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Go Daddy CEO Named ‘Scummiest’

Written by PETA | March 29, 2011

Bob Parsons, CEO of Go Daddy, is so heinous that we created an award just for him: the Scummiest CEO of the Year Award.

Parsons recently boasted on his blog that he traveled to Zimbabwe to shoot elephants and posted a graphic video of the slaughter. He tried to justify the killing by pointing out that elephants sometimes eat farmers’ crops, saying, “It’s one of the most beneficial and rewarding things I do.”


We don’t see how it could be “beneficial” or “rewarding” to mow down animals who are among the most intelligent and social on Earth. Elephants reason, use tools, and have exceptional memories. They are the only species besides humans, great apes, and dolphins who have been shown to be “self aware” (meaning that they can recognize themselves in a mirror).

Elephants form deep bonds and comfort and protect each other. Their mourning rituals over the death of a family member rival any that we humans have developed. How many elephants are mourning the family member whom Parsons killed for fun? And it certainly was for fun, since there are many humane ways to keep elephants away from crops, like chili-infused string, cowbells, and spotlights.

PETA is canceling our account with Go Daddy and taking our domain-name business elsewhere—and we’re asking everyone to do the same. Please email Bob Parsons and tell him you will not use Go Daddy’s services until he agrees to stop shooting animals.

Written by Michelle Sherrow

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  • Willow Morningsky says:

    Go Daddy just RIPPED ME OFF BIGTIME!!! I didn’t know about the incidents below. I paid them over $100 to reserve first bid rights on a domain name: Then I bid. Go Daddy waited till the last minute, raised their bid $5 over my own and blocked the button so their auction site would not accept my bid over theirs. Go Daddy bought my domain name, and now they want to sell it for $70. They are thieves. When I was searching for how to report them I found this even more hideous information.

  • Lilly says:

    I will not renew my accounts with

  • Mike Smith says:

    I have used Godaddy for 12 years and they have become a dictatorial company. They have taken down some of our sites without warning. They do not follow due process and simply do as they wish. Their CEO is corrupt and despicable.

  • Nicoleeeeeeeee says:

    I am gladly transferring all four of my domain names over to NameCheap. They are donating portions of every transfer to help elephants, use the code so they know you want there to be a donation. Google NameCheap elephant donation for the correct code. lets put go daddy out of business and may that horrible CEO rot.

  • Richard says:

    WARNING! Go Daddy SCAM! Do not use Go Daddy, they expire your domains without telling you, then you call tech support. They want $90.00 each to turn you domains back on. They just did this with 25 of my domains. They are trying to SCAM me for over $2000.00. So I just lost 25 domains, because Go Daddy tricked me. This guy makes me sick… stealing money from me (and many others) so he can kill innocent animals from far away with a big gun.

  • lozeerose says:

    You know, I completely agree that slaughtering elephants is cowardly, cruel and unencessary but where is the outrage from PETA on the slaughtering of human babies in the womb? I have no doubts that should the same occur in any of our animal kingdom cohorts there would be a massive outcry. But what about the very same autrocity against our own species? Hey, humans are “animals” too no?

  • KG says:

    We’ve registered 3 domains with godaddy, all of which we’ll be transferring to a new registrar this summer. When we go, I’ll be sure to tell GoDaddy why (especially since they supposedly haven’t lost any revenue from us reasonable Americans who understand that “people need to eat” — what a jerk!).

  • Roshan Divakara says:

    We as Sri Lankans love animals so much. That’s how we were taught to practice by Lord Buddha. We are so proud to be good Buddhists.

    It is unfortunate to hear these stories. No matter how rich they are, they’ll burn in **** in their next life until sin is over.

    May all living beings live free from suffering!!!!

  • Animal freer says:

    Until now I have never heard of either Mr Parsons or Go Daddy but it sounds like a good idea if he were to follow his own advice and not come back until he has mended his unpleasant cruel ways. My virtual boycott of his products whatever they are starts now !