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If You Give a Puppy an Office Chair …

Written by Michelle Kretzer | May 9, 2013

When a PETA staffer left her desk for a few minutes, she returned to find that the sweetest case of theft ever had occurred. The culprit was Franco, a 7-week-old puppy who is greatly increasing the office’s cuteness quotient while he awaits his forever home.

When Franco was first surrendered to PETA, we feared that he might have parvovirus. Thankfully, it turned out that his lethargy and anemia were caused by a severe case of intestinal worms, and he is recovering nicely with treatment. And the better he feels, the more his rambunctious personality comes out to play. He stumbles around the office on his wobbly puppy legs, grabbing pant legs and skirt hems and making a toy out of everything.

Like most puppies, Franco has tons of energy. When he wants attention, he will readily let people know by following them around and “talking,” and he rewards everyone’s affection with a thousand kisses. He is searching for a family that will take him on long walks, give him plenty of playtime and attention, and housetrain him gently. If your home is the perfect place for Franco, please e-mail [email protected].

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  • Sarah says:

    I would love to adopt him , I have a year old pit bull who is loved an we take on walks an is spoiled

  • april childress says:

    I lost my dog to a terrible disease and I can not have children I really need a new addition to my family to treat as my child I have a large fenced in yard and I would cherish him forever please help me complete my family I love animals they really lift my spirits I would love to adopt him into my family please contact me asap

  • maria says:

    where he is i would love to adopt him,i really loved animals they make me happy,if possible i would love to take him.i already have adogs,but i want more the more i get more dogs the more they make me happy they are the most beautiful things in the world and make me happy.Thanks God for creating them,.

  • Kim says:

    Where is he? Please post location so we know if it’s realistic to adopt or refer people who may be interested. 🙂

  • ashley says:

    Is Franco still looking for a home??


    I’d love to get an application for helping or getting a dog or cat

  • Aamir Lehri says:

    I love Dogs

  • Like It says:

    That’s so cute LOL. We also have a little toy poodle that sleeps on one of our office chairs we set the height adjustment to the lowest point so she has no problem getting up, I have to say we have sold allot of the exact same chair just because people think she’s so sweet lol. louv the post.