have been our allies for thousands of years and have served us loyally this is how we repay the favour? Disgusting. As bad as eating a dog or cat.

  • Lynn H says:

    PETA has damaged its own cause beyond belief. As a meat eater who has eaten horse meat as a child Rhian’s and Adam B’s gentle persuasion would be much more likely to change my mind than some of the bullying that’s going on in this forum and in PETA itself. You’re much more likely to get me to respect and maybe even subscribe to your beliefs if I can see that you’re respecting mine. Some of you are terrorists in waiting and should find some fundamentalist group to join. How can you really care about horses when you’re so cruel to others of your own species? You’re using this group as a vehicle to taunt and bully other people.

  • Glyn Thomas says:

    Oh my god! Have you guy’s seriously got nothing better to do. At the end of the day we are not the only animals that eat meat. Are you going to start protests against other meat eating animals? That would be funny Mr Tiger waking up to a pile of deer poo on his doorstep with one of you guy’s dressed as one. At the end of the day what right do you guy’s have to go around telling people what they can and can’t eat. You don’t see us trying to wedge a steak down your throats. If you want to eat just veg that is your choice to do so and theres nothing wrong with that but you have no right to tell other people what they should eat.

  • jodi says:

    “Seriously though why does an animal have more right to live than a vegetable? If your answer is it has a brain and can feel its irrelevant a vegetable has just as much right to live than anything else.” I hope this was posted as a joke. By this logic no person has anymore right to life than a vegetable even though we have brains and can feel.

  • Ben says:

    Its ridiculus that people have anything against eating horses as opposed to any other animal just because people go round riding on them doesnt make them any better than a cow. Seriously though why does an animal have more right to live than a vegetable? If your answer is it has a brain and can feel its irrelevant a vegetable has just as much right to live than anything else so everyone should be able to eat anything they want to well providing you want to live.

  • Daisy B says:

    As a comitted vegan I must say I find Gordon Ramsey a fantastic albeit unwitting promoter of vegetarianism. Either a person eats animals or they don’t and the hypocrisy of meateaters who happily comply with the mass murder of cows and pigs but get all huffy over horses of dogs needs to be highlighted. In my ideal world no human would eat meat but I know this will never happen. What COULD happen is that those who do choose organic freerange and some choose not to contribute to this slaughter because they see the light…Ramsey is right to teach his children where meat comes from more people need to see the soul in their food and respect it as once having lived rather than an unrecognisable chunk of protein on their plate.

  • Jan says:

    “meat something that human beings actually EVOLVED into thus allowing the species to survive should be just that.” It’s truly sad when this level of ignorance exists. If you’re going to eat meat at least have your facts straight. At least understand that meat is not natural for us as primates and far from being essential to our survival is detrimental to our health. It has nothing to do with evolution. To determine how natural meat eating is for the human animal one only has to open one’s mouth at a mirror to note the lack of fangs which all true carnivores have. You then might want to examine images of a true carnivore’s colon such as a lion and compare them to images of the human colon to see the vast differences. Study after study has confirmed a vegetarian diet is healthier for people. When Dr. Dean Ornish puts bypass patients on a vegetarian diet they improve greatly often avoiding the need for future surgery. Their high fat meatbased diet is what in large part lead them to need the bypasses in the first place! If meat is so essential for us why do people’s health levels improve when they stop eating it? Meat is a habit and a treat. Period. And when the level of cruelty required to produce it reaches what it has in modern agribusiness the choice becomes less and less defensible. It is impossible to justify something that causes immense suffering as well as massive environmental pollution and destruction simply bc people derive pleasure from the treats it produces. And ask yourselves how ‘natural’ and healthy it is to eat animals who have never seen the sun or walked on earth who must be given large quantities of drugs just to keep them alive long enough to make it to slaughter? If the animals this chef uses have been raised humanely that is at least a step in the right direction but encouraging people to eat more animals of any kind is irresponsible to both people and the earth. Having said that however PETA’s stunts are embarrassing to me as an anti cruelty activist. Dumping shit is not going to educate people. It’s only going to piss them off. People will learn far more factual info by reading Slaughterhouse by Gail Eisnitz or the beautifully written Dominion by Matthew Scully than seeing a pile of crap in the street.

