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Goose Ruffles Feathers Outside Mall

Written by Michelle Kretzer | December 5, 2012

An 8-foot-tall goose on a busy sidewalk is enough to make people do a double-take. But an 8-foot-tall goose who has had his feathers ripped out is enough to make people stop in their tracks.

PETA’s goose made feathers fly in order to ask holiday shoppers to save geese’s skin.

PETA’s goose is touring the country asking people to be benevolent to birds.

As the hurried shoppers stopped to gape at the goose, they readily accepted information about the cruel down industry. People were horrified to learn that geese are often held down while workers yank out their feathers by the fistful. The birds are often left with gaping wounds, which the workers hastily sew closed without any painkillers.

As shoppers learned, it couldn’t be easier to be a friend to fowl. Many companies, including Martha Stewart, The Company Store, and Lands’ End, offer bedding or coats made with high-tech synthetic materials like PrimaLoft® and Thinsulate™ that are as warm as down but, unlike bird feathers, don’t lose the ability to insulate when they get wet.

Join compassionate shoppers in taking PETA’s pledge to be down-free and make a goose’s day.