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Goats Treated Like Garbage at Fort Lewis

Written by PETA | June 26, 2009
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Department of Defense Seal

This is hot off the press, folks. We just heard from an Army medic today that several goats who had been used in a trauma training exercise at Fort Lewis were allegedly discarded in sealed plastic bags even though they were still breathing.

The goats had been subjected to all sorts of horrific exercises, including having holes cut in their chests to relieve an induced massive buildup of pressure in their lungs, having their throats punctured, and having their ribs cracked open to expose their beating hearts, all before being injected with a chemical to induce cardiac arrest. Apparently, their vital signs weren’t checked before they were chucked into trash bags like rotten produce.

PETA has been arguing for months that such trauma training exercises are in violation of Department of Defense (DOD) rules that bar the use of animals for training exercises if humane alternatives exist (which they do, in abundance). But even if the DOD isn’t ready to cede that point, surely it can agree that suffocating animals in plastic bags is inexcusable.

Our whistleblower tells us that dozens more goats are slated to be used in trauma training exercises in the coming days and weeks, so we’re wasting no time in demanding that the exercises be stopped immediately. Read our letter to Fort Lewis and then see our action alert on this topic here.

Written by Alisa Mullins

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  • John Sellers says:

    Completely disgusting that this is allowed to take place. Don’t worry people the people reasponsible for this will get what is coming to them.

  • jun ele says:

    im praying that god will punish those people in military who do cruel things in animals hope they realise that those animals are our fellow creation.we have no rights to harm or kill them by any means

  • Christian Cardenas says:

    I served in Fort Lewis as a Medic in the 90’s and I trained at Fort Sam Houston as a medic. It makes me sick to have served for life and liberty for who? Certainly these animals were included in what I thought I was fighting for. It revolts my stomach to know that all that ARMY pride crap is nothing but a cover story. How can my country do this? I regret serving! That IS NOT THE RIGHT THING TO DO! Life liberty and justice for all is a JOKE! SHAME ON YOU ARMY! I saved plenty of lives without this outrage b.s. training! if you can call it that!

  • kristina says:

    Crystal I think that its you that need help. not all of the sympathic PETA members. We CARE for all creatures humans included but someone has to be the voice of the poor animals that is being treated like a feelingless object. Animals are people to! Stop being such a narrowminded person and instead open your eyes to whats going on. Ever looked into the eyes of an animal? I think you would be surprised to see that they to have feelings and a soul.

  • Kortnie says:

    I can deal with the overwhelming concern for animal rights. Don’t get me wrong I love animals too. But for everyone who has posted on this blog..Please remember the real reason that these practices are being done. Soldiers are not left a choice to practice on these animals and with the opportunity to practice medical treatment on a life specie is an advantage. Just think everyone visiting this website is directly or indirectly associated with a loved on in the military. Withought these Combat Medics thousands of more lives will have been lost. You need to think outside the box. Sure there may be other ways to practice medical operations but think about it? You cannot go shoot a person for medical practice. And once a combat medic is trained the Army does require them to work in a hospital to deal with live patients. But without that prior experience with animals these soldiers would be incompetent. Please stop pointing fingers and acting disresepectful to those fighting for our country. Soldiers are not acting cruel and heartless they are not enoying seeing animals being tortured but they are not left a choice.

  • John says:

    I was at my friends house and saw a schedule of where and when these trainings take place I took the sheet I want to report it .. does anyone know who I can go to?

  • Susan says:

    I was absolutely shocked when I read this story. I live a matter of miles away from the base and had no idea. C’mon… Ft. Lewis have some respect. Any one who could and would hurt these goats and other animals would also violate the rights of people. Ft. Lewis you are a bunch of cowards…Shame on you

  • tawny says:

    i am soo horrified at this. Not only Goats but ALL animals should be treated with respect. I will never buy a fur coat ever again in my life now that i have been exposed to these gruesome gory videos! Its dispicable to think people just like you and me would have the heart to be this unthouughtful to animals.

