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Go Daddy CEO Named ‘Scummiest’

Written by PETA | March 29, 2011

Bob Parsons, CEO of Go Daddy, is so heinous that we created an award just for him: the Scummiest CEO of the Year Award.

Parsons recently boasted on his blog that he traveled to Zimbabwe to shoot elephants and posted a graphic video of the slaughter. He tried to justify the killing by pointing out that elephants sometimes eat farmers’ crops, saying, “It’s one of the most beneficial and rewarding things I do.”


We don’t see how it could be “beneficial” or “rewarding” to mow down animals who are among the most intelligent and social on Earth. Elephants reason, use tools, and have exceptional memories. They are the only species besides humans, great apes, and dolphins who have been shown to be “self aware” (meaning that they can recognize themselves in a mirror).

Elephants form deep bonds and comfort and protect each other. Their mourning rituals over the death of a family member rival any that we humans have developed. How many elephants are mourning the family member whom Parsons killed for fun? And it certainly was for fun, since there are many humane ways to keep elephants away from crops, like chili-infused string, cowbells, and spotlights.

PETA is canceling our account with Go Daddy and taking our domain-name business elsewhere—and we’re asking everyone to do the same. Please email Bob Parsons and tell him you will not use Go Daddy’s services until he agrees to stop shooting animals.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Joe says:

    I just cancelled both of my accounts with GoDaddy. It pains me that any fraction of my non-refundable fees has lined his pocket. thanks PETA for bringing his actions to my attention. I may not get any money back, but I can certainly encourage others to cancel and look elsewhere.

  • ssuzanne says:

    I told Go Daddy PEACE OUT and LEFT! Will NEVER use their services ever again! I am an animal friend!

  • Lisa says:

    Bob Parsons SUCKS and deserves the same treament he’s given the elephants, it is however only fair. He deserves no respect.  OMG I thought I would never feel this way about a human but it disgusts me.  

    WHY are humans so cruel, evil, and greedy, besides the fact that they’re selfish, judgmental, materialistic, and hypocritical??  Humans are all these to a certain degree, we do have our faults, it’s as they say “human nature”, BUT not to the extent it has gotten.  So why do we humans have to go above and beyond being greedy, selfish, hypocritical, judgmental, materialistic??  Why can’t they think about others for a change??  Haven’t humans done enough damage to the world and its inhabitants? Pretty soon there will be nothing good left of this world because of humans.  We are destroying the planet.  Isn’t it time for humans to start doing what is right and stop abusing and killing everything in our path??  It is a choice, let’s make the right choice and HELP those that truly need to be helped and stop being so greedy and selfish.  Think about it, we were not born into doing evil, it is a choice humans make.  A choice to do evil to the innocent, to the planet; the environment, vegetation, animals and even to other humans.  This evil needs to be stopped.  Enough is enough!!  We need to stop turning the other cheek, it’s time to stand up for what is right.  A CHOICE to do what is right.


  • Paula Marie says:

    I’ll never utilize their services and will continue to influence my network not to as well. Anyone that harms or kills animals for fun is a disgusting respresentation of a “human”.

  • HatestoShop says:

    Mr. Parsons, Enjoy your reward; you deserve it thoroughly. I know that you’re proud of yourself, but really you should be walking around with your tail between your legs. Why don’t you take up another hobby, and quit behaving like the moron that you obviously are?

  • littlefaith says:

    So typical of a balless coward.Too much money and nothing to do with it. Prove you are a real man and fight the elephant, one on one,no weapons,bare hands…I didn’t think so coward.

  • Luc says:

    Pauvres créatures. Il est impensable que l’on puisse laisser faire de tels minables et que rien ne soit fait pour faire cesser ces monstruosités.

  • Anne-Marie says:

    C’est monstrueux de traiter de malheureux animaux avec autant de violences. Il faut être abjecte pour se conduire de la sorte. Je souhaite vraiment à ces tortionnaires de payer chèrement leurs cruautés.

  • P Guevara says:

    These animals are not eating your crops. How are you providing a service? Help to have them relacated, or have other sources of food. These animals are almost extinct.

  • Rainey says:

    Bob Parsons should respectfully donate the thousands of dollars he spent on his deadly vacation to programs that help farmers without killing elephants ~~ what kind of a persons does Parsons think he is? Is he looking for recognitions/fame or what. What next for Parsons -killing gorillas, Dolphins, whales or clubbing baby seals..Is this an enjoyment he gets..what a shame..what kind of a man have so many of you admired is Bob Parsons? Hail to Alan Joseph, and hope many will follow.

  • billiho says:

    This asshole just wants the publicity. He’s not helping anyone and he knows it. He went big game hunting and his ego forced him to show the world what a big man he is with a gun. I moved all my domains and encourage anyone and everyone who has a conscience to do the same.

