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More Good News From Taiwan

Written by PETA | June 15, 2007

taiwan_flag.jpgFor one reason or another, Taiwan is proving to be something of a golden child these days when it comes to passing progressive legislation that benefits animals. If things continue this way, the Dutch are going to need to start watching their backs or they’ll lose their current status as “most animal-friendly country” before you can say “Dude, where the hell did you get these ‘animal-friendly-country’ statistics from anyway?” Under Taiwan’s latest piece of legislation, the Wildlife Conservation Law, all animal circuses will be banned, exports of exotic animals as pets will be prohibited, and the punishment for “harassing, hurting, or abandoning animals” will include a maximum one-year prison term. Way to go, Taiwan!

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  • juju's mama says:

    don’t be fooled by Taiwan.. they made those laws just to fool the foreigners. There is no any reinforces on those matter so far. Animal cruelties are still be seen everyday in Taiwan. A poor little dachshund was just found alive at 5am near the market on the street in Taipei.. and his 95 of the skin was torn off from his body.. if you guys don’t believe I have pictures and the news link. Poor dachshund was dead 2 hours later. Torturing animals should be punished more than just a year. Police in taiwan don’t even take this case… what a sick country and I am so a shame to be associated with this sick country… what can I do to make a difference…… I can’t stop crying after seeing those pictures..

  • Elizabeth says:

    That’s amazing…I wish my contry canada would be half as friendly as Taiwan

  • rojo says:

    No animal circuses will not be banned. There is now no provision to import exotic animals into Taiwan except for research purposes. Existing animals and their offspring are allowed to continue performing. Sadly.

  • K says:

    lol Whoa! Way too go Taiwan!

  • Fred Boyle says:

    This is a great thing! And I would like to thank all the great personalities like his Holyness the Dalai Lama Pamela Anderson Andrea Boccelli Luciano Pavarotti JeanClaude Vandamme and many many others and of course PETA the Humane Society IDAUSA etc. for doing an enormous job without getting tired to come to this victory!

  • animal pride says:

    this is really really a surprise i mean what’s with the slaughtering of dogs and cats? If people there are really punished with at least one year prison if they are harassing hurting or abandoning animals i shall consider to travel to taiwan with my family for my next vacation and i ask my friends to join me!

  • Brianna Fritchey says:

    This is a wonderful step forward for the entire world. Way to go Taiwan!

  • Maya says:

    Wow. I had no idea Taiwan was this progressive. I’m impressed. Now I can treat myself to some handmade animal friendly Taiwanese merchandise!