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Goats Treated Like Garbage at Fort Lewis

Written by PETA | June 26, 2009
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Department of Defense Seal

This is hot off the press, folks. We just heard from an Army medic today that several goats who had been used in a trauma training exercise at Fort Lewis were allegedly discarded in sealed plastic bags even though they were still breathing.

The goats had been subjected to all sorts of horrific exercises, including having holes cut in their chests to relieve an induced massive buildup of pressure in their lungs, having their throats punctured, and having their ribs cracked open to expose their beating hearts, all before being injected with a chemical to induce cardiac arrest. Apparently, their vital signs weren’t checked before they were chucked into trash bags like rotten produce.

PETA has been arguing for months that such trauma training exercises are in violation of Department of Defense (DOD) rules that bar the use of animals for training exercises if humane alternatives exist (which they do, in abundance). But even if the DOD isn’t ready to cede that point, surely it can agree that suffocating animals in plastic bags is inexcusable.

Our whistleblower tells us that dozens more goats are slated to be used in trauma training exercises in the coming days and weeks, so we’re wasting no time in demanding that the exercises be stopped immediately. Read our letter to Fort Lewis and then see our action alert on this topic here.

Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • 1rst MEF says:

    ‘horrible how are they training on live animals when the first step in a combat sit. is to slap a damn tourniquet on the patient and drive on. next step is to call a med vac. and then a doc qualified personal whom went to school slaps a band aid on him and tells him to drink water and drive on…. Fcing Fobits…..

  • mary usher says:

    to be immune to sufffering and pain on animals …makes the person more inhumane and unfit to be a soldier…by being barbaric it rubs off on them….please stop this dreadful cruelty

  • Mary Jane says:

    To Gina Where are you getting this nonsense “Goats have evil eyes.” The only animal that can do evil is man. Goats are harmless vegetarians. I can only wonder what is going on in your head.

  • Robin says:

    They should use other soldiers in trauma training not animals!! Oh well I guess the insurgents in iraq and afghanistan will take care of it. “Stop torture” is right! These guys are dumb robots that’s all… they are not people they are sheeple.

  • Amy says:

    Oh my gosh! I specifically remember about 2 Summers ago I was driving down 8th Ave in Fort Lewis and came across 4 large stuffed trash bags dumped on the side of the road. I pulled over to investigate and all of them were packed FULL of dead goats. Little ones and big ones. I cried my eyes out! When I got home I did report it to the local sherrifs dept. of unincorporated pierce county which in turn they sent someone out by the next morning and they were picked up. I am just sick knowing that our country is doing this. No wonder theres so much anger towards us. Total hypocrits.

  • shelley says:

    I am a member of PETA and my husband is a military physician. Although our physicians and medics need the best possible training to save HUMAN LIVES there is no need to kill our ANIMALS FRIENDS torture them or otherwise act irresponsibly when there are so many other options virtual labs simulatorsetc. Thank you PETA for speaking out about this!

  • Debbie Pope says:

    I was an Army SGT. stationed at Ft. Lewis in the 80’s. I was called to an isolated area of the Fort to assist with Green Beret training. Turned out to be the “goat lab”. I threw a fit as best I could while surrounded by M16 toting GI’s. It was obvious I could not get out of the exercise so since I was a nurse with OR experience I thought I could at least see that the goats were given morphine or under under proper anesthesia during their procedures. I also checked the vital signs of each deceased animal who at that time were sent to be cremated. I know the military medics need good training we’re in 2 wars. But I know that there are dummy training aids that mimic the injury of a human. Blood doesn’t need to be flying from a living creature to train our military. And I’ve heard from MANY returning medics the goat lab taught them NOTHING about dealing with a fellow wounded soldier!

  • Emily Farnsworth says:

    O MY GAWD!!!! I have 4 pygmy goats and I couldn’t imagine people doing such horrid acts! I agree with Amy… It’s nice to see our my parent’stax$ going to good use!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GIJoe says:

    I would like to hear the other side of the story. It’s easy to pass judgment when you hear only one slanted viewpoint. Is the reason for using goats instead of nonliving training aides a result of cost? outdated policies? misinformation? Rather than spreading insults and judgements that only hamper dialog we should be engaging military authorities in constructive suggests and alternatives.

  • StreetBloggers says:

    I talked with an Army Captain Veterinarian who joined after learning about this ????? I know I don’t understand it either. It’s been happeing for some time now almost a year the army has already stated they would not stop these training exercises. By the way don’t push to hard under the patriot act you could be arrested!

  • Blake says:

    Certainly if these types of programs weren’t effective they wouldn’t exist. I’m not saying it’s justified but working with a real living being changes that of working with a dummy. Real blood real life real trying. Sure I don’t agree with what’s going on but I can also see where they’re coming from. I mean hunters do worse all the time. Heck and if you’re not a vegetarian then you have very little room to talk. I’m a pacifist and a vegetarian but I also see where this type of instruction could be useful. Oppose it openly if you will but at least consider the other side.