  • Anonymous says:

    Wow. I’m an omnivore and not the biggest fan of PETA, but this disgusts me. The elephant he killed was beautiful and had every right to live and find food so that it could survive in this harsh world. The villagers have every right to protect their crops using non-lethal means the assistance of a millionare who could buy the technology needed. That millionare does NOT have the right to shoot an innocent, intelligent creature. Shame on him.

  • Proman says:

    Bob Parsons went on a hunt Bob Parsons pulled a little stunt On behest of the locals Flashbulbs and focals Bob Parsons bagged an old elephant.

  • Rainer says:

    Bob Parsons went on a hunt Pulled a little stunt On behalf of a flashbulb Bagged an old elephant.

  • doosterbaan says:

    Just moved my domain to and am about to terminate the account. Just wish I could do that ten times over.

  • Jay says:

    It takes a person who is completely disconnected with nature to kill any animal just for sport. I know I share a common heritage with Bob Parsons and hope someday he will see the error of his ways.

  • time to move says:

    We are moving this sit and will be moving more. Between exploiting the sexuality of women and the Killing of Elephants is disgusting. I justed phoned goddady and the wait time is longer the usual – good to know others are also cancelling and going elsewhere

  • Alan says:

    Here is the letter I sent to the President of Dear Mr. Warren Adelman ([email protected]): As President of you like millions of others must find Bob Parson’s elephant slaughter and subsequent video posting the most disgusting, arrogant, unconscionable, and outrageous act in recent memory. With his billions, he could be building elephant reserves, providing farming assistance to the locals, giving mosquito netting to prevent malaria, providing disaster relief to Japan, or a host of other worthwhile and humanitarian causes. Instead, under the guise of protecting a sorghum field in Africa, he goes big game hunting of endangered, sentient elephants with a prominent logo on his hat. What’s next for Bob Parson, poisoning gorillas, harpooning whales, or maybe clubbing some baby seals? What a poor reflection of your corporate values and the people who work for you. Shame on you, Bob Parson, and GoDaddy! I am forwarding this communication to over 400 people and business associates on my distribution list, encouraging them to cease all business relations with, your sponsors, and affiliates. My personal and business associations with are severed, forever. Alan Joseph, a competitor of, is offering $4.99 transfers of domains with 20% of the proceeds going to

  • Regular_grind says:

    This is an individual who exploits the sexuality of women by trying to publish Superbowl ads that are routinely rejected by the sponsors. Then he kills animals who stand no chance of defense. It’s time to pay a few dollars more to register with a domain I need not be ashamed of.

  • Tasha says:

    I agree what he did is immoral and irrational to say that he killed the elephant so the villagers could eat it. I would never eat an elephant no matter how hungry I got! That’s just icky to do. I also agree that we should spread this to Jillian Michaels and other celebrities who have domain names on go daddy.

  • cheryl says:

    Totally disgusted!!! Please go to Jillian Michaels FB page and ask her to pull her endorsement with GoDaddy. Maybe if enough people voice their opinion about this she will sever ties with GoDaddy.

  • Donna says:

    Want to send Bob a message? Google and click “Go Daddy” his pay per click charges will cost him a bundle!

  • Marcus says:

    I am hosting a website with GoDaddy and was planning to move two other sites there. Now, I’m taking my business elsewhere. We all have a choice to make. Conscious people do not support this behavior. FYI, HostGator is an interesting hosting alternative to GoDaddy. They are 100% wind-powered. Pretty cool!

  • sking says:

    I am so glad this piece of *** was exposed and I hope his actions will haunt him and follow him to his grave. Let this be his last thought before he plunges into hell.

  • Mella says:


  • Rudy says:

    I just switched to 1&1 and I am so happy that I’m no longer with this company. hope they go down.

  • Tom says:

    NameCheap is great.For domain names. They even give you one year of whois gaurd for a dollar. I use to use godaady. Im stricktly useing namecheap now. Hostgator is good for hosting.

  • ANIMAL-LOVER says:


  • Jeff says:

    Everyone should use VEGCHICA.COM its a pro animal rights web based hosting and domain registrar even before this though i used because they are a vegan company and proceeds go towards peta. Also before this has been a huge supporter and donor for the rodeos Thanks!

  • jillannemarie says:

    This homely tub of lard with his plastic trophy wife represents everything evil when it comes to greed, cruelty, and selfishness. I wish him very, very bad karma.

  • tharris789 says:

    Tweet this song link to all you know: BOB SHOT THE ELEPHANT DOWN:

  • Valerie says:

    I have my websites hosted at Godaddy, as well as several domain names registered through them. I am moving everything everything away from Godaddy as soon as I find an alternative. Does anyone know of established, reputable domain/hosting that is pro-actively anti-cruelty?

