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Girl Throws Puppies Into River, PETA Offers Reward for Her Identity

Written by PETA | August 31, 2010


PETA is offering a reward of up to $2,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for drowning a litter of helpless puppies in the video above. Members of 4chan were able to track down the owner of the Bosnian YouTube account that originally uploaded the video and we currently have six possible leads, but the identity of the girl has yet to be confirmed. If you have information regarding this case, please contact PETA’s Cruelty Investigations Department.

Written by Shawna Flavell

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  • monica says:

    i cant believe someone could do this i love animals and im going to do my best in finding this cruel girl. god is watching you and your going to get what you deserve.

  • P says:

    I can’t fathom how somebody could take pleasure from such a cowardly and despicable act. This cretin is sick. She deserves the same fate as the beautiful puppies. She’s a waste of space on this planet. Her parents have done a good job in bringing her up to be a piece of worthless trash.

  • kevin orellana says:

    is that STUPID girl blind or what they are puppies not rocks how can a human do that??????? the world may never know…… that sick monster.

  • Anonymusdude says:

    When I seen this video I was thinking “wtf” but i’ve seen far worse than this. These things happen every day to human beings and not just animals this is nothing new. If you think this is something new you’re blind and deaf and unaware of what the world you live in is really like. Cops beat innocent people down daily some of which are put into comas and or die. Where is the outcry about that? However when puppies die… you’re all up in arms. You people that hate this girl are just looking for someone to hate and have issues

  • Samie says:

    wow. this made me cry. this girl should be in jail

  • manteca says:

    Como On!!!!! What the F… is she thinking. O wright apparently she doesn’t think at all.

  • Christine says:

    this is so sad this bit is sick i feel so sorry for the cute litte puppies who haven’t even had the chance to have a full life yet the puppies did nothing to her and she should feel bad for what she did! i hope she goes to jail! and the sad thing is that she says “wee” when she throws them into the river and laughs like its funny and video records it is even more worst!! when i find the bitch imma video record me throwing her in the river saying “wee” and kill that bitch!!

  • bailey says:

    this is the most digusting thing she is aweful. i hope she rots in jail she did it so easily and simple she clearly has serious issues. this absolutely gross

  • Jeanie M says:

    Animals are like infants they are helpless and this is really sad and made me very angry.. this should of never happened.. hopefully they find this girl and the person who was also there to film her doing this horrible thing..

  • paul says:

    That is sick i couldnt watch the whole thing but im sure i heard I dont know about anyone eles but i heard someone say WEEE! as she threw the 4th helpless creature into the fast flowing water

  • m says:

    girl is not gonna get arrested or anything like that!! coz she is livign in Bosnia!!! country after war dont have law and the things… so nothing gonna be happen with her ..they will just call her to police office and ask questions and thats it..coz its bosnia…what else u except in ex war country???? stfu everybody

  • Andreas Andreadis says:

    It is really sad to see these poor innocent baby puppies die in such a horrible manner. Honestly this girl has psychological issues that need to be addressed and then she should be persecuted under the Laws addressed in Bosnia. And the one holding the camera should be persecuted at the same level as the girl who threw the puppies into the river. These two lack respect and value of life. Truly sad.

  • Rafael Norma says:

    How disgusting that somebody could do this heinous thing to an defenseless puppies. She has no heart no feelings no nothing!

  • linoue says:

    Very sad and heartbreaking to see a human be so cruel. Only a coward takes on easy prey. May someone find those guilty “girl” camera person and let them face justice. Oh and may they drown one day. PS Is it a woman or a man? Managed to pause the video and honestly this “girl” has manly features profile hands could it be fake hair?

  • ivette says:

    who are they!!??? please from the bottom of my heart im begging you PETA found this people they are really sick.. they are dangerous for the people..i’m from Paraguay and this video is too much for me and i can’t do anything i don’t even understand what they’re saying http://www.liveleak.comview?i4da1258562069

  • Tyra Stallworth says:

    It’ll probably help if you visit the uploader’s channel on Youtube and you can find their nameagelocation ect.

  • Priscilla Crusoà says:

    Oh my Goodness!! Cant’ believe there’s such a cruel person in this freakin’ world!! I wish someone throws this stupid heartless girl in the river!!!

  • Inkedotter says:

    I did not see the video nor do I want but will to give $ to help find her up the reward to find her someone will talk . set up donation site for people to donate and see what$$ can do to help find her

  • ashley says:

    that is terrible!!! i can not believe she did that. why would anyone ever!!??!!?? some one should throw HER in the river ‘

  • Mia says:

    Pathetic. Those poor Pups has more life than that little moron thing. She needs more than to be drowned and arrested. Wish we all who thinks the same could come together and beat the pulp out of this thing then we arrest her then drown her

  • Edyta says:


  • maag says:

    She’s from Bosnia. Bosnia’s police already found her and know her name.

  • Sherrie says:

    The thing is this messed up sicko sad excuse of a human being not only hurt the innocent puppies but read on she has caused suffering to millions watching the heartbreaking video. She should be charged with pain suffering for ALL of us!

  • Suzanne Parsons says:

    $ WT????? I am so upset I think everyone posting should donate one dollar to up the reward amount! I for one will be completely happy seeing her being held under water too! Please send me a link to put this on my facebook. I also agree with other post saying this should be on CNN and other National News sites. Sick little girlcan’t imagine what she would do if she had kids.

  • Christie says:

    Such a sad video. Hearing the little puppies squeal helplessly made my heart drop. People don’t understand the depth of animal abuse. I hope she is found otherwise Karma is nothing nice!