  • Claire says:

    how on Earth could osomeone do this to a livingbreathing feeling creature?!?!?!this is horrific barbaric and morally wrong. stupid tax dollars….

  • Shian says:

    the military is not something that should be mocked? are you kidding me? if this is the way they are treating animals then they are a joke. i used to respect the men and women fighting for this country but as ive gotten older im seeing more and more that this country is full of lies and greedy politicians and the army kills innocent animals just to follow some stupid order made by someone who has probably never seen a live goat! i have rescued many animals from abuse and i can see it in their eyes that they have souls and that they too feel suffering and pain when they are injured or traumatized and that they feel love and joy when treated with respect and care. animals deserve better. and so do the people in this country. im ashamed of our army.

  • john says:

    If Derek MD is correct regarding the utility of the ‘Trauma Man’ then using live animals should be phased out as soon as possible. Otherwise Shawn is right. As a former veteran I would never ever trade an animals life for that of a soldier. I have personally seen the pain of a parentchild destined to never see their loved one walk across their doorstep and I would trade any number of goats if it would prevent it from happening even once.

  • CAREN says:

    God is found nowhere in their souls. Stan lives there.

  • Kurt K says:

    Stoptorture There is a big difference with your logic and that of Shawns. Obviously I think you are totally wrong and I am offended that you could draw a comparison bt the Nazis and Al Queda with the Men and Women serving our country. Mock anybody you want but never mock the military. Especially when you sit behind you computer and night and type insults while they are living day to day putting their bodies and lives on the line so that others can live without fear and oppresion. The fact of the matter is the men and women in the armed forces are this country’s best you sir are one of the worst for saying such things. You owe the military more than you will ever know.

  • jeannie grundon says:

    What they do to these animals they should have done to them and there family My husband spent 22 years in the Army he would have done something about this.

  • stoptorture says:

    SHAWN Just because nonhumanbodied individuals are mentally and physically limited due to the bodies they were born with which could have been you that does not justify such evil to them. Or maybe the mentally or physically disabled humans and the poor and elderly and criminals and certain races should also be vivisected? Yes for the good of the whole and for the good of the nation’s warriors certainly experimenting on such beings is justified right? No. So in this regard our nation’s warriors are then no better then Al Qaeda and Nazis if this kind of absolute abomination is what they are to be made of. Our nations’s warriors you say as if it is so great? Well then if it is so great it obviously should have no place for such an outrageous atrocity as this. Our military commits many atrocities on feeling beings always has. Our whole nation commits a holocaust. They boil alive billions of feeling individuals. They have gas chambers and torture rooms and death camps for billions of feeling individuals who feel terror and agony. Yes such a great nation so much better than its enemies! No the United States is hell on earth for billions of individuals who are tortured to death. The United States may as well be Nazi Germany or Al Qaeda to the billions of beings that it tortures to death and that is factual.

  • Kelly says:

    This is so sad

  • Ciara Lanza says:

    I can’t believe these monstrous things are happening! How could people have the heart more like no heart to do this?!

  • Joanna says:

    How is it when I take my dog to the vet I am counseled that I should authorize the vet to use the best available practice in pain management for my pet yet the Army seems to think any amount of pain is acceptable? Shouldn’t the military follow the same basic level of care as a licesensed vet when operating on animals? You’d think if the trainees are intending to help people they could start by learning to treat animals sympathetically.

  • Barbara Perrin says:

    What does it mean that artificial targets don’t compare to living ones?? That without seeing blood splashing from a harmless terrified SOCIAL creature is actually more entertaining and educational for the troops? The fact that 12 training programs use animals and 189 don’t goes in fact to show that animals are not really needed at all. We are not TRADING the glorious warriors’ lives for those of animals here we are saying that the warriors could show mercy by using different NONLIVING NONSUFFERING NONTERRIFIED moving targets to blow to pieces. I guess that wouldn’t be as much fun for the very humane heroes you seem to be describing here who don’t even feel the need to end these creatures suffering but decide to bag them still alive and in agonizing pain into the rubbish.

  • Derek, MD says:

    This list shows how out of date the military is in their training of trauma situations. This is a list of all the animal and nonanimal based Advanced Trauma Life Support classes in the US and Canada I think…short story is 12 programs use animals and 189 do not. httpwww.pcrm.orgreschPDFs6.15.0920PCRM20Survey20of20U.S.20and20Canadian20ATLS20Programs.pdf

  • Derek, MD says:

    Shawn I know your training is limited to field stabilization however I assure you that there are alternatives that are far more accurate than utilizing a goat for trauma training such as “Trauma Man.” I have yet to see a goat as a patient in my office or ER. Humane training is in no way “trading an animal’s life for that of one of our nation’s warriors.” The use of a nonanimal model will only provide a higher level of training and expertise. On another note those in the military much like those in the medical community are desensitized enough to the plight of suffering creatures. Why add to this misery?

