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Goodbye, Our Little Rock Star—We Still Love You So

Written by Alisa Mullins | March 12, 2013

It breaks our hearts to report the passing of Roxie “Rock Star” Patterson, a little wiggly slip of a dog with an exuberant personality as big as a 20,000-seat stadium. Roxie was rescued 11 years ago by PETA cruelty caseworkers after one of the other dogs in her home killed the family’s cat and started eyeing her next. The caseworkers discovered that poor little Roxie was also being bullied by the family patriarch because she wasn’t “macho” enough. Roxie won the heart of former PETA Foundation Director Jannette Patterson and thereafter went with her everywhere. She seemed to enjoy flying and napping under Jannette’s airplane seat, always ready to give her a smooch upon arrival.

We knew Roxie by another name, too—”Noodlehead,” for her silly natural ’80s hairband hairdo. She became internationally famous after she was featured on the cover of Animal Times and the PETA calendar, on PETA holiday cards, and in a spay-and-neuter public service announcement with John McEnroe. She was even chosen by the New York Daily News as New York City’s Ugliest Dog (go figure).

To commemorate the 11 years that she shared with Roxie, Jannette is dedicating the next 11 days to helping other animals who are abused, as Roxie once was. For every dollar that Jannette spends on non-essential items (such as shoes, clothing, books, and coffee-shop lattes) during the next 11 days, she is going to donate an equal amount to PETA’s “Roxie Rules” Matching Fund—and she’s asking her friends, family, and fellow PETA members to do the same.

We know that Roxie’s passing leaves a big hole in Jannette’s heart and in the universe. We are grateful that Jannette, in typically kind Jannette fashion, has chosen to channel her grief into helping us rescue the next canine rock star out there waiting for a chance to show everyone what she’s got. Rock on, Roxie.

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  • Christine says:

    My heart aches for you, Jannette. Your kindness for animals is such a lovely way to honor your sweet girl. The “Roxie Rules” fund is a good reminder that something beautiful can come from our saddest hours. Warm hugs to you!

  • RRamsey says:

    I had the pleasure of knowing sweet Roxie as well as her wonderful guardian Jannette, who’s also a rock star…for animals. Roxie was a gorgeous, lively, much-loved dog who will never be forgotten. Thank you, PETA and Jannette, for saving this sweet girl and doing so much to help animals. XO

  • Wanda says:

    Roxie was blessed to have been found by Jannette and have her become her guardian…No one could have given her more than the wonderful full life that she had with Jannette. From the time that they found each other they were constant loving companions to each other. Roxie a had eyes for Jannette only, regardless of other people,dogs, cows, it did not matter, Well maybe with the exception of chasing squirrels or birds. Roxie was velcroed to her. Wish all beings could be as caring about each other as they were. Hope you find the squirrel Roxie AKA: Princess, Noodlehead, Monkey