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Girl Throws Puppies Into River, PETA Offers Reward for Her Identity

Written by PETA | August 31, 2010


PETA is offering a reward of up to $2,000 for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person(s) responsible for drowning a litter of helpless puppies in the video above. Members of 4chan were able to track down the owner of the Bosnian YouTube account that originally uploaded the video and we currently have six possible leads, but the identity of the girl has yet to be confirmed. If you have information regarding this case, please contact PETA’s Cruelty Investigations Department.

Written by Shawna Flavell

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  • Tori Mandrell says:

    This is the worst thing ever. How can people be so heartless. It just absolutely breaks my heart whenever i see videos like this. the fact that there was somebody else there with the girl TAKING the video…that’s even more screwed up. Both of the people should be arrested.

  • Jacinta says:

    I can’t believe anyone could be so cruel! My family has dogs and to hear and see their pain I felt that part of myself was screaming to.Can anyone be so heartless the girl and the person on video camera. If anyone has info please tell to evenge for the lives that have been lost.

  • Ken says:

    I dont believe. no heart no headno boyfriend no spirit.

  • emma Hannah and jacinta says:

    OMG this is the most horrific and disturbing thing ive ever seen I hope this disturbed bitch is charged And the video person U are even worse than she is to video and watch this and not stop her is heart less they were innocent puppies !!!!!!!!

  • marco quiodine says:

    essa garota loca ela tem que ser presa.

  • Janet Schminkey says:

    I just could not believe this today when I saw it. It’s all I’ve thought about all day. Those hopeless little loving pups wining the way they did and she just tossed them like a football. If the Lord doesn’t get her first I pray she pays by living a miserable life until her death.

  • starsign says:

    This girl and the person filming is a vile disgusting evil demented wicked wretch. I won’t write here what I would like to do to her. Needless to say I would show her NO mercy. It chills me to my bones to realise that people are capable of this. My heart breaks for those darling little puppies. As for the girl I hope she rots in a jail cell for many many yaers to come!

  • joakim says:

    first of all im glad for entering this site thanks to all those organizations who help to protect animal rights this vid has cross all over the world im from Mxico and you have all my totall support to find that girl. please dont give up searching for this amoral behaviour thanks!! my love for PETA.

  • Luciana says:

    For Godness Sake!! I believe in JUSTICE…Divine Justice. That poor girl will pay for that!

  • Andy Mac says:

    Let’s not forget that while we pride ourselves on our ability to walk before the apes we are no better in certain circumstances than they are. We are animals..and have behaved appallingly to one another for a very long time….ever heard of the Jews?? Mass extermination in the early 1940s??…ring any bells?? Or perhaps Katyn where thousands of Polish soldiers were herded into holes and shot in a remote forest….that happened…so what’s to stop us behaving in a similar fashion to animals ?? ….she and who ever held that camera are aqually responsible….but their parents are even more so…and should hold their heads in abject shame.

  • Ana Cristina says:

    Essa sim merecia ser apedrejada em praa pblica alis ela e o idita que filmou. Deus…onde vc est que permite uma coisa dessas.

  • Andherson Ribeiro says:

    Essa garota tem que ser presa e ser forada a trabalhar cuidando de animais pode ser num canil.

  • André Carval says:

    Eu entregaria esta idiota de graa…e se desse ainda dava uns tapas nela… 0

  • Austin says:

    What kind of horrible deranged person does that sort of thing to puppies?? What drives someone to do something so unbelievably cruel??

  • Nubia says:

    Meu deus!! uma pessoa assim no pode ser normal… que deus tenha piedade da alma dela..

  • EMILIA says:

    Que crueldade dessa pessoaser que essapessoa sem conotaopois no tem alma e nem corao.Indignada pelo que viepois muito de mau gosto.

  • Brannigan Morrison says:

    This is the sickest thing i have ever seen! I cant believe this girl hasn’t been caught! If anyone gave 2 shits about it she would have been caught the day after this video surfaced. Investigators can find people from surveilance cameras with half there faces showing how could they not find this girl. she needs to be put in the phsyc ward

  • Sandrà says:

    Vagabunda… Cheiradora de cocana. Desgraada! Vai tomar no cu sua cadela desgraada!

  • Mary says:

    your coward … it’s easy to play small dogs … want to see if you are a woman playing a pit bull

  • mariana says:

    cow .. your mother should have thrown you too ….

  • MiihOliveeira says:

    How this girl can not get loose out there. More should be arrested. Seriously I cried seeing such cruelty. It is very sad and disappointing that people do not see animals as humans. I do not know what to do if you found this girl next to me.

  • Nina says:

    This girl and the person behind the camera are both Croatian. Her bracelet is that of the 12 saints makes her Catholic Croatian. The camera person’s accent is Croatian as well. I’ve heard that they live in Bosnia but can’t confirm that myself. The person behind the camera asked “are they swimming?” after the girl threw the first puppy in the river. I wish I could hear the rest but the river in the background makes it hard to hear what they are saying. Hope you guys find them!