  • sally omar says:

    Congratulations PETAdumping manure was exactly the right thing to dosome of the comments indicate that eating meat horsemeat included is healthywhat on earth are these people thinkingheart attack and strokes from fat are just a part of itbeing a vegetarian is the answer I LOVE BEING A MEMBER OF PETA AND WILL CONTINUE TO DO SO FOR THE REST OF MY DAYS ON EARTH YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST. Saving all of these precious animals is the answereating a cow pig horse duck chicken etc. is no different than eating a family petwhy are people still living in prehistoric timesGET WITH IT GO VEGGIEBE HEALTHY AND HAPPY THAT YOU SAVED A LIFE ANIMALS ARE JUST AS IMPORTANT AS HUMANS. SALLY OMAR

  • Kallypso says:

    Yes perhaps many people were offended by the public display PETA choose to use in reaction to Gordon Ramsey…but don’t crucify these people for believing in something fervently enough to actually act on it. They careand they showed it and they spread the word. In my opinion at least there is still one organization willing to make headlines based on what they believe in even if it defies mainstream society on a constant basis. They are trying to change the world ACTIVELY trying. Read all the commentsGOOD BAD the UGLYits ALL there. PETA made people think made people REACT!! If only we could have more people passionate about events affecting the world today and choosing to stand up in the face of adversity. Could you imagine if this was about world hunger instead? Would YOU have bothered to read this or comment if it was? It may not be world peace but this is the battle they choseto value ALL life. Sounds like the closest step to any kind of peace that I’ve ever heard. And I see nothing wrong with what they did to share that idea with the world. Was anyone harmed? Were they overly cruel to the sidewalk?? Whether or not you agree a lot of people still took the time to share their own thoughts even if in a negative context. SO it still got your attention it still made people think. And for every 50 nasty and rude comments written if one person’s eyes were opened despite all of that if even one person chooses compassion over cruelty because of itwell seems to me PETA definately accomplished something.

  • Margaret says:

    Can Americans remember that there is no such thing as English tv it british How would you like to be called canadian. Getting back to Mr Ramsay he is only one of many that dont like vegatarians or vagan and thinks you can only be called a chef if you cook meat but i think if you cant cook with just veg you are not much of a cook forget award winning.Never mind poor horse no one cares for cows pigs etc i dont think animals should be food but all you get in return is oh we need to have choice sorry when you are causing pain and suffering you should have no choice.

  • Katie Timmins says:

    In response to Steven’s comment of 17th May Do you think that a large part of the world’s population of Hindu’s would agree that children ‘need’ meat? Albert Einstein was vege was there anything wrong with his brain? Also if you had the choice between never being born and dying in a most horrific way what would you choose? The main point being here that you DO have the choice. Thanks Katie North Yorkshire



  • Adam Bee says:

    I dont eat meat but my wife and family do. It is my choice to not eat meat and I dont have to explain to anyone why as it is a personal decision. I understand that some people might not have the same opinion as me with regards animals and whether we should eat them or not and i respect their choices too. Gordon Ramsey is a love or loathe character and of course a business man. He is using standard marketing get methods in order to get his name out there to the general public. Fair enough! I would choose to NOT eat as his restaurant for whatever my reasons my wife may choose TO eat at his restaurant for whatever her reasons and so be it. By dumping manure outside his restaurant is neither helping or hindering the situation as most people will already have their opinion on whether they like or dislike Ramsey. What it will do is make a lot of people think that PETA are idiots and stunt making extremists. I dont think this will genuinely help save animals from suffering whatsoever. Perhaps efforts would be better focussed on battery farms vivisection etc rather than stunt publicity seeking outside a celebrity chefs restaurant. After all it will probably have a worse effect on PETA in the long run. One word Backfire.

