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Golden Globes: We Couldn’t Have Picked ‘Em Better Ourselves

Written by PETA | January 16, 2007

Alec Baldwin.jpg

Two big winners at the Golden Globes on Monday are also longtime PETA supporters and outspoken advocates of vegetarianism. Alec Baldwin—whose harrowing narration of PETA’s Meat Your Meat video is permanently etched into the brains of countless ex-meat-eaters—took home the award for Best Actor in a TV comedy.

And Forest Whitaker, who won Best Actor in a Drama for his riveting performance in The Last King of Scotland, recently starred in a somewhat more lighthearted piece for PETA with his daughter, True. If you’re a fan of Forest’s work, you should definitely check that out:


In the meantime, our old friend Joaquin Phoenix presented the award for Best Actress in a Musical or Comedy, which was won by Meryl Streep. And last year’s “World’s Sexiest Vegetarian,” Prince, won the award for Best Song. The whole event could almost have been a PETA Gala, except with, like, awards for people doing a good job in movies instead of PETA employees in giant rat costumes (not to say that wasn’t really fun).

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  • lindsey boyle says:

    Did anyone see the red carpet interviews AFTER the golden globes? hideously ugly Vanessa Williams was wearing a fur shawl and was asked by the interviewee about it and if she was afraid of getting sprayed by any PETA members. She looked really rediculous and sounded even more rediculous trying to defend her coat. She said “Well I didn’t kill it so I figured I could wear it if it gets sprayed I’ll just take it back bloody.” What an idiot. Anyway just wanted to see if anyone saw it and what they thought.

  • K says:

    Oh I forgot to put Way to Go Guys! P

  • K says:

    Alec Baldwin? swoon That’s awesome.

  • SoCalMuchacha says:

    Then there was Vanessa Williams wearing fur…gag! Bad Vanessa bad Vanessa. Didn’t realize Forest was a vegetarian nor his daughter. Good to both of them.