  • Shawn says:

    Just to let everybody know. This practice is not limited to Ft. Lewis it a constant practice at virtually every military post. I am an army medic and there is no subsitute for working on a breathing creature. There is alternatives however it is not nearly as real or accurate. How dare all of you!!! How could you trade an animals life for that of one of your nations warriors?

  • ellie says:

    i’m so completely REVOLTED to know what is going on here. Animals are living and hey just ’cause they’re goats it doesn’t mean that they’re not feeling pain. So what then those cruel people wouldn’t mind us cutting gaping holes in them then throwing them away like trash. It’s WRONG and if you ask me just totally heartless!!!!

  • AAG says:

    alw Wake up and smell the blood and see and hear the violnce. WillyThe only thing evil is what is done to the goats who are harmless and innocent.

  • Cory says:

    How can people do this to living breathing creatures?? Horrible!!


    Department of Defense With all due respect I do understand that our military is required to go through trauma training. However the barbaric acts going on by the Army in Fort Lewis is unacceptable and cruel There are goats being blugeonged for trauma training. They are being brutally killed and then disposed off sometimes thrown away while still alive. This is a violation of DOD policies. Please enforce this rule and stop this violence immedialtey. Thank you in advance for you time. I hope the DOD will do the right thing.

  • carla says:

    When will the human race wake the fk up??????

  • Sarah says:

    That’s our tax dollars hard at work everybody.

  • Amber Rose says:

    I was shocked to hear of this horrific news!!! My husband works at Fort Lewis! He doesn’t work for the military but this is happening just 15 minutes away from us. I wish there was something I could do. I’m in complete shock!!! It’s animal cruelty which I thought was illegal in America. If something like this happens you would think that it would be taken care of immediately. What the hell it’s illegal!!! The military shouldn’t be aloud to get away with this! No one should! There has to be help!! Please someone out there help!

  • Debbie says:

    Thanks PETA for always being there for the animals. My government does not do the right thingever it seems. But I can always count on PETA to speak for those who have been silenced.

  • Amy says:

    My dad was in the military and was a Vietnam Veteran. He died in June 08 they believe from being exposed to Agent Orange. He never breathed correctly and lived in pain most of his life. The military has many secretes such as this where they dont like to tell the truth about what goes on behind the scenes. Its a sad shame that our tax money is wasted on animal cruelty.

  • Brien Comerford says:

    The military has also trauamtized whales dolphins and other marine mammals with sonar and other destructive military aquatic devices.

  • Cherida Hivale says:

    When will governments wake up ans put an end to this cruelty. There seems to be no end to the lengths of cruelty that humans will go to. It makes me sick

  • A Concerned Solider says:

    It’s very true! Fort Lewis is FORCING soliders to go through “goat training” even if they don’t want to. Soilders are desprately trying to get out of this by going through their chain of command but no one listens. Please help 80 goats died last week and 80 more will be dying this week

  • Karen says:

    I really hate my state sometimes. sighs

  • chelsea stuebner says:

    OMG that’s terrible. Poor goats!

  • alw says:

    Discussing your Jesus pics. I don’t believe animals should be abused or mistreated or used for clothing. However in the bible it says we have domain over animals in fact over all created things. That we are not to eat ONLY unclean animals. Most animals are here for us to eat. Say farm animals. That’s why God made them with protien. Leviticus. 724″Speak to the children of Israel saying These are the living things which you may eat among all the animals that are on the earth.”

  • Willy says:

    Goats have evil eyes

  • Gina says:

    HOW AWFUL! Someone needs to stop these people at once.

  • Steffani Magnus says:

    Truly the enlisted soldiers are our mothers fathers daughters sons sisters and brothers and friends. Factually these beloved are not here for the mental suffering they must be forced to do or see. Furthermore the abhorrent practices are those of the 19th Century. We as a society have furthered ourselves from such. The military is however showing that they are all ‘jarheads.’ Beyond that there is no excuse or justification from this as we have the knowledge and power to seek alternative training methods. Get with the program get ‘squaredaway’ and become passionate.

  • lynda downie says:

    Outrageous! Shame on the military at Fort Lewis! Thank you Peta for your quick response to this reprehensible activity.

  • Tiera says:

    I think it’s really sad for the animals and VERY sick that those people are so heartless they can afflict that sort of pain upon something. Hopefully they come back as the animals they hurt and have to feel the same pain. those poor little babies.

  • Joycey Berry says:

    This is cruel and needs to end. How would you like tis done to you. Animals feel fear and pain too. Do the right thing and end this.

  • Rev. Meg Schramm says:

    Apparently the brass supervising this neglected to double check the victims before they were bagged nothing ever changes. One of the chief complaints of POW and concentration camp guards in every conflict is finding victims unlucky enough to still be alive when they were supposed to be dead. This will only stop when we no longer have wars.

  • Mary Jones says:

    It’s nice to see our tax dollars at work. Absolutely disgusting…

  • Brien Comerford says:

    What person with any type of heart or soul could be so egregiously cruel to innocent and harmless goats !