  • nic says:

    okay wed ont have only 5 channels for the whole country… that is terestial tv … the basic one… which is being erradicated soon anyway… anyone with digital tvsky or whatever have hundreds of channels s they are were most of the cookery shows are but anyway… gordon ramsay is a tard who raised pigs for slaughter and fed them wine on his last series… and this series is raising lambs… he is an idiot and im glad peta are doing something about it

  • Amanda Thompson says:

    I think Gordon Ramsay is a complete and utter attention seeking jerk who does not have the ability to treat even humans with respect his language is appalling and its obvious that he can’t handle the stress of the industry and so he should just get out and go live in some little far away village where we can’t hear his filthy gutter voice. What new lows he has stooped to now with this ludicrous and stomach lurching horse stunt. Someone put a bullet to this man and put us all out of our misery. Get the message peoples WE DON’T NEED HORSE MEAT!!! DON’T WE HAVE ENOUGH SLAUGHTER OF ENOUGH KINDS OF MEAT IN THE WORLD!! But heywhy am I surprised I mean humans are just so goddam selfish and ever increasingly greedy these days that they just cannot be content with what they have they always have to be on the lookout for the next thrill usually sexual followed by edible and if its edible then its usually enjoyed all the more if that food is some exotic animal that has been murdered in some cruel and cold blooded manner. Stupid of me really to be surprised at GR and all you horse and meat loving people your probably precisely the kinds of people that I have described above. SHAME ON YOU ALL. Bouquets to Heather and Judith above. Australia

  • stacey says:

    murder is murder. that is plain and simple. animals have the ability to experience love affection cold warmth hunger pain fear and so on. put yourself in their place or put your own pet in their place as the butcher comes to make its next kill. feel the same fear and pain that the billions of slaughtered animals feel day in and day out. the bottom line is it is senseless killing. and no matter how you look at it when the butcher comes to take an animal’s final breath it is one of god’s living creatures that has to pay the price. and how arrogant as humans that we feel superior to animals that their flesh is more valuable that their freedom to live. i have looked into the eyes of many different animals and they all have souls they all have experienced the beautiful privilege of life. what gives us the power to take away the life of a living creature?

  • :) says:

    Eating a horse is no better than eating a cow. But people tend to care more about horses so this is a good start. Gordan Ramsay is trying to desensitize the world to the suffering of animals. It’s good that PETA reminded everyone that it’s not OK. I don’t see any point in cancelling your PETA membership unless you’re in the UK. Nobody pay attention to the mindless remarks from all those meatheads. They’ll pay for it with their health in the end.

  • Joan says:

    Horses are not for eating they are for riding and they our pets and a means of transportation. This guy is discussion.

  • Kim McCabe says:

    Bravo PETA! People are connected to horses as they have served man for so long as we are connected to our dogs. I think that his horse barbecue stunt will only open the minds of people that eating any animal is barbaric. Perhaps some good will come of his actions.

  • Linda says:

    ok. So people are getting all riled up because Peta dumped some crap on the street? Hello people….. It’s ok for this man to promote eating the meat of a domestic animal? Why don’t we all just eat dog? Better yet maybe we should just start eating each other. Just because a creature can’t talk doesn’t mean we shouold eat it. I will not tell people what they can or can not eat but I will say that getting all upset over a load of crap is a joke! when these people are cruel and torturous that is ok? Peta can sometimes come on strong and even push harder than they should at times but they are making a difference and that is what counts! by the way if you decide to cancel your subscription over this then you really don’t get the cause and shouldn’t have been a member in the first place!

  • AnNa says:

    haha.. great. he deserves it. i honestly think that in his future programs he’s going to murder his pet if he has any and hasnt already killed it and cook it. i hate all forms of slaughter meat dairy vivisection etc and horse slaughter is some of the worst. anyone who actually looks into the eyes of a horse or cow or even a chicken and stopped to think “he could be my next burger” and think through everything they would go to would never eat meat. I did at age 11. except ramsay wouldnt. he is a terrible person. just watch his show. he always yells and probably abuses his family. if he cant have respect for the nicest forms of life like cows and horses he sure isnt going to respect his family. i bet they pretty much hate him. unless they are coldhearted like him.