  • Tinaleigh777 says:

    What a disgusting human being! Sick and deluted man. I feel sorry for him.

  • ocean17 says:

    that guy is a total mindless creep. elephants are very intelligent and social creatures.

  • Jaime Cowley says:

    If you “like” GoDaddy on facebook you can tell them just how you feel about their scummy CEO. I just left my message, hoping some of their “fans” can see who they’re doing business with. I went to their website and a lot of the comments on their forum seemed like people have a lot of technical problems with GoDaddy so I’m hoping they lose a lot of business because of that and the fact that their CEO is out slaughtering elephants!

  • Jason Pearl says:

    from the SF Chronicle: GoDaddy rival wants to seize the opportunity. A rep just emailed me: I saw your GoDaddy article. I work for, a competitor. We’re running a transfer from GoDaddy to $4.99 transfers for com/net/org domains with 20% of proceeds going to Read more:

  • a nonny mouse says:

    lol godaddy is probs the worst hosting evar! just get 5 mac mini and voila, instant server one time cost of $2000

  • dee says:

    I’m pretty sure, if there is one, you’d go straight to hell for killing an elephant. Bob is wealthy, and yet so impoverished on every other level…

  • Disgusted former Go Daddy customer says:

    I never write comments online, but I am so outraged by this situation I decided to make an exception. Perhaps if Mr. Parsons does not have previous plans this spring he can find a fun-filled vacation package clubbing baby seals.

  • Monted says:

    I also posted a comment to his blog- and I doubt he’ll publish it. It’s difficult to imagine how seeing a living thing die at your hands is rewarding in any way. I know people will disagree, but to me, it’s akin to killing cats and dogs “for kicks.” How shameful! I’m glad PETA exposed this!!!

  • KATIE says:

    So i just called and canceled my account which means they keep my money because im in a contract..whatever..they get the message loud and clear: YOU ARE A HEAP OF A**HOLES

  • Freerider says:

    Will be transferring my sites away from Go Daddy!

  • Rachel says:

    Beneficial and rewarding? Wow he’s not sick at all…

  • Freddy says:

    what a cruel monster. Also, people that post the trite saying “people eating tasty animals” have IQ’s smaller than my shoe size.

  • Bev says:

    Consumers really do have power when they chose where to spend their money. Hit were it really hurts!!. Well done. Clearly its wrong to shoot elephants or any animal irregardless of their intelligence. But elephants are majestic creatures and their social behaviour we humans would do well to emulate . Thought we were supposed to be the civil ones?

  • Tammy says:

    This bob creep is unbeliebable!! Who the heck does he think he is?? whoo hoo Bob – you killed an animal – you make me sick to my very soul!! Good for you PETA for cancelling any business with this creep!! And to anyone that says there is another side to the story – NO there isn’t – Bob went out and murdered a magnificent animal (as all animal are) and that is it! He deserves to be sent to jail and stripped of all his money!!!!

  • sanj says:

    i sent a comment to Bob’s blog but doubt he’ll post it or if he does, it will be with more of his senseless justification…. so here is some more.. the poor elephant stepped out of its comfort zone and you turned it into a cadaver..go bob. way to feel like a winner. your rule# 1. shame on you… the elephants need their zone, guess you are so lost in your own blog and blowing your own horn that you chose to ignore headlines like this you could contribute some of your easy domain money to helping them stay where they are safe and helping the local poor to help maintain safe corridors… oh i forgot- you are Bob. you prefer to kill them and then make some assinine comment about drive-in Macdonalds as if talking down to fast food eating countrymen is an excuse for you to kill that elephant. did you know some of these countries often inflate the number of elephants they have, that many individuals stockpile tusks….spend a little time gathering actual facts instead of creating your own justifications…. local poaching is on the rise where they even torch bushes to get even rodents and rock rabbits into give them reason to kill even elephants..instead of investing some of your quick money into helping them earn some living , instead of perhaps investing some in their education and some in elephant safety, you walk in there serving them elephant protein for a day or two. you return to America and boast with your videos and get more than your daily share of protein. what happens to all those poor farmers you left behind…i am betting you with your leadership (ugh…) have given them justification to kill more elephants . shame on you, shame on you guess that elephant hadn’t read your rule #16. s/he didn’t know unlike you. “we’re not here for a long time, at least s/he wasn’t while you WERE there for a good time and then boast about it to the world. shame on you…. i do hope they eventually try you in that country for your deeds..i hope the government does put rules in place so that their elephants are safe from likes of you.

  • Brian Aghajani says:

    A man of that stature has the means to choose do many activities that could help so many, or at least not harm anybody. . And he chooses this??! What is wrong with people?!

  • Brian Aghajani says:

    A man of that stature has the means to choose do many activities that could help so many, or at least not harm anybody. . And he chooses this??! What is wrong with people?!