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Go Daddy CEO Named ‘Scummiest’

Written by PETA | March 29, 2011

Bob Parsons, CEO of Go Daddy, is so heinous that we created an award just for him: the Scummiest CEO of the Year Award.

Parsons recently boasted on his blog that he traveled to Zimbabwe to shoot elephants and posted a graphic video of the slaughter. He tried to justify the killing by pointing out that elephants sometimes eat farmers’ crops, saying, “It’s one of the most beneficial and rewarding things I do.”


We don’t see how it could be “beneficial” or “rewarding” to mow down animals who are among the most intelligent and social on Earth. Elephants reason, use tools, and have exceptional memories. They are the only species besides humans, great apes, and dolphins who have been shown to be “self aware” (meaning that they can recognize themselves in a mirror).

Elephants form deep bonds and comfort and protect each other. Their mourning rituals over the death of a family member rival any that we humans have developed. How many elephants are mourning the family member whom Parsons killed for fun? And it certainly was for fun, since there are many humane ways to keep elephants away from crops, like chili-infused string, cowbells, and spotlights.

PETA is canceling our account with Go Daddy and taking our domain-name business elsewhere—and we’re asking everyone to do the same. Please email Bob Parsons and tell him you will not use Go Daddy’s services until he agrees to stop shooting animals.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Park says:

    Dogs are self aware, too. Anyway, I don’t think it’s wrong to kill animals, no matter how intelligent they are. Unless they have opposable thumbs. If they have opposable thumbs, they’re too close to humans to kill.

  • Belle says:

    Losing PETA will be a huge deal for Go Daddy! You would think this fool would realize the high-profile accounts this company services.

  • Animal Loving Entreprenuer says:

    Elephants should not ever be killed, along with all other sentient animals. Regardless, Bob Parsons is one of my favorite CEOs ever, right after Steve Jobs =] Besides PETA, stop it with the propaganda, show both sides of the story.

  • The Dennis Family says:

    It’s time to evolve Bob. The days of walking around dragging your knuckles on the ground are over. It’s even less cool to still drag your knuckles on the ground and be proud of it. Grow up……. or do us all a favor, take yourself out of the public spotlight……. actually, remove yourself from the gene pool. That’s probably the best idea I’ve had all day. You’re a wanker.

  • Meat Lover says:

    Go PETA (I hope this stands for People Eating Tasty Animals) Anyway yes if he said those things too bad He did it, if we are to move business each time a CEO says something or does something “bad” we might as well just forget it. I really hope you at PETA can maybe spend your energy doing something other than trying to force your “morality” on us. I love Animals… I do not Condone Cruelty at all!!! But there are a few things which REALLY urk me such as Nailing People for what they do because YOU don’t agree with it!

  • Irene Leggett says:

    Scum-bag is right, just another gun-toting, trigger-happy moron with an ego bigger than his brain and heart. Still, he’ll get his just deserts in time.

  • Tawny Leste-Carlson says:

    Absolutely, unbelievably sickening. There’s a seat in hell waiting for him right next to Michael Vick.

  • amanda says:

    what a douche

  • John Breckenridge says:

    What took so long to figure him out?

  • Evelin says:

    how cruel is this man. What does he win by doing such savage act. My poor baby I love ELEPHANTS!

  • Sohail says:

    I just moved all my domains to go daddy.. I fell bad for the farmers that were effected by the wild animals.. I prefer human life over others.

  • Krysten says:

    I currently have domains through GoDaddy and am very distraught to learn about this… I will terminate my domains with them as soon as I can.

  • jcolefan says:

    I was actually going to use godaddy for a website for a music store that i’ll be opening soon. Thanks to PETA, i’ll definitely NOT be using them.

  • infoward says:

    This is disgraceful. Shame!!

  • M R says:

    It is absolutely frightening that this man actually believes that he has provided a service to the crop growers. Watching the newscast made me sick!

  • kristen says:

    Why did you use the services of such a scumbag to begin with?

  • Joseph Gartner says:

    Justy awful. Go Daddy will no longer be of use for me and I will make sure the company I work for no longer uses Go Daddy.

  • Laurie says:

    First is this not illegal? Second, I think scummiest of the earth is being nice. I have some words I would love to tell him inperson.

  • Pamela Ray says:

    Sad little monster….

  • Sue says:

    Thank you! You just saved me from buying a Go Daddy web domain. I’ll be looking for another host. Any suggestions?

  • VitorH says: is their main competitor. I have some websites hosted there. They have great services and are cheaper. Shame on Mr. Parsons!!

  • brett says:

    That’s why I love you PETA. I will have nothing to do with godaddy for as long as I live and will tell others the same. I truly worry for humanity to think human beings find killing something that is socially aware as fun and rewarding. Do the world a favor bob and go sit under a tree for a while. Unbelievable

  • Mary Ellen says:

    What an idiot!

  • Britt says:

    I’m sickened. Truly sickened. Are some people really this stupid? Please nobody jump up to answer, I already know… Sadly.

  • Yoga Gurl says:

    I don’t usually do this…but seriously, where can I send some hate mail? This guy is so a low life. And yes, I have a Go Daddy account but as soon as I am aware of alternatives, I’ll choose another. Don’t want to support this caveman and his hunting escapades.

  • Mojave says:

    We’ve done the same and transferred all our domains and business away from godaddy. As a vegan band, we aren’t going to give money to business run by a person that disrespects life like that.

  • Simon says:

    Pigeons, pigs, and chickens have been proven self aware as well.