  • Rhian says:

    I am a vegetarian and do not eat meat on moral and ethical grounds because I don’t agree with eating it myself. However I don’t have a problem with what Gordon Ramsay does and promotes on his programme. If people want to eat animals the way that he does it is the best possible way he raises the animals to make sure they have decent lives and then kills them in a way which minimises pain and suffering. All the animal is used up and there is little waste. This is far better for the animals themselves rather than the awful chicken and pig farms and the amount of wastage that there is these days. On the horse meat issue if you will eat cows and pigs and chickens then eating horse is no different. Again I would not eat any of those things but it would be hypocrital to eat some animals but not others. Peoples reations are purely based on the ‘cuteness’ of an animal and as they have them as pets can’t face eating them.

  • Angel says:

    Hahaha the picture made me laugh and the horse is cute

  • Paul says:

    Judith I wouldn’t dream of eating a horse steak. The idea of it leaves a bad taste in my mouth I just wouldn’t dump a load of horse manure round someone’s house who had. Just because I disagreed with PETA’s actions you have labelled me as someone who does in typical PETA fashion without asking. I actually understand your message but as soon as someone dislikes a petty action executed by PETA I have to be told to enjoy my horse steak.

  • Caroline says:

    Just the thought of somebody wanting to eat horse meat makes me sick. Horses are magnificent but so are chickensdeerspigscows and every other beautiful creature the lord created. Meat is unecessarypeople can definitely do away with it from their diet if they want to unfortunately some are so recalcitrant they won’t budge. If only they would comprehend the plight the hapless animals go through on a daily basis… Caroline

  • Brittany says:

    I don’t know how many comments I’ve read above that agree with the slaughter of horses but all of the people who wrote them are heartless twisted and fat fuckers who are going to burn in hell. FUCK PEOPLE WHO EAT MEAT!!! VEG 4 LIFE!!!!! 3

  • Rodolphe fleury says:

    A big bravo to Peta! Gordon Ramsay is a horrible person he got what he deserves! The guy despises vegans and veggies he once served a dish with meat to a veggie pretending it was vegetarian and said he’ll disown his kids if they were vegetarians. Just the way he treats his staff shows how despicable this man is.

  • Maya says:

    Stuart amen. You took the words right out of my mouth. PETA has a serious infantile side that makes them look like spoiled children. What’s really sad is that I’m a veterianary nurse animal rescuer and wildlife rehabber and PETA has damaged the animal rights movement. They have helped many animals with their actions but their campaigns have set the movement back 30 years. People won’t listen to any of us now because of them. They think I’m going to burn their house down just because I want to educate them. Doug please don’t give medical advice without any credentials. It has nothing to do with nutrients. People with celiac’s disease have a problem with absorbing nutrients because their immune systems attack their small intestine even if they are careful with their diets. They can’t just “go vegan”. There are 3 components to nutrition nutrients absorbtion and bioavailabitlity. And in England many words are spelled differently including medical terms.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    Steven One thing I have learned in life is that we can agree to disagree and still remain civil to each other. It may be hard but at least I am working at it. But my right is also speaking out about the slaughtering of animals and how I appose it. Just like you show your views because you also have a free voice and and a free mind and I respect that. I guess that is what makes this world go round. So I am taking a sip of green tea and toasting to civility to one another. Judith

  • silent tongue says:

    appreciate your statement peace!!!!

  • Steven says:

    Judith Silent Tongue et al Vegetarian food is fine and I eat it quite often. I know you can get some lovely vegetarian meals so my comment before was out of hand. I was just getting a bit angry at how blinkered you all seem to be with your complete refusal to see both sides of the argument. Like I said I agree with much of what PETA stands for and can’t stand seeing animals like battery hens being kept in inhumane conditions animals being killed for fur dancing bears etc. Calling Gordon Ramsay a cold hearted bastard and saying you hope I suffer one day too is completely out of order though and you completely discredit the good work PETA does by acting so immaturely and pulling stunts like the horse manure. The animals that Ramsay keeps on his show are kept in the best possible conditions and are also slaughtered without stress or pain. He didn’t enjoy seeing his pigs die in the last series but feels it is important such things are shown on TV so people realise where food actually comes from.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    Dear Paul Enjoy your Horse Steak… Judith

  • Paul Roseveare says:

    PETA is such a contradictory and one sided organisation. On the one hand publishing posters saying giving children meat is abuse and on the other saying support our big brother contestant who is a massive supporter of PETA. You know the one that spent ages cooking a chicken in the house for everyone. These kind of stunts do nothing but degrade a message you are trying to get across or force people into. It’s not the way to succeed and to be frank makes you look incredibly foolish.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    Thank You Thank You Thank You Steven I have been waiting for your post and bless your heart you have not disappointed me. You are what the Doctors refer to as a “Classic Bully.” It’s your way or no way. God I hate being right all the time. You need to start reading what the real Doctors write. Giving vitamins is a given for everyone. You can get proteins in so many other wonderful foods other than meat. You need to get out of that cave you live in and start learning. I remember speaking with a Doctor about some mental midget that told him “when you pick all of you veggies from the garden you are killing them” what a riot I loved this Doctors response. He said when you pick your veggies they grow back beautiful as ever but kill a farm animal and cut his legs off and plant them in the ground and all you get is death and disease yum yum this is what your body is filled with. By the way my now 7 year old Grandboy has been moved up 2 grades and he is class Rep. He also works at the Humane Society for youth. I would say a pretty good start for a 7 year old. But something you may say is say lock that kid up and throw away the key……. I am laughing so hard I must go. I have said all I have to say. I shan’t be posting to you anymore. Because you have proved me right. I Love You Sweet Boy There is still hope for you… Judith The Buddhist

  • silent tongue says:

    to steven stop your stoneage comment and rather have a look at! there you shall see how many nobel price winners are vegetarians and i don’t think that they have behavioral problems but you have them because you and all meataddicted slaves here you just love meat and you don’t care a fuck if another living being suffers for it and i hope from all my heart that you too shall suffer one day! Yes!

  • kelly says:

    Gordon Ramsay is old and in the way. His celebrity is fading and he pulls stunts like this to try to get attention. He’s a fool dancing for thr peasants.

  • Steven says:

    Response to Judith’s comment. Your comment is entirely innaccurate. You fail to address the fact that horses that are slaughtered for meat would have never existed or been raised were it not for that purpose. While its not Walt Disney material the slaughter of such animals is a tricky process and not without faults. You would be hard pressed to proclaim that you have never messed up at work now and then either. Second point. You and the parents of your grandson should be prosecuted for pushing your beliefs on a child that deserves to make up his own mind on matters. Eating meat is not an option. The development of the human brain especially in small children is solely dependent on proteins that meat provide. Lack of meat can also cause Iron deficiencies that can cause behavioral problems in children and lead to serious health issues. Although I’m sure you’ll be quick to respond that you are supplementing his nutritional needs with vitamins and such secretly deep down inside you know your lifestyle is unnatural.

  • Judith, Freedom Fighter says:

    We have been told over and over again how very humane slaughtering an animal is. Well hear this I recieved one of my newsletters yesterday. Here it goesas told by 2 investigators at The Municipal Slaughterhouse in Juarez Mexico to document the slaughter of horses. “A white horse was jolted with a shock stick into the 3’x 8′ kill box” “A worker grabbed the back of her neck feeling for the spinal cord. Seconds later he stabbed her and she fell hard to the ground then stood upright. Again the hand struck her. This time she did not get up Her body quivered while ALL OF THE WORKERS CHEERED….. What nice people…How kind. This little mare came from America….. To the monsters that see nothing wrong with this I have one thing to say please do not have children for you will make their lives horrific. My grandson stopped eating meat at 6 years old. His school has started a group called “be kind to animals.” These are the kind of children that we all hope will someday become our leaders. And Meat will be obsolete. Judith The Buddhist

  • KathyF says:

    Carlos your comment was obviously written by one of those stupid commenters who hasn’t been at this site often enough to know the writer is British. I also live in Britain and have visited France many times but have never felt the urge to eat horses.