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Is Glue Trap Manufacturer Deceiving Shoppers?

Written by PETA | August 19, 2008

Imagine stumbling into a sticky substance so strong that you couldn’t break away from it. Frantic, you struggle to pry yourself free, but all that happens is that you tear patches of your skin and hair off or get your mouth and nose stuck in it and start to suffocate.

That is exactly what mice, rats, birds, squirrels, hamsters, kittens, and other small animals stuck on glue traps endure. Some even try to chew off a paw in order to escape otherwise certain death. Some, helplessly trapped, die of dehydration. Motomco, which makes some of these little torture devices, is telling shoppers that one of its products is humane. George Orwell might be spinning in his grave.

Here’s the scoop: Motomco puts a substance called eugenol in the trap, citing that it is a “naturally occurring anesthetic.” Eugenol can be a pain reliever but only when it is injected into an animal’s bloodstream or pumped directly into the stomach. But just as you don’t get drunk by rolling around in alcohol, animals’ pain isn’t taken away when they come into contact with eugenol. In fact, studies show that eugenol can cause animals to suffer more by causing a painful burning sensation, vomiting, and nausea.

Is Motomco trying to sell its sticky glue traps by duping compassionate consumers who don’t want to harm animals? We think so, and PETA has filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) seeking action against the company for false advertising.

You can read our FTC complaint here. If you have purchased a Motomco trap, thinking it was a humane solution, or if you know people who have, please let us know!

Oh, and if this whole ordeal with Motomco weren’t bad enough, Lowe’s is still selling these terrible contraptions.




Written by Grace Friedan

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  • Dee says:

    The rodent population has been out of control for years. I saw a documentary about the likelihood rats will outlive humans since they breed so quickly and can survive practically anywhere. Because of their growing numbers there was a federal program in the 50’s or 60’s to address the problem. Of course funding was cut and now we’re on our own. I don’t like anything to suffer but any critter that comes into my house uninvited human or not is subject to whatever means is needed to subdue the offender. My hope is that the eugenol minimizes suffering by knocking them out long enough to suffocate quickly. Otherwise it’s 23 days of starvation. I’ve plugged all the holes I can find to avoid these encounters however their increasing numbers and poor construction practices result in them invading my home. While I won’t criticize you for exposing yourself to germs bites etc. trying to capture and release please respect my choice to use these traps in my home.

  • Courtnea says:

    i hope these ideas will help all of you that are trying to catch these small creatures humanely. you can use nature and have your cat eat them. that may be a little torture but its all natural. you can make a trap by getting a box of cereal and invert the top like a lobster trap so the rodent can get in but not out until you free it and after you catch it you can release it in the wild DONT KILL IT! you can get a live trap which is a metal cage and it has a trip pad and you put food on that and once the animal goes in and steps on that trip pad the cage will close when you see that it has been caught you take the cage and release the animal in the wild. you can also look at this link. httpjournal.chrisglass.com200509howtocatcha.html

  • alex says:

    those are the cruelest traps ever. i was on a paper route once and i heard a squeek and i went around the side of the house and i saw two sticky traps. one with a white mouse on it and one with a chipmunk on it. i just couldnt stand to see it suffer so i grabbed oil and freed them both. that just made my day.

  • TAGM says:

    Hate to sound like a smartass MouseKiller but it was the Fleas that caused the plauge. The rats were just the reason they got into britian They died just as much as us. Anyway at least the mice and rats on Glue Traps can be releaced That is at least a plus. The fact is Lowes isn’t actualy the one that needs to change It’s people like MouseKiller that think rats are evil plauge carrying vermin. Still if the latter won’t change then the former must make an effort.

  • Ary says:

    I feel obligated to also mention that the video which accompanied this article was slightly misleading. At the end it stated “Don’t Shop at Lowes.” That will not stop the problem. The glue trap is one of the traps they have available at the store and not shopping there altogether will not stop the problem. While you’re at it quite shopping at Walgreenes Walmart Target KMart Costco Krogers you name it. Just don’t buy the god damn merchandise.

  • Derek says:

    Now I agree wholeheartedly with the article but do not mention George Orwell. The man loved hunting so please do not name drop if you don’t actually know anything about the greatest author of this century.

  • MouseKiller says:

    What a joke. You really can’t be serious that you feel sorry for these disgusting creatures. You do realize these things were partially responsible for the plague that ravaged Europe in 1348. Google “Bubonic Plague” and then tell me how sorry you are for these nasty rodents.

  • Realsolution says:

    Assuming that you agree that people should not allow mice to be roaming their house for disease and other reasons what else would you recommend? They don’t hurt the mousedepending on what do with them afterwards. I read all the article and the comments but those complaining did not offer other solutions. We live on a tiny farm and have tried just about everything to get rid of the mice in the house. Are you guys okay with cats eating the mice? That looks like torture to me. I hope you guys are not suggesting poison. If you have real solutions send them to

  • veganmuff says:

    I used PETA’s link to send a letter of protest to Lowe’s about them carrying glue traps and actually received a response albeit a canned response. Here’s what they said and my reply to them Let’s keep it up until they discontinue these horrific items!!!! 2008915 Contact Center Thank you for your comments regarding glue traps. As you know rodent control is an important concern for homeowners and business owners and we have a responsibility to provide the products our customers need. We have listened to our customers and conducted extensive customer research over the past several months regarding glue traps. We found that for many customers glue traps are the preferred rodent control product. We have also listened to PETAs concerns and as a result have changed our merchandise offering to cut in half the number of glue traps we offer and only carry the products that contain Eugenol which is an anesthetic. Because not every product is right for every situation Lowes carries more than 20 different rodent control products so customers may choose the ones that best suit their needs. Lowes Customer Care Dear Lowe’s Thank you for your reply. What I ask is that Lowe’s step up and take responsibility by making the decision NOT to not offer such traps. Put yourself in the position of the animal caught in a glue trap what a horrific way to die! And it is not only the rodents that meet this end but people’s beloved household animals. If consumers do not have the glue trap option they will choose another method and many are more effective not to mention more “humane”. There is NO situation where a glue trap is the right choice I ask Lowe’s buyers to PLEASE make the right choice and ban glue traps. My family will not be shopping at Lowe’s until you cease carrying these hideous items. My closest friend is actually an employee of Lowe’s and when I brought this to her attention she stated that she is “embarrased” of her employer. Please stand up for what is right and BAN GLUE TRAPS! Thank you for your consideration

  • mimi says:

    I normally use humane live catch traps including a home made bucket variety. Recently I caught the same mouse twice but it jumped out of the bucket before I could cover the top with wire mesh. We are due to go away in two days time so the mouse had to be caught for its own welfare and to avoid fire risk. I had never considered a sticky mouse trap before but when I read that a mouse could be freed by vegetable oil I decided to try it. It was my last resort. I cut the pad in half I only wanted to immobilize it not torture it stuck it to the floor by sellotape so that the mouse would not be able to tip it over its coat causing further suffering. In preparation for its recuperation I put food water in a shallow lid and bedding made out of bits of kitchen towel stuffed into the toe part of a sock you can pick the mouse up easily in the cut up sock when you transfer it into a box or a jar for the journey to freedom in a metal bin. Within one hour it was caught. I immediately oiled the entire surface so that the mouse would not restick while trying to set itself free of the trap with a cotton pad dipped in cooking oil gently working it under the mouse. Once it was nearly free I placed it in the bin. Within seconds it was free and apart from looking a little greasy it seemed fine. An hour on Ive just been to check it. Its fur appears to have fluffed up a bit and its been eating. It was trying to jump out of the bin which is a very good sign! I will release it tomorrow. Although these traps are potentially cruel it was just the right thing for this intelligent supermouse who defied every other kind of humane traps over eight weeks. If you use these sticky traps please make sure you check them every 1520 minutes and have your bin hotel ready for an overnights rest before releasing them back into the wild. Mice are beautiful and intelligent creatures. You do not have to kill them.

  • Scott Douglas says:

    I’ll never forget the time I used a glue trap the first time. It was back in ’84. Fourteen years ago and I still remember it. The poor mouse dislocated its legs. I finally got it out of the trap and watched it hobble to it’s whole in the wall. I felt terrible then and I still feel so guilty. I’ll never ever use one again. They really should be outlawed. Speak up people. I do. I don’t care if some people laugh. A lot more agree with me.

  • lynda downie says:

    Very impressive letter! Thank you Peta!

  • brandie r. says:

    I had one of those letters sent to Lowe’s a while back about the glue traps. OF COURSE all they said was that they have customers who prefer different types if traps. Blah blah blah. Excuse after excuse. I wrote KFC a long time ago about a commercial they aired making fun of Texans and I mentioend that they torture their chickens and KFC told me how they have many consumers. Yeah I seen their consumers. There is a KFC across the street from my apt complex. They are all overweight and unhealthy. That’s all these companies ever talk about is their customers. And they make excuse after excuse. I get real tired of the excuses people give. Is it that difficult for someone to come up with a humane way of getting rid of pests? With all these people that go to these ivy league colleges you would think we would have soemone smart enough in this world that could think of an idea. But it’s all about profits with companies. Everyone is so greedy and selfish.

  • Daniella says:

    I used to work at Miami International Airport as a ticket agent and our terminal was notorious for having mice. They bought glue traps one day and placed them behind the machines in our offices. I had no idea what glue traps were at the time I didn’t know about it until it was too late. When I found out about it I ran in those stupid heels I had to wear behind the copy machine only to find a small brown mouse lying there fighting for it’s life. I immedietly went to try to help but my supervisor told me not to touch the trap because it was poisonous. I will never forget how his little arms and legs were twisted and broken and how he was stuck by his cheek to the glue. Mostly I will NEVER forget that when I looked around noone seemed to care. In fact they teased me for weeks for being so upset. The only person that seemed touched by what happened was my coworker who was instructed to wait until it was dead so he could throw it in the garbage. He later came to me and told me that even if he didn’t show it he felt terrible. Glue traps are disgusting cruel and useless. There are better ways.

  • Leigh says:

    The mice that tap dance in our ceiling at night only appeared after our cat died. He never caught mice he could never catch anything for that matter phew but just the scent of a cat in the house was a deterrent. Well since the mice have moved in i’ve tried peppermint oil but that only worked once. So I’m considering getting another cat from a shelter. There are several humane methods to rid your home of rodents Use them!

  • Mice Are Awesome! says:

    it’s SUPER easy to free a animal from a glue trap baby oil or olive oil. once freed give them a bit of water and peanut butter maybe keep them for a day or 2 in a small shoe box and try not to touch them too often. finally you should set them free at least 2 or 3 miles away from your home near a wood pile or something similar so that they can build themselves a little cave it’s easier than you think to save a little one’s life and SOO fulfilling!



  • Jenn says:

    If I had mice in my house I would never set glue traps I dont know what I would do but I woudlnt do that.

  • Holly says:

    Glue traps cause an awful scary and very very painful death and eugenol only give the public a false impression that the animal stuck in the trap dose not suffer when in reality it suffers greatly. Boycott stores that sell them…and tell the store managers how you feel about these awful death traps.