  • carla zeigler says:

    Killing elephants, is rewarding? Help save these wonderful animals, not kill them. I am sick I thought that “Go Daddy” was a company that would be forward looking, involved and support a world of non violence, what is wrong with your moral compass? Please get some perspective on the act of murdering animals. Elephants, so smart and gentle. Mr. Bob Parsons you are as PETA says “the scummiest CEO of the year”

  • Kat says:

    That’s awful to hear, both on the shooting of the elephants, and ’cause I always use Go Daddy. Yes, my business will now go elsewhere also!

  • Sarah Gilmour-Mayne says:

    I am mortified that he finds murdering these beautiful, majestic creatures “beneficial” and “rewarding”….to take pleasure in killing is psychotic and sick!! I pity his lack of compassion, what a sad pathetic excuse for a man! No one has the right to take any life!! I have just cancelled all my Go Daddy domains and will urge my associates to also do so. Have just purchased through Crazy Domains.

  • eurostarr01 says:

    like a lot of corporate ceo’s-1 more to the list born without a soul- another poster boy of a human virus-vile and repulsive to the core!!

  • LMo says:

    I’m happy to hear PETA is standing up and cancelling GO Daddy account. Props. Very necessary to hit where it hurts, financially. Shooting elephants! Bob Parsons you are a world-class ass!

  • LMo says:

    I’m happy to hear PETA is standing up and cancelling GO Daddy account. Props. Very necessary to hit where it hurts, financially. Shooting elephants! Bob Parsons you are a world-class ass!

  • Brian Schamp says:

    I register hundreds of domain names via I have always loved GoDaddy’s customer service. I will be transfering my domains to another registrar. Why Bob? Does it make you feel like a tough ape? Grab a stick and take them on. From how far away did you kill them? You are a cowardly excuse of a man. Did you get beat up in High School a lot? It’s not like you live in a clan and depend on using EVERY part of the animal to provide your family survival. You got wealthy from somebody else’s computer program that rents out domain names from ICANN at a hugely inflated price so you could kill. Hope you feel tough, BoB. Brian Schamp @BrianSchamp

  • vegMonster says:

    How awful!!!! But what more could you expect when their advertising is so sleezy? Poor baby, and that poor family probably didn’t get to morn her properly either, because who kills and elephant and leaves it there? Definitely not him! I will definitely avoid godaddy in the future!!!

  • Claudia says:

    I’m from Zimbabwe and can tell you that in the last ten years the wildlife that was once so abundant has dwindled to shattering figures. The poaching alone is a disgrace, and the cruel mis-directed anger of so many ‘war vets’ that have destroyed homes, families, agricultural farms have also killed wildlife to spite the farm owners. Look up Imire ranch to see a tragic story of rhinos brutally killed. But, by far the most sickening is the ‘legal’ hunting that rich Americans and Europeans travel to Zimbabwe to partake in. There is no excuse and this culling he talks of is the usual justification for the killing of such beautiful creatures. I would urge you to become a fan and support the IAFP (International Anti Poaching Fund) that operate in Zimbabwe. I’ve been lucky enough to see first hand the amazing work Damien and his team are doing. Thank you for exposing this awful situation for the poor and dwindling wildlife in Zimbabwe.

  • Tenzinito says:

    I find it painfully fascinating that this kind of situation can come about. Trying to justify the slaughter of such a beautiful creature because they feed on crops in Zimbabwe? Really. How is that different than killing a kid picking berries, not from any ill will, but because he is hungry? Except for technological advances, we really haven’t come much further than the stone age. It’s organizations that advocate compassion, like PETA, that give us our only hope for not making Mother Nature so pissed where she needs to start anew again. Sign me up to fight against others with malicious intent. This world needs it…

  • Heather says:

    Where can I write to personally tell this guy what a scumbag I think he is?

  • Ming says:

    I feel empathy for the animals that he killed. I hope he would realized what he did was wrong and not “save the Farmer” as he said. Will not support Go Daddy in anyway.

  • Jo Ann says:

    He is disgusting and I do believe his life when it ends here on earth, the devil will be waiting for him. Amen

  • Carol Monteverde says:

    What the heck is the matter with these people?? Yesterday I watched a horrible video of an elephant and other animals being beaten and now I see this news….When will it end?? I hope Jesus returns soon to render justice. Meanwhile, I hope the laws get tougher on the abusers.

  • Kait says:

    Another “excuse” to kill for fun… Oddly I’d say his need to overpower goes along with the sexist way he promotes GoDaddy. What a p*ssy.

  • MMorales says:

    That is so cruel and disgusting, I don’t understand when people like him with a lot of money in their bank feel the need to kill beautiful animals just for fun, they should use all that money to get a brain transplant and do the world a huge favor.

  • Kenny says:

    Thats really sad, and I certainly will take my domain else where, any recommendations?

  • Margaret says:

    That is the most heinous thing that I have ever heard. He should be ashamed of himself. Is he going to kill the neighbors dog if it pisses on his lawn?

  • Dawn says:

    Disgusting and shameful. And a video of his murderous, evil, sick crime too? What a monster of a “human” he is. That is so evil hearted and disgusting. Can’t justify a murder like that to me. I’m shocked, sad and horrorified.

  • Penny UK says:

    Well done Peta – what a scum bag Bob Parsons really is, may he soon have an accident with one of his guns and shoots himself instead! Do the world a favour!

  • Rex's Mom says:

    This guy is a monster! He is a worthless piece of worm ridden slime. I wish someone would shoot him since he is a menace to society.