  • sandra says:


  • Gina says:

    I have no words that can properly describe my anger and sadness. All I can say is I just felt my heart break.

  • Eduardo says:

    OMG I’m so sad

  • Ariane says:

    So sad!!! Terrible!! She has to pay for this!! An young girl killing inocent dogs.. how someone can do this?? What kind of mind has someone like her??

  • mario says:

    she is only 12 years old! english translation is in comments below HOW CRUEL GIRL

  • mauricio says:

    and the thousands of animals that are died daily to feed the race human being? the cruelty is not the same one? cows whales birds fish they can die for us? the scenes are horrible and this necessary girl of special attention.

  • andre nascimento says:

    aqui no brazil isoo acontece muito pois nem os donos nem os governantes se responsabilizam pelos cachorrinhos

  • Hunter says:

    There are so many reasons why this video is wrong! 1. She acts as if this is fun for the puppies yelling “weee” as if they are enjoying this! 2. You can obviously see that they are fighting for their lives hoping for a savior while this girl throws them towards the water not caring what will happen to them while someone tapes her. 3. The person taping this needs just as equal a punishment for letting her do this because that just encouraged her all the more. 4. There are so many people out there who would love and care for those puppies people who have been searching for quite some time for a companion yet they completely disregarded those puppies not thinking about the lives they could have led! I hope both of these people are found and punished because this is wrong!

  • marcos says:

    Horrivel cadeia para esta mulher covarde.

  • danny says:

    po estou com uma vontade inorme de pegar essa vaga e amara as mos e os pes e joga no rio pra ela ver como e bomm fazer isso com bichinhos to lindos e inocentes mas e como se dis o felho ditado aqui se faz aqui se pagaa e lea vai pagarrr

  • DANI says:

    vagabaaa!! nojentaaa!!!

  • NYPTBLUE says:

    I watched only part of the video on the newsluckily they did not show it in its entirety not that I would have watched it if they had. All night long I kept thinking of those poor puppies and their cries. I think too highly of PETA and their cause to say what I would do to those involved. They must be brought to justice. If not it would encourage other demented animal abusers to d the same since they may feel they can get away with their evil acts.

  • Stephanie says:

    This girl should be punished! Drowning is a slow and painful death that no creature should have to endure. I’m so glad to hear she is not American because I know that we as a people should never hurt animals. Whatever country she’s from I hope they throw her dumb ass in jail and teach her a lesson…

  • Americo Teixeira Jr. says:

    I don’t beleive! This girl is a devil and I hope a bad life for her. Devil! Devil! Devil!

  • Pedro Bellei Salvador says:

    My Godness what hell is this ?!?!

  • Shawna says:

    This video almost made me vomit this person is sick and I hope that when they are caught they are tortured

  • stephanie g. says:

    the girl is going to hell how can someone do this its not right.she need some serious help.

  • Kellen says:

    Idiota retardada tinha que morrer.!

  • joaquim p da silva says:

    se esta pessoa faz isto com um animal imagina que ela pode fazer com uma criana isto e reflequiso da ma educao dos pais

  • Marissa says:

    I hope this girl gets punished for this. This is so sad and wrong. I hope they find out who she is. Sad thing is there are so many people out there now that agree with this…if u think about it tho…humans are animals!!! urghh!!!!

  • Natasha says:

    I reckon she and the person holding the camera who is just as guilty have abused and injured them previously because they are yelping when picked up and look very listless also why is she wearing a glove on the hand she picks them up with? She is probably hurting them. She has man hands for a female and masculine voice fugly. No doubt they have done this before the poor Mummy dog too. I hope a vigilante gets them and tortures them too and the vigilante group doesn’t get caught. No need just pathetic try hards. Death penalty. If they are in hiding how gutless are they truly pathetic losers. She looks like she has chronic body odour too.

  • Heather says:

    That girl has no understanding of the fact that animals feel pain…hurt etc…just like humans. My only thought is those poor pups probably didn’t suffer for too long. We always must face the fact that this terrible treatment happens everyday only it isn’t taped.

  • RIck says:

    This girl is peta’s biggest troll since Michael Vick. $2000? Is that the best you can do?

  • Cory says:

    It really hurts to watch the video. But if someone knows who this girl is they should definitely turn her in. If I had it my way I would water board her to insanity just so she could feel the sensation those poor puppies had to feel.

  • Jacqueline says:

    I couldnt watch the whole video. I turned it off after 5 seconds. What a horrible human being…. of course she doesnt even have the right to be called a “human being”. That girl should be thrown in the river herself so she could see what is was like for those little innocent lives that she just took. Irresponsible people like that make me sick…irresponsible parents.. kids.. whatever. She is a serial killer in the making. I hope she has the book thrown at her and both her and the disgusting person who filmed it are severely punished to the max!!

  • marlene says:

    The Lord is fair when it comes to his creations.

  • June says:

    I can’t believe anyone would harm innocent little puppies. They didn’t deserve to die. She should be thrown in jail.

  • ale says:

    i hope she dies real slowly and painfully.