  • Mary van der Berg says:

    Thank you PETA for consistant conscientious compassion concern. You are the voice of all those who deeply abhor totally senseless cruel treatment of innocent animals. When will the MAJORITY be the voice of compassion care? Not the inverse. You are shaking up in me the need to be heard to stop being in the majority of the silent ones burying heads in the sand because that is so much more convenient. Mary.Australia

  • sabina says:

    it is amasing that us as humans take some living breathing thing with feelings and do such horrific things. it is beyond horrible. expecially for the goverment to be allowing it. what else is next. testing on us without our concent. they can all go to hell whoever is involved in my opion. i will show them the way.

  • zai says:

    that was so disgusting!!! I hope that the people who was practicing those cruelty should be put into jail… Poor goats…

  • lol says:

    think treating goats like that is right?why don’t i treat you like a goat

  • Crystal says:

    And it’s exactly this type of training that saves HUMAN lives in combat. So what do you suggest…that we conduct these exercises on humans? Wait this is PETA…you sickos probably do think that. How about some of you line up for combat training and save a goat or two? These men and women put their lives on the line for you every day. EVERY DAY. Your tax dollars are hard at work training the most advanced military in the world. Most of you wouldn’t even qualify to enlist. You should get down on your knees and be thankful we have our military. Without them you wouldn’t have the right to bitch and moan about what probably amounts to two sickly goats this close to dying anyway. Honestly this disgusts me but what disgusts me more is PETA in general. You people all need help. I won’t be back to check this because it’s obvious what all of you have to say but I am entitled to my opinion as much as you are yours. I honestly doubt you’ll even publish this because I speak the truth and truth is not something your organization handles well. I support animal rights and am all for treating animals with dignity and respect. However PETA’s sadistic scare tactics i.e. giving little kids nightmares about slaughtered chickens and reckless over dramatic antics make me a life long member of the antiPETA club. And trust me I’m not alone. I am a damn proud Army wife and whatever it takes to bring all our HUMAN men women home safe is ok in my book.

  • shelley says:

    to the above poster who wrote “these guys are dumb robots”….maybe you should think twice about talking trash about the medics and doctors who provide lifesaving services to the men and women who are needlessly sent to war and injured and killed all for our freedom. you may not agree with their treatment of animals for their practice of medical life saving techniques but to personally attack the soldiers who have no choice in the manner in which they train is ignorant…maybe you should thank these people who give all for YOUR SAFETY instead of calling them mindless robots especially when you are comfortable sitting in your home under the blanket of freedom that they provide.

  • jazmin esmeralda says:

    es una groseria hacer esto con victimas inocentes que sufren dolores inexplicables en sus pobres cuerpos no es nesesario exponer a animalitos inofensivos tal sangrienta y dolorosa muerte solo por insensibilisar a esos desgraciados soldados que si bien es cierto ya tienen el corazon podrido de maldades pero han olvidado lo mas importante y es que hasta de eso daran cuenta ante el trono de Dios porque el ha creado las personas y los animales y el es el unico que puede dar y quitar lavida a quien El quiera los animalitos se pueden comer pero hay que darles muerte digna ya sin dolor no como lo hacen este tipo de animales perdon peor que animales.

  • Kevin says:

    This is another example we live on a barbaric planet where the majority of people have souls lacking compassion and sensitivity for animals. Beyond being revolted the worst part of all is we as American Taxpayers are paying for this horrific abuse of animals. This is nothing new though. All the militaries worldwide have always been and still are abusing animals every day especially in gruesome bio warfare experiments as well as this type of abuse in medical field training. Prayers sent for all the animals suffering on this planet each and every day.

  • pam collins says:

    My son is stationed at Fort Lewis and it makes me sick to think he may have to take part in such disgusting and unlawful behavior in order to protect our country!!! Someone NEEDS to step in!!!

  • Mark Howell says:

    How do people become so sick that they cease to care about life or have the slightest bit of compassion for living creatures?