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Give Turkeys a Reason to Purr

Written by PETA | November 23, 2011

Some years ago, when I interned at a sanctuary for farmed animals, I’d sit in the barn, and a turkey named Fern would back up into my lap and demand to be petted. When I’d stop, she’d look over her shoulder imploringly as if to say, “More, please.” I always think of Fern at this time of year, when supermarket bins are filled with the frozen bodies of her relatives. If people got a chance to know these interesting and personable birds, I believe they’d balk at baking and eating their wings, legs, and breasts.

Turkeys on farmed-animal sanctuaries quickly prove themselves to be intelligent and industrious as well as outgoing at times and shy at other times, much like human children. Sitting in the barn, the birds’ distinct personalities were immediately clear. Some, bold and hilarious, would walk right up and look me square in the eye as if to challenge my right to invade their space. Others, like a coy debutante, would peer over their shoulders, aloof but not wanting to miss anything exciting. Many, like Fern, would purr when petted.

This Thanksgiving, please take a moment to reflect: Can the fleeting pleasure of a meal justify the immeasurable pain and suffering of a bird who didn’t want to die? Give turkeys like Fern a reason to purr. Stuff yourself with mashed potatoes, cranberries, pumpkin pie, and other vegan goodies and leave the birds alone.

Via Newsday

Written by Jennifer O’Connor

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  • Fulham Removals says:

    hey all.very nice and interesting comments.Birds are the beauty of nature.Jennifer thanks for sharing all this.

  • Raynes Park Removals says:

    Thanks Jennifer for sharing such valuable information.Birds are the beauty and gift of nature.Your idea which you want to convey from your blog is fabolus.

  • Cheam Removals says:

    Thanks for sharing about such a new species of birds,

  • Surrey Removals says:

    These are special kinds of birds, might be mixture of hen and duck, their neck is to long,

  • Merton Removals says:

    Very interesting post and beautiful birds.Birds are the beauty of nature and one of the source of food.Thanks for sharing all this.

  • Norbiton Removal says:

    How much these are heavier in weight as compare to Hen, am I right these are the specie of hen?

  • Worcester Park Removal says:

    They might be heavier than hen in weight, because of their long neck and they are different from hen’s, I never seen such a birds,

  • Tolworth Removals says:

    So beautiful birds.Thank you very much for the info sharing with others. A big thank you for this post and to your website.

  • Croydon Removal says:

    Honestly speaking, I am afraid of these birds because of their long neck, but all besides that your idea which you want to convey from your blog is awesome.

  • Nam Roomio says:

    Turkey has been a age long food during Thanksgiving. What differences should we consider when eating it today, or a hundred years ago. I personally think turkey is quite tastful and still should continue to keep the tradition going. I find it hard to personify a turkey. And I will not disagree that birds are beautiful either, but I think that God put some animals on earth to be used as a means of sustenance.

  • vanessa says:

    being a vegan id nice and all but tofu tastes nasty to me

  • Sophia Hoefs says:

    Thanks for sharing that!!! Birds are beautiful.

  • Sophia Hoefs says:

    Thanks for sharing that!!! Birds are beautiful.