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Gordon Ramsay’s Latest Stunt Is a Pile of Crap

Written by PETA | May 15, 2007

For those of you who haven’t heard of him, Gordon Ramsay runs a restaurant and hosts a TV show in England, where celebrity chefs are worshipped as a form of minor deity. Despite having only 5 TV channels for the entire country, the Brits have more cooking shows even than they have antiques shows, and they have the highest number of celebrity chefs per capita in the entire world. So in England, Gordon Ramsay is a kind of a big deal. He’s also a cold-hearted animal hater—which is where PETA UK comes in to the story. Evidently, Mr. Ramsay’s latest stunt has been to encourage British people to eat more horse meat, even going so far as to feature a horse-meat barbeque on his show, The F-Word. PETA UK’s response to his antics was as swift as it was smelly, and the pictures of their horse-manure dump outside Gordon’s restaurant this morning have been going everywhere in the British media. You can check out some of the press coverage here.

Gordan Ramsay horse manure dump

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  • Cobalt says:

    To the butthurt people complaining that “why are people who dont support animal rights even posting on this website”: if you have the rights to support people who terrorize a restaurant KNOWING there are meat serving there, then people who disagree with peta/this action have the rights to say so in this disgusting site, knowing it’s full of vegetarian/vegans. Don’t be a hypocrite.

  • bmj says:

    The episode I saw was how he wanted people to try horse milk. I really hope he didn’t do one for horse meat.

  • dom says:

    i detest Ramsay but there’s no call to slag off the UK…we don’t “worship chefs” here having 5 terrestial tv channels can only be a good thing when I look at the junk that the US offers us. looks like Ramsay is more of a “big deal” in the US these days where his foul mouth aggression bullying seems to be popular with tv viewers…I wish he’d stay there he is an appalling person like so many other Brits popular in the US Cowell Morgan Osbourne is a terrible advert for Britain.

  • Katie says:

    So..I have to say that I don’t like the Ramsey show..he is quite a prick. And I don’t agree with eating animals because of the way they are raised and all the pain they experience in their short life spans sure there are some who are raised humanely but they are few and far between..I also think that premoting the eating of horse meat on public t.v is a bad idea because there are already enough different animals being slaughtered for meat we don’t need yet another!! C’mon!! I think PETA does do a lot of good work helping out animals but was it really necessary to dump manure in front of this guys restaurant?? I guess any attantion is at least something was done to show disgust for eating horse meat but I wish PETA would start doing protests that get people interested without turning them off..

  • carl says:

    all i can say is each to there own if you want to eat meat whatever kind then do so same as vegetarians the problem with this country is were too bloody picky if you knew where half the stuff comes from you would all starve where would all the cows sheep pigs ect ect go if we didn’t eat them so get off your moral high horse no pun intended by the way and let people decide for themselves what they do and don’t want to eat

  • Louise says:

    Peta sayz that people would not eat their family pet so they shouldn’t eat any other animal. But horse are used for soap and dog food they are recycled nothing is wasted were as if you don’t let natural go it becomes unbalecend but what i am trying to say is that we can’t go around killing everything we see but we cant protect everything thats just how the world is. really people think that peta is a bunch of nutjobs because they have no construtive arguement and are really immature bunch of people they just stupid stunts and except the world to change because of it they have to take a look at the world around them.

  • Louise says:

    I think that peta has nothing better to do but dump horse shit on a person that has there own openion i think that peta force their openion on people and they go about wrong how they spread their message

  • andi reilly says:

    Why are people who dont support animal rights even posting on this website? Its a place for vegetariansvegans etc to gather not heartless supporters of the meat industry! no freedom of speech then? rather stay insular and forget the outside world exists? no point even commenting on non vegetariansnon vegans then is there?

  • Ruby says:

    Why are people who dont support animal rights even posting on this website? Its a place for vegetariansvegans etc to gather not heartless supporters of the meat industry!

  • Lewis says:

    i really fail to see how this will stop people eating horse meat. Won’t it just make PETA seem like an immature group of hippies? This is nearly terrorism intimidating normal people in a normal place doing normal things to try convert people to believe what they believe. PETA will stop at nothing to get what they want and that means they’re dangerous.