  • Ayka says:

    I have already posted my comment with the info about the girl. It came up to be true. FINALLY she is identified right as I said. It was in today’s newspaper Her parents are giving the statement to the police today as she is minor. They will probably be charged about 10 000 KM which is 5 000 euro or about 8 000 USD. Tut it’s nothing!

  • nicki says:

    this should be every news channels top story everynight untill you find her .. that is how serial killers start off hurting animals and then people

  • Julie says:

    This girl will be a serial killer…how could you do such a thing? How can you just shove them in a bucket and toss them in the river while they cry? This person has no heartno soulno emotions…she’s a menace to other animals and human beings. I hope that Bosnia make an exception and throw her in jail for life or in a mental institutioninstead of a lame penalty! How in this day and age is it possible to only give a fine for this horrible crime. Laws should be severeextremely severe for crimes like these. I didn’t even watch the video I would have nightmares and track her down myself.

  • Justin says:

    PETA you aren’t a law enforcement agency. Stop wasting peoples money on stuff like this.

  • dAMIR says:


  • Damir says:


  • Shannon says:

    What kind of person could do such a thing? Its just the same as killing a newborn baby and that is called murder i hope this disgustingly horrid woman gets a life sentence.

  • bianca&philipp says:

    we can’t believe that someone can be so cruel. hopefully she gets the punishment she really deserves death!

  • Jo Annn Arante says:

    I’m from the Philippines. this girl her companions were very sick… they need psychologic help. and of course they should be arrested put into jail. so evil!

  • Corrie says:

    She is EVIL!! How can people be so cruel! You could hear them crying and she didnt even stop. People like this need to Spend there entire lifes in jail!

  • Martha says:

    i think that it is sick that she is having fun. but animals are suffering much more on factory farms. but we are going to waste money on a worthless sick teenager who didn’t have the heart to euthanize them properly we need to work toward alter ing peoples perceptions of animals rather then putting all our resources into one isolated case.

  • Dennis R. says:

    what she did is horrible but Im just horrified reading those comments..almost every second comment is eveil..and it’s about killing this girl..dont you guys think that God is up there to make desicions for us..and also punish those who sins ..or you just believe in devil since you can write those horrible things..

  • Grace says:

    And for the person who said “before everyone judges her as “evil” you have to know that in some comunities the dog populations are a problem and the life of this dogs are miserable and they become a pest and a danger to humans. In deed sometimes when an animal is suffering and or is about to suffer is better to end their lifes to avoid further pain.” Yes! I agree 100…NOT. Soon we’ll start throwing newborns who aren’t wanted by their parents in the river and drown them to put them out of their misery Disgusting sick world we live in.

  • almdze says:

    I am from Bosnia and i just read in Bosnian news that this morning parents of the girl had been taken to police so this case is going to be taken care of! why parents because girl is only 13! somebody above wrote smth about that she had traumas after war but she is only 13 so shes born after war and that is not an excuse for her cruel behavior. there will be justice…

  • Grace says:

    I have never been so disgusted in my entire life…How someone could ever do that to any puppy dog animal living thing is beyond me. I don’t care if this makes me just as bad as her but I would LOVE to throw her in a river.

  • Milkie says:

    People keep sayin’ things to try and defend this girl but think about it… She’s saying “weeee” as she throws the puppies into the water. She makes it sound enjoyable. I think even if she was putting them out of some sort of misery she wouldn’t have done it with such a big goddamn grin on her face don’t you? That’s the face of someone who ENJOYS killing puppies. And to those people who keep spouting “But we eat animals every day. What makes these puppies so special?” As a species we act like other species. Animals eat animals to survive and we do the exact same thing. And if we went around killing everything rather than raise animals to specifically be for food we’d be doing the animal population a great injustice. Take your Vegan attitude and shove it. It doesn’t APPLY here it doesn’t APPLY to someone DROWNING puppies!

  • pablo says:

    the girl is from hungary…the have a lot of problems with the animals abuse…

  • Deb says:

    This is the most disgusting depraved and appalling thing I have ever seen. I feel physically ill. I’m in tears. Only a sick sadistic and mentally unstable person could do such a thing to a defenseless animal. I feel ashamed of the human species just absolutely ashamed that there are those of us out there that are comitting such violent hateful horrific cruel and down right evil acts against living creatures. This girl is nothing short of a monster.

  • megsmcdonald says:

    this is just wrong they appear to be new born puppies can’t belive people do this. I think there has to be a adult behind this. Sick sick sick how could they film this and then put it on the net whats wrong with these ppl

  • heather says:

    omg what a sick person what the hell is she doing and why ? shes seriously needs help omg i cant belive that this is just beyond sick

  • Ashley says:

    This is the kind of person who has the devil in their heart. I would NOT be surprised if she worshiped the devil and the person FILMING should be prosecuted as well! Evil is the one who does but more EVIL is the one who watches and lets it happen!

  • Dani says:

    Thats horrible. Made me cry. How can somebody just do that? Awhh those poor puppies.

  • Tom says:

    I’m so happy to see people have made success in tracking this vile creature. She obviously thinks she can laugh in the faces of everyone who cares about animals. Well that bitch just pissed off half the world. Hope someone burns her alive.

  • Darlene Wolfe says:

    I saw this video yesterday and I have been haunted by it ever since..I literally almost cried but I was at work and had to keep my composure. I hope this girl is convicted and locked up forever! I cant imagine what kind of human being could commit this act and go to sleep at night. Even worse is the friend or person that stood by and taped this for her but did nothing to help those innocent babies. This girl is clearly a psychopath and who knows what else she will be capable of. I wish I had never seen this video it is tormenting me.. all I can do is pray……crazy how demented people are.

  • bica says:

    this is so sad I would put this person under death penalty. I hope they